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  1. The graph explains a lot – when these White Evangelical Kristians and Catholics are all claiming how they are so persecuted because of their religion – I suspected it was a part of a bigger strategy.

    Seriously – If building these huge Mega Christian churches on prime real estate and paying no taxes — let’s not forget the millions of tax free money that is raked in every week by these Mega Christian Churches – if this is persecution – where the hell do I sign up?

    • BTW – let’s not forget which political party – run by these same White Evangelical Kristians – were the folks who intentionally spread the lie that Obama was not born in the US – which would make him an illegitimate president.

      And which Republican was front and center in pushing that Birtherism crap? Can you say Trump??

      Maybe I missed the day when any Republican (including Trump) has apologized to Obama for spreading that vicious lie?

      The Bible tells us if we wrong someone, we are to ask for their forgiveness. And if I am not mistaken, one of the Ten Commandments tells us not to tell lies.

      Hmm…….do these Kristians even know what the Bible tells it followers to do – or are they too buy thumping that Bible over the head of their perceived enemies?

      When religion is used as your weapon of choice – then it’s time to find a new God to worship.

  2. @@

    What do you think Molly Ivins would say about Trump?



    I wonder how many Americans don’t even know what happened at Pearl Harbor on that awful day? And if you don’t know your history – why would you care.

    I assume we’ve all heard about Trump’s phone call with Taiwan and how China is not pleased.

    Ignorance + Arrogance = Republicans who continue to applaud their White Savior Trump?


      Ignorance + Arrogance = Existential Threat to the United States. An alternative equation, with a h/t to indy.

      • It’s late and I’m tired – or maybe my brain is going numb due to aging…

        but what does h/t mean??

        I am bothered so much about how many Americans don’t seem to care about our history – or even know the basics – and furthermore – will not even educate themselves.

        Then there are the Trump voters who are 100% certain that all the media and public education teahers/professors are out to brainwash every single person into some heathen Liberal Socialist.

        Who the hell needs any rag tag ISIS group of Muslims to come over to our shores to kill us?

        We are slowly dooming our country to such a low level of existence – I am literally scared for my kids and grandkids future. – Unless there is a dramatic change.

      • It’s ‘hat tip,’ or acknowledgment of what you said.

      • In the morning sunshine, it finally hit me my feeble head – but I’m glad you took the time to confirm it.

        I think I can speak for everyone on our blog that feels the same way as I do?

        No matter who is president – if our people are not concerned about educating themselves and being smart enough to know the right thing to do – rather than who is the biggest macho-talking bully – then our country is in dire trouble.

        I’ve told my kids and grandkids for years:

        The smartest person in the world is not the one that knows everything – but they know where to go to FIND the answer. That seeking of knowledge and facts is what makes a person smart.

        My 10-yr-old granddaughter is a little perfectionist and she gets down on herself for not getting perfect scores on her tests and/or homework.

        That’s when I also tell her – some times the best way to learn something is by missing it on a test, so that makes you go look for the correct answer.

        I hope and pray my grandkids (all three of them) will NEVER forget what this old Grandma has tried to teach them.



    I watched NBC News this morning when this announcement was made. I also heard Matt Lauer talk to Donald Trump via phone.

    When Trump said that he never did anything to divide this country – I just wanted to scream – yet again.

    I guess pushing that Birtherism B.S. for years in the attempt to delegitimize President Obama was nothing?

    Can you imagine the outrage if that had been done to any Republican president? All Holy Hell would break loose.

    To say that an elected president is an illegitimate took their Obama hatred to the lowest of all lows – IMHO

    I still believe every single Republican that claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ and pushed that Birtherism nonsense should ask for Obama’s forgiveness.

    After all – isn’t that what their Bible tells followers of Jesus to do when they have wronged another person – and especially when that person is a fellow believer. Obama has stated many times that he is a Christian.

    But – to expect any of these White Evangelical Kristians who are heavy into politics to actually read that Bible before they thump their enemy’s head with it – would be too much to ask for?

    BTW – Is it just me – or was the Time Magazine’s Editor giving Trump a backhanded compliment in her comments about this years choice for the Person of the Year? As I read it – she was really saying that Trump did have a lot of influence – but was it for the good or bad.

    That remains to be seen,. I just hope and pray our country can survive this experiment.



    It took 75 years for this sailor’s remains to be brought home?

    I am of the Vietnam War generation and there are still soldiers from that war that are not brought home – which is tragic enough.

    But the most tragic thing of all from these two wars – When the Hell are we going to learn to do our best to AVOID going to war – instead of running full steam ahead – like Trump and his Trumpettes appear to be doing.

    Then to think Trump is picking a fight with China. Yeah – that Chinese Army will eat us alive.

  6. Today’s PUBLIC SQUARE reminds me of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a statement regarding psychology, except for one overriding thing: While they both address human needs, the message is exactly opposite.