Saturday, 12/10/16, Public Square



by | December 10, 2016 · 12:41 pm

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  1. I don’t know if I’ll “get over it.” I feel like I will always be on edge expecting the worst.

    • What worries me the most is how everywhere I look – it appears so many Americans are following Trump’s lead into how great and awesome the Communist Russians are and how we should be working with the Russians.

      Did somebody just flip the freakin’ ass world upside down?

      But…..then when justifying Trump’s apparently love affair with Putin – these same Republicans still demonize Obama for opening diplomacy with Cuba. REpulblicans demand that America go back to the sanctions against Cuba – even after Fidel Castro’s death recently.

      The reason they give? Cuba is under Communism rule.


      How can Cuba be more Communists than Putin the and original Russian Communists?

      I will NEVER understand how our country got to this point in time. I know our citizens have been dumbed down since Reagan’s 8 years of Hell – but this is ridiculous.

      As much I hated Reagan’s policies – I don’t think Reagan would have stood by and watched as Trump has pulled this stunt of making Americans fall in love with Putin and the Communists.

      Or – am I wrong?

      • Since none of us actually know exactly when Reagan was unable to make decisions on a regular basis we could only guess. During Reagan’s presidency was he ever healthy enough to understand totally? At what point did he become a puppet?

      • But I remember reading about Ronald and Nancy Reagan during the Joe McCarthy Communist witch hunt hearings. Reagans helped McCarthy a lot to get rid of all those Commies in Hollywood.

        I would think with that much hatred inside – that would not ever really leave a person.



    The possibility of Exxon Mobile’s Rex Tillerson being Secretary of State has a lot more layers than one might think –

    I watched the interview with two of the Rockefeller Heirs on CBS Morning News – but that was about two or three weeks ago.

    At the time – I didn’t think much about this fight between the Rockefellers and Exxon Mobile.

    But now since Rex Tillerson appears to be the next Secretary of State – and Tillerson’s reported friendship/relationship with the Communist Leader – ex KGB – Vladimir Putin – I wonder how much pressure can the Rockefellers put on good ol’ Rex?