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  1. Sad to say- Lady Liberty’s chances of not being groped by the Trumpettes is not looking too good.

    It is ‘unpresidented’ – in case this comment baffles you – read about Trump’s first tweet to China when he politicized their taking of that unmanned underwater drone. Trump corrected his first tweet later with the correct word – ‘unprecedented’.

    I’ve had my cell phone auto complete words in my email messages but before I hit the SEND button – I check them for content and spelling.

    One would hope that a man about to become the president would do the same Q.A. review of any and all messages he sends out.

  2. It looks like “she knows she is in trouble!” I’m not so sure. Are her problems ones she has created?

    • I put the blame squarely on the White Evangelical Kristians and their Preachers from these Mega Churches – and their cousins the multi-millionaire Televangelists.

      When the Jesus Hat Wearers defend a man who is on his third marriage – and caught on video tape bragging he could grope women’s p______ and get away with it – and then go into details on how he tried to nail a married woman by taking her furniture shopping – where the hell is our moral compass as that Christian nation that is so peace loving, compassionate and giving?

      Sad to say – Trump’s personal marital history and family values is just one characteristic about this man that is more than questionable – IMHO

      I still believe the Republicans’ hatred of Obama for the past 8 years – and their constant demonization of the man and intentional movement to make Obama an illegitimate president by spreading the vicious lie he was not born in the USA – is a big factor in why these White Angry Men gave the one-finger salute to the rest of the country.

      I listened as two Middle-Aged White Male Coal Miners from West Virginia told a reporter that Democrats described them as racists and they did not like that. They are not racists – according to them.

      Oh yeah – I guess that’s why Obama was barraged by so many racist jokes – pictures of the Witch Doctor or the White House lawn being covered with watermelons.

      They didn’t mean anything by that – it’s just a joke.

      Funny thing – their boy Trump appears to not be able to ‘take a joke’ by his constant tweets of personal insults.

      It’s going to be interesting to see how Trump handles all the criticism .

      Let’s not forget – 2.9 million more voted for HIllary than Trump.

      46% did not vote.
      4% voted for Stein or Johnson
      That leaves 50% remaining.

      If HIllary won 2.9 million more than Trump – that leaves Trump getting the White House with less than 25% support of the country.

      Not exactly a landslide victory – iMHO

    • Poor parenting is always one of our (U.S.) problems. Something learned mostly at home; and mostly wrong. “What works and creates the best long-term result” usually comes from professional intervention only after making all the major mistakes. The most reliable and credible actions come from research, not trial-and-error; or “personal experience.” It is certainly not punishment. But it does involve boundaries.

      • Since Reagan ushered in Trickle Down Economics – how many households are single parents struggling just to make ends meet?

        How many kids live in poverty?

        How many kids go home from school to an empty house?

        Our emphasis since 1980 has not been on kids – it’s been on MAKING MONEY off the misery of others and at any costs.

        Sad to say – Trump will be Trickle Down Economics on steroids.

        Our son was diagnosed in 1986 with Type I Diabetes. He was going to turn 6 yrs old in three weeks. That entailed a lot of money spent on blood sugar testing supplies, Insulin, syringes and many, many doctor’s visits – and we were lucky, no hospitalizations because we managed his diabetes quite well.

        But – at the hospital when he was diagnosed, the Social Worker told me to divorce my husband because then both our kids (a daughter was 8 yrs old at the time).

        The Social Worker encouraged my husband and I to follow through with the divorce – and still live together – because as a single parent with two small kids – they would both get health care paid for, food stamps any other government program that we would qualify for.

        This was under REAGAN. So – this entitlement issue has been brewing for a long, long time.

        We did not want welfare – but we did need some temporary financial help to just get situated with our son’s medical needs. We had just been transferred to Michigan and we were being told to buy fresh fruit for this kid’s diet. It was in early November – not exactly the season to buy fresh fruits – unless you had a lot of money.

        Back in those days – there were not as many sugar-free products as we have today.

        Our lives were turned upside down – and we were the lucky ones (or so we thought) because we had very good health insurance – so the hospital bill was covered – but we still had our deductible and the 20% co-insurance portion to pay ourselves.

        We refused to get a divorce – and had to struggle.

        Fast forward to the year 2007 – I was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer and was facing months of chemotherapy after 32 days in the hospital and the insurance paid $200,000 for those days (total of 3 visits)

        I was again advised by Via Christi (the Catholics) to get a divorce, quit my part time job and go on welfare. The reason? So they would get paid for my past bills and all future health care bills – chemo, office visit, additional hospital stays.

        Again – we had very good health insurance – and we still had to wipe out our savings to just pay for things not covered.

        So – the parenting thing went out the window during Reagan’s years – IMHO

        We were told to get a divorce to go on welfare. How many other people were told the very same thing and did get the divorce?

        Even when there is an amicable divorce – it still affects the kids – IMHO

        Our country is very good at pushing the ideals of how we truly value families and kids – but in reality, we treat families and kids like they are disposables that are just thrown into the trash cart.

    • Bob, to me this spoke about the many Trump supporters who are telling Americans to give Trump a chance. At least the more polite ones are asking that. The less polite … well, they’re saying all kinds of things but still telling anyone who didn’t vote for Trump to ‘suck it up.’

      Probably gonna take me a while to accept what I see as a monster standing next to my bed. đŸ˜¦

      • What grinds my gears about these Trumpettes is how they are saying that Democrats are trying to delegitimize Trump’s presidency.

        I guess these folks maliciously spreading the lie about Obama not being born in the United States was nothing?

        Republicans have selective memory like they cherry pick their Bible verses.

      • They reap what they sowed. I won’t treat their guy any differently than they treated President Obama.

  3. And thus starts the official record of the trump presidency. What’s wrong with your first two statements as president being out and out lies? Apparently nothing. Let’s see how he rewrites the rest of history.

    • Near the bottom. And the bottoming-out is just beginning. We (the U.S.) are in for a real slide that might last four years. However, there will be among us, some who will make it all work to their own personal advantage and emerge “smelling-like-a-rose.” It is the public that will suffer the damage.

  4. Thunderchild

    And so faint hope dies….people tasked with such great power to prevent disaster, despite the pleas that they HEARD FROM MILLIONS, chose not to act. Never in the course of human history have so many been failed by the inaction of so few.
    May life be as miserable for the loyal electors for Trump as the billions who will now suffer because those electors chose party over planet and people..

    • We knew Hillary was not going to be named the winner – that was a given – IMHO

      But what this does mean is that Trump – and Trump alone – is responsible from now on – and with the House and Senate both GOP control – then there is NOBODY to blame but themselves.

      But these are Evangelical Kristians – so they will try their best to continue to blame the black man.

      Hey – gotta stay with what works for your targeted audience.

  5. Thunderchild

    Such cowardly electors charged with SO much responsibility from an ancient system. And despite the pleas from millions, they gave in. This will only further encourage Dictator Trump.