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  1. White Evangelical Kristians are folks that do not want their followers to learn about any other religions. I was told this many times when I was in that Fundy Baptist College in Chattanooga, TN (and I graduated, thank you very much).

    Reading about other religions opens up your mind to all kinds of different views – and it brings up a lot of questions about your own religion.

    Do you think that is why these Evangelicals seem to hate education so much?

  2. My two questions about Evangelicals: (1) Aren’t they merely Christian Radicals? (2) Do they not believe in “love,” but only for other Evangelicals; and certainly not for active sinners?

    • You are a wise man, Bob. Yes, it does seem some only believe in loving those they think are deserving. Kinda breaks a bunch of the rules Christians are supposed to be about! Judging when it isn’t ours to judge, and forgetting all about sharing the ‘good news.’

  3. Jim wright of Stonekettle Station writes:

    This morning’s Commander-in-Chief Shitter Tweet: “The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes”
    Leaving aside the part where we’re restarting the nuclear arms race after decades of reduction (started in earnest by Conservative Icon Ronald Reagan but I digress), how exactly does this work?
    What I mean is: where does the money come from?
    No. No no. Don’t roll your eyes, Conservatives. Answer the question. Where. Does. The. Money. Come. From?
    Look here:
    Trump has promised to eliminate the national debt.
    He’s also promised to reduce taxes, particularly corporate taxes.
    He’s ALSO promised to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure to the tune of trillions.
    He’s ALSO promised to build a wall across 2000 miles of Southern border, which will conservatively cost at least a trillion to build and maintain and patrol — and Mexico, my shiny electronic friends, is not going to pay for it. No way. No how.
    AND he’s promised to rebuild the US Military now to include a greatly expanded nuclear capability. Nukes are EXPENSIVE. Hideously expensive. You don’t just build the bomb, you have to procure the materials, you have to do the testing, you have to provide the security, and you have to have hideously expensive delivery systems including ICBMs, nuclear subs, and nuclear capable long range bombers and the support infrastructure necessary for those forces plus the massively expensive Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence network to support it. And that’s just for starters.
    So here’s the equation: DRASTICALLY less federal income + MASSIVELY increased federal spending + ($20,000,000,000,000 federal debt) = Make America Great Again with all the things conservatives think they’re going to get + Jesus.
    Now, I realize that Republicans nowadays use creation science instead of actual math, but how does this work? How do you have LESS income plus MORE spending and come up with no debt?
    Even if you eliminate all of the things conservatives suddenly hate, such as education and food stamps and healthcare and environmental protections and we end up a conservative utopia of hungry sick morons hip-deep in their own shit, you still don’t make up more than a few percentage points of the difference.
    So, how does this work?

    • Great observations! My only suggestion is ——- we do not “end-up a conservative —— of hungry sick morons hip-deep in their own shit” simply because we have arrived; we are already in it. let’s not postpone the acknowledgement. Now, can we survive it? I’m too old. Good luck, kids! It’s up to the next generation.

  4. Thunderchild

    The writer here is right about almost everything.

    Except his central point. Nuclear weapons are actually exceedingly cheap to do for a country that has been practiced at doing them for 70 years. Thanks to the arms negotiations of the last 30 years, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of nuclear warheads that are not currently deployable.

    Oh but they ARE still available.
    Again, I sympathize with the writer in almost every way. But his concern here is drastically misplaced. It is not the EXPENSE involved in Trumps pledge to “modernize” our nuclear arsenal. As I said, the warheads exist. The materials in them can be very cheaply and very easily repurposed.
    Missiles, bombers, subs. YES these things are very expensive. But we have no shortage of them already. DARE to HOPE that Trump thinks of nukes as this writer does….
    If he chooses, Trump has available to him drones (cheap) and at least a handful of private space launch companies willing to deliver military payloads to orbit for a price. Nuclear warheads weigh very little.
    No folks, the fear is not that Trump will run up the debt upping the nuclear ante. The fear is he can do it fairly easy and fairly cheap. He can weaponize the skies and the seas with nuke carrying drones. He can weaponize space. And of course if HE does it, Russia, China, and others will follow.
    The further danger in his nuclear dick waving (sorry can’t find a better way to say) is that just as he advocated for during his campaign, OTHER nations, thanks to his threats, may join the nuclear club. There are any number of other nations who currently do not have nukes who could deploy them EASILY. France already has them. And if I were in Germany what with Trump making nice and probably getting elected by Russia? Well I would certainly want nukes! The same is true for most of Europe, Japan, and practically any halfway developed nation. We ARE talking about 70 year old technology.
    I’ll just wind this up by again saying, it is not the expense. It is the very dangerous 9 year old school yard bully that Russia made our ….yeah I can’t and won’t say it. I believe this…manchild fully intends to use nuclear weapons. You know? Because “Fuck you world. I am Trump! I do what I want!”

    • “nuclear dick waving” says it perfectly! I am terrified.

      Another thing I’ve been thinking about is selling our house. Before Trump crashes the economy. I think it’s sometimes referred to as “getting out while the gettin’s good.”

      • Taking the cash and running –

        Tempted to do the same myself – but with one condition. I want to sell my house to the biggest bunch of Muslims with Burka-wearing women all over the place. I have fantasized about even giving a 5% discount if they brought their camels.

        You see – I live next door to one of those nuclear dick waving Kristian Konservative Republicans – just to see his face when those Muslims come in the drive way would be it’s own satisfaction.

        I know …. I know……this is an evil thought and I will have to confess it to God – but for right now, it’s a nice dream.

      • —–

        Considering the mindset of Trump and his Trumpettes is about on the junior high level of mentality – these folks are an arrogant bunch.

        Arrogance + Ignorance is NEVER a good combination.

      • fnord – can you make my link POP?

  5. Thunderchild

    Trump ally Carl Paladino says he hopes President Obama dies of mad cow disease. He also said that Michelle Obama should be set loose in Zimbabwe to convert back to the male that she is and take up living with a gorilla.
    THIS is the sick sort of YES deplorables that support Trump. This is who they are. Every single one of them. This one was just a bit more honest than the rest.