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  1. Yes ……. at least for me, this post today is an accurate portrayal of President-Elect Trump’s appointments. No “accidents” on his part. “We,” the majority of voters, get the shaft. No, that is not democracy; it IS what a republic offers to it’s citizens. Do not call our republican government a democracy.

  2. Thunderchild

    The CIA itself says the election was hacked. Trump, of course dismisses this. Just as he dismisses his intelligence briefings. He also today cancelled a press conference (his first since JULY) that was scheduled to talk about him separating himself from his business interests.
    Heads up, he is not GOING to separate his office from his bottom line. There is already proof of this. The story will break tomorrow of his talks with the President of Turkey. One of his investors and toadies has been arrested there. Turkey wants someone currently in the US extradited so they can try him for the coup in Turkey earlier this year. Before he is even in office, his
    business is already enabling foreign nations to use leverage against him.
    538 electors, chosen by their party. These people are now the most powerful handful of people in the history of this planet. It is highly unlikely that 38 Republican electors would switch and vote for Hillary. Though I think it wise these electors be made aware of the Russian hack. I think the best we can hope for now is an electoral no confidence vote in Trump, forcing the Republican House to elect him and the Senate to appoint Mike Pence.
    But that best hope is little hope, and in the hands of Republican loyalists. Further, just as the Trumpists say “nothing can stump Trump!” Loss of the popular vote does not phase him. Loss of the electoral college will not either. In his cabinet appointees we see where he is going. He is going to march America back about 120 years.

    • I agree with you – but on one issue.

      I think losing the popular vote to Hillary by almost 3 million votes now – does bother Trump. Maybe more than we know.

      But at some point in time – Trump’s thin skin will get pierced time and time again – and I think Trump will simply do what he has always done – go on his Twitter Tirades.

      My theory is that Trump is a bully. All bullies are cowards.

      But there is something that all cowards secretly crave – and that is respect. Of course, these bullies think they can demand respect – but we all know that is not sincere and true respect.

      I do think Trump – way down deep in his soul(?) – does crave real respect and that is the one thing that all the money in world can never buy .

      In the end – that will bring him down – IMHO

      The question is – will our country be able to survive?


    Not all people are bad – this story gives me hope that Americans are not as stupid as our Corporate Puppet Masters want us to be.

    I don’t know how much Best Buy pays its employees – but I assume it is like all other retail stores. – not exactly a livable wage.

    So – a group of Best Buy employees show us how they gave of what they had and their Corporate Masters who have a lot of money are doing what – to help our country?


  4. The Rude Pundit

    Russian Election Interference: We Need to Know and We Need to Know Now

  5. Thunderchild

    Thank you for those Indy. Links like that warm my heart, in cold times.

    I have to disagree with you though on Trump and the popular vote.It does not hit his ego at all. He dismisses it as rigged and the result of waging an electoral rather than a popular campaign. But you ARE right that his ego needs continually massaged. Witness his “thank you” tour. He feeds on those rallies and self affirmation they give him. This makes him a dangerous man. It is likely he will continue these rallies even after he steals office.
    Howls of protest will continue. His inaugural will be HEAVILY protested. It is not so much Trump that we have to fear but his inner circle and his supporters. Kellyann Conway is very vocal in debates “#he IS your President”. Bannon is promising that if all goes well, Democrats will have no voice in this country for the foreseeable future.
    Remember his rallies and his calls to “get them out of here” when there were protests? Yeah, THAT is our future, at least in the short term.
    Unions? Well they are almost gone anyway. They will die under Trump. The minimum wage? That is gone too.. What the idiot Trump supporters never understood is that “make America great again” was Trumps vision to take America back more than a hundred years to the age of the robber barons. That is the age he wants. His entire business career proves it.

    And so, what was a Republican civil war will be a new American civil war.

    I want no part of the greater America Donald Trump wants to make. I would rather go down fighting and end up imprisoned with three hot meals and a warm place to sleep than be “free” in a Trump vision of America.