Wednesday, 12/14/16, Public Square


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by | December 13, 2016 · 8:57 pm

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  1. Our current world in America is very crazy…

    We used to have Direct TV until our monthly bill kept getting higher and higher – and when I called their Customer Service Department – I was transferred several times to a variety of people – all of whom did not know anything about anything.

    On my fifth attempt (all separate days) – I asked to speak to a supervisor. This woman told me she did not know why the bill kept going up and that most people simply pay it and be quiet.

    That’s when I told them to stuff their t.v. service up their corporate butts.

    So – we went without television for about 6 months. I finally found one of those Free T.V. gadgets that allow you to get the free t.v. channels. And we get all the local channels, PBS and some very nice channels that run the old t.v. shows and movies that my husband and I really watch. This has turned out to be the best $50 we ever spent. And no monthly bills to pay.

    But if you want cable t.v. shows – this free T.V. gadget will not satisfy your needs. We’ve had this Free T.V. for the past two years.

    Anyway – we always get new free channels and there is this RT channel. Ed Schultz – formerly from MSNBC – was on there one night – so I decided to watch him. I then went on Internet to find out who RT is….

    It’s a Russian news television channel based in America. They’re all hot and heavy into saying the liberal media and Obama Administration are lying to Americans about the Russians hacking and interfering in the elections.

    Of course – they offer no proof that Russians did not do these things – we are to simply believe Putin when he says Russians did not do these things.

    I need to find out more about this RT thing – because Thom Hartman also has a show on there. I thought Thom Hartman was a Liberal from the Democracy Now channel?

    What the hell is going on?? Does anybody know ?

    One night in surfing through the different channels – I noticed a guy that looked familiar and he was preaching about how Muslims are out to chop off all our heads – rape our American women and take over the world.

    This guy’s face looked so familiar – then it hit me. It was Randall Terry. Remember that name?

    Think – Operation Rescue..

    NOW does that name ring any bells?

    Seems this Randall Terry now has his own show on one of these free t.v. channels (I don’t think it was the RT channel)_.

    This Randall Terry is selling a bunch of books and other crappola – so I guess this is how good ol’ Randall is making his living now – scaring the hell out of every American gullible enough to believe all this crappola?

    God – is there no end to this craziness we seem to have to go through these days..

    Google RAndall Terry and it talks about his newest money-making scheme – Some name with the word Resistance to it.

    The first time I watched this doofus to try to remember his damn name – he went on and on as to how Christians are being slaughtered by these Evil Muslims. And how Christians have NEVER done anything so violent as these Muslims.

    I guess Randall Terry did not learn his World and/or American History very well – did he?

    The Catholic Church did not take it very well when people resisted their orders to convert.

    Or when the Christian group – the Ku Klux Klan – rode around lynching black men for allegedly raping white women, burning down people’s houses, bombing black churches and how all those KKK leaders went into the Christian Churches to recruit new members – with the preacher’s blessing and his help to get more members into the KKK.

    Yeah – Christians have never been violent or murdered – have they?

    You betcha wink-wink