Friday, 12/9/16, Public Square



by | December 8, 2016 · 7:27 pm

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  1. The thing about Trump’s kids attending and running this and that, getting security clearances (or at least trying), random sick people like Flynn’s son getting various kinds of access, etc., is that this is exactly what it means to run a government like a business.

    For some reason, that gets pitched and sold like it’s all about balance sheets and smart finances, the fantasy that the business world is meritocratic and sleek and smart, ignoring what every working person knows, which is that all that is a fallacy. Businesses are inefficient, wasteful, no one has deep values of any sort, leadership goes rogue and no one says anything, people in charge aren’t accountable, friends and family get privileges whether or not they make sense at all, and so on and so on.

  2. Thunderchild

    Now comes word that the CIA KNEW of Russian attempt to hack the election in favor of Trump. Democrats wanted this information available 3 months ago. Mitch McConnel stepped on it. Interesting that Mc’sConnels WIFE was given a high appointment by Trump. Obama has ordered an investigation. But he is so busy kissing Trumps ass, it will likely not resolve in time.
    You do know? Or you should know, this is the way Republicans prefer it. Civil war without end. Their evil party THRIVES on dis-unity. So I say, let’s give it to them. Let’s choke them on it. I have gone over from simply disassociating with Trump supporters to actually attacking them as best I can.
    We WON. Every social and fiscal arguement over the last 30 years is in our favor..

    • I’m still too raw to even think. I know one thing — I can’t get my hopes up again. It still hurts too bad.

      • I suspect the foreign leaders in the NATO alliance are watching Trump very closely – and especially with all this talk about Trump’s key choices for his Cabinet apparently have long times with the Communist Russians.

        Trump reminds me of the guy who runs his mouth and expects his gang of groupies to do the actual fighting when it comes down to it. We all know – Republicans love to start the wars – never do the actual fighting and/or dying.

        Trump’s only agenda is to make money – and if that means pimping out our Lady Liberty – then so be it.

        But….I also know that our NATO allies are not running up to kiss Trump’s ring.

        At some point – Trump will crave the one thing he has not gotten yet – and that is respect from our longest allies – those in NATO.

        And that – IMHO – will drive Trump nuts. If he continues to use his Twitter for hurling out personal insults – just watch what happens the day after Trump’s inauguration.

        Personally – I think the establishment GOP has already come up with a plan to get rid of Trump and install their real choice – Pence.

        And OH HELL NO..