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by | November 25, 2016 · 4:16 pm

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  1. Can anyone imagine Pence as president? I know Trump is dangerous, but I really don’t think Pence is less dangerous.

    • Trump has compared himself to Reagan – but I think he is more Richard Nixon. Is History about to repeat itself?

      Pence would be Reagan on steroids – but Pence is the boring, monotone and no personality at all – IMHO

      But Pence knows how to use the White Evangelical Kristians to put on their Jesus Hats to give the appearance that he has the Jesus Stamp of Approval on anything he does and/or says.

      Even if that means selling war arms to our enemies – let’s not forget Reagan’s Iran Contra Scandal deal.

      Trump has put himself into quite the pickle – hasn’t he? If Trump continues to say he does not have to separate himself from his businesses while president (which, by law, he does not have to do) and Trump is caught doing anything improper – I do think this will be the reason the Establishment Republicans will plot to DUMP TRUMP – and install Pence as president with coronation celebrations of plotting to start World War III and with Holy War(s) thrown in for good measure.

  2. Betsy DeVos, Trump’s choice for Education Secretary, serves on the board of the Acton Institute, which merges corporate interests with DOMINION THEOLOGY, or the belief that Christians should take control of political, education, economic, and social institutions. (The Seven Mountain Mandate) Earlier this month, the Acton Institute published a blog post titled, “Bring back child labor: Work is a gift our kids can handle.”

    They believe the land and the souls of those occupying the land (us) are theirs to claim. The conviction behind it is one of divine providence, and you won’t be asked to repent. You will be told to do so, with grave consequences for those who resist.

    Notice how the religious right has been almost silent and nonexistent since the election? The crusades are about to re-ignite, in my opinion.

  3. Whoa! I’m really glad to learn this about Pence’s God. Raised as a Christian, my “God is love” (1 John 4:8), same as Jesus’. Makes me wonder, now, exactly who Pence’s God is?

  4. Thunderchild

    Hillary has joined the recount effort.
    And Trump has gone on a bender on twitter. Now I KNOW he is reactionary by nature. But the nature and ferocity of his reaction? This may be telling. He is not ranting about the States in question. Instead he is going on and on about how there was fraud in OTHER States and how he would have won the popular vote as well had he campaigned that way. This defensiveness, this “look over THERE! not at what is going on” this may mean something. Another thing. The right has been on this “lock her UP!” kick during Trumps whole campaign. If Hillary had any fear about this at all, she would not be joining a recount rueffort. So clearly, there is no there there, at least as Hillary sees it. Trump does NOT see so at ease. And I hope lots of people start to wonder…why?

    • Remember when Trump said before the election that if he lost, the election was rigged?

      Everyone assumed it was the Democrats that would be rigging the election.

      BUT – what if Trump knew the Republicans had already rigged the election – and this is what he actually meant?

      Republicans had the help of Putin’s Boys to rig the election???

      Perhaps – but will we ever find out the truth – probably not.



    There’s an old saying – we are known by the company we keep.

    Trump seems to surround himself with highly questionable people – IMHO

  6. Thunderchild

    Trump is not acting or reacting like a confident and gracious winner. More like a child afraid that he is gonna be found out for…something. This defensive and reactionary behavior is basic to who he IS. If he did not win, it was “rigged”. He did win “or so it looks like” the electoral college and LOST the popular vote by more than two and a quarter million votes. So, illegal votes! His win of the electoral college is questioned and he doubles down on RIGGED!
    This is a man-child with a very fragile and so very dangerous ego. Note he avoids press conferences. I wish just one reporter could get through to tell him, “recounts and your accusations of fraud aside Mr Trump, there certainly is NO argument that you are the most hated man in America and maybe the world. Would you care to comment?”

    • Trump is not the problem – it’s his supporters who continually blame the liberal media for being liars and persecuting Trump.

      This fits right in with Trump’s core supporters’ – aka White Evangelical Kritsians – claim that they are being persecuted for their religious beliefs.

      Never mind the fact there is a huge Mega Christian Church on every damn corner in our city – let alone across the entire country.

      Maybe I missed the day when any of these Christian Churches have been bombed/burned down, vandalized or had any religious symbol effigy burned in their front yard like the KKK used to burn their Christian Crosses in the yards of their enemies.

      This is what makes me so angry – these Church people who claim to be so morally superior followers of Jesus – have twisted the Bible into their version of the Gospel of Prosperity and that Jesus hates homosexuals, strong/independent women, minorities and all other religious people in the world.

      Trump and his supporters claim to be such followers of Jesus – but yet are salivating at the thought of throwing 20 million people off their health care insurance.

      1) Jesus headed the sick for FREE.

      2) Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead – for FREE

      3) Jesus stepped in front of the crowd of ‘good people’ who were about to stone the prostitute and told the ‘good people’ that they were the ones with the sin in their hearts.

      4) Jesus fed the hungry with two loaves and five fishes – for FREE

      5) Jesus lived and worked among the outcasts of society – not behind some damn gated community

      6) Jesus was born a Jew – was NOT a white man with blond hair and blue eyes.

      7) Jesus did not wear the finest gold-blinged robes nor wore expensive designer shoes. And he never wore a damn gold-blinged necklace with the Dollar Sign hanging for the entire world to see.

      8) Jesus showed true unconditional love and compassion for EVERYONE.

      9) Jesus lost his temper once – and that was to throw out the money changers that were defiling the Temple.

      Hmm… changers…..that sounds a lot like those Mega Christian Churches on every corner – with all those tax-free millions flowing through that non-profit business – all built on prime real estate and not paying one damn dime in taxes.

      When I see politicians use the Christianity as their justification for pushing their own selfish agendas – that makes me the most angry.

      I’ve shared many, many times that I graduated from a Fundamental Baptist College in 1975 – so I KNOW who these White Evangelicals really are – they are power hungry, money driven and not nice people when confronted with the truth.