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  1. Here’s a story about Paul Ryan’s “Path to Posterity.” That’s his plan to privatize first Medicare, then Social Security. There are charts and graphs that point out how much this is going to cost us. Seems Ryan is going to push this next year with Trump’s blessings.

    Pay more and get less: The Ryan plan to privatize Medicare

  2. If in Kansas, then where else?

    Exit Poll Results – Machine Vote Counts were Altered in S.E. Kansas

  3. I think this might be the best and most truthful cartoon I’ve ever read. 😦

  4. (from the link): “Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway — perhaps seeking to push back on the increasing attention to Hillary Clinton’s widening lead in the national popular vote — has been touting her boss’s margin of victory in the Electoral College. With Trump officially declared the winner in Michigan on Monday, he’s got 306 electoral votes — 56.9 percent of the available total of 538 and nothing to sneeze at. That’s more than George W. Bush got in either of his Electoral College victories, making it the highest total for a Republican since 1988.”

    There is a chart at the link showing all elections and how many electoral votes were awarded in each. I’ll bet it burns Trump to be so very far down on the list!

    War Is Peace. Freedom Is Slavery. Trump Won In A Landslide.

  5. Thunderchild

    Who even knows what sets off the manchild Donald Trump. But something has….again. It may have been a protest at a University where they no longer fly the flag. Trump probably got it on a retweet on his Twitter.
    And before I go on? I cannot BELIEVE that any serious thinking person over the age of 15 gives credence to Twitter, let alone a President elect of the most powerful nation on Earth who used that mindless forum to great effect in his election over a nation of people many of whom have the attention span of a very small child. Twitter is one small part of many things that are very wrong with America.
    Anyway, something set Trump off to tweet that those who burn the flag should be imprisoned or denied their citizenship!
    Well, thing is Mr Drumpf? And that is your name before it was Americanized. That’s cool. The spellings of SEVERAL of my family names have changed over time for one reason and another. But the difference is, YOUR family arrived around just before the turn of the last century. In fact, YOUR family arrived here after every single ancestor of mine was ALREADY HERE. Your family got here pretty much after the country was built. That flag you so “love”? Near as I can find out, none of your family ever fought for it. Your own father, who never served in the military, got you out of your chance to fight for that flag in Vietnam. For me, the story is a little bit different. Members of my family fought or served in every single war this nation has engaged in except the Mexican American war and the “wars” since 1950. Members of my family were fighting for that flag while it was being sewn. Many of them were already here, building this country, before that flag was ever made.
    Secondly? Being of a middling intellect and not very well informed about much of well….anything except how to get yourself richer at the expense of others, you probably don’t know that the proper etiquette for disposing of a flag that is damaged, torn, or otherwise not fit for display is to BURN IT. You probably also do not know that the flag, when flown upside down, is a sign of distress. So, when you see, or read a retweet, about a flag being burned or flown upside down or even upside down AND on fire in these times, it is not a an attack on the flag or the country. No, “sir”, it is a well informed and thoughtful MESSAGE to you. Every flag treated in that way is your fault. More Americans see your “election” as a source of great distress than voted for you. More Americans than voted for you worry that you stole the election and are of the opinion that someone SUCH as you could even BE a candidate for President is a sign that America, and thus the flag you wrap yourself in, is something to be concerned for and yes, even ashamed about. In short ,”sir” those who burn the flag care FAR more about this country than you do. HUGE flags wave over used car lots where schysters, little different from you USE that flag, just as you are using it now.

    • From CF2K: Behind Trump’s madness stands Bannon’s method. Remember that.

    • Trump needs attention and seeks adoration. His biggest need seems to be acceptance from people who are without doubt acceptable to the uppity ups of political power.

      The puppet masters behind him are another story,

      It all adds up to such real danger.

      • According to Wikipedia, Plato has predicted our (US) entry into Tyranny. Plato’s sequence is “Oligarchy>Democracy>Tyranny: Democracy degenerates into tyranny.— The tyrannical man is the son of the democratic man. —- He comes closest to complete lawlessness”
        Citizens in-mass are always the victims of their own absence and void of collective wisdom and the exercise of collective greed. We see that greed ever day as It surrounds us. The wisdom, available as “love-one-another” is always available, and yet, is virtually rejected, too often even within family. If not, that is about the only place it is allowed.

      • Bob – this is what happens when 46% of the registered voters do NOT think it is important to exercise their Constitutional right to vote.

        46% did not vote
        4% voted for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson
        46 + 4 = 50%
        Which leaves 50% remaining votes

        2 million more voters chose Hillary over Trump

        Which leaves us with the sad fact that less than 25% of the voters put Trump into the White House.

        THINK about that – less than 25% are now doing the cock strutting dance and claiming they have a mandate.

        Since when is less than 25% a mandate???

        I know…it’s a useless endeavor to try to teach Republicans basic math facts. But – facts don’t lie.

    • Bob, I have been recalling Plato’s warning for decades, and mentioning it occasionally during said time. I hold, much to the denigration of some of my progressive friends, that the the attempts over the years to make government more “democratic” in the United States was a great danger to the future of the republic. I’m not talking about efforts to make sure all citizens had their right to vote recognized, but the Seventeenth Amendment providing for the direct election of Senators. This gave rise to the dramatic increases in spending on campaigns that curse us today (until Citizens United, all campaign finance cases decided by SCOTUS involved Senate elections, beginning with Buckley v Vallejo forward>. Bluntly, the power lies in the Senate; the “conservatives” figured this out in the 1960s, and off we went. I’ve a lot more to say on this, but again time constrains me.

  6. Thunderchild

    So…Trump did a rally tonight as part of his “thank you” (I stole it, thanks for helping me steal it!) tour. I knew he could not stay away from this. He is the most unliked President elect in history. So, he needs the love and affirmation of the MINORITY of idiots who elected him. Expect to see more of these. Also, expect them to take a darker turn, with things like torchlights. Oh, he will do the whole “coming together” thing for awhile. But when the real opposition begins, he will use these rallies to mobilize his hateful and stupid base to hatred, violence, and worse. If I continue to speak out in opposition, I expect to be in a labor camp in a year.
    Well? Come get me. I will not now or ever support an America that elected Donald Trump. I hope he fails.