Saturday, 11/19/16, Public Square



by | November 18, 2016 · 8:20 pm

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  1. Thunderchild


    “What I would say to a Trump supporter in the unlikely event I ever would speak to them again” Though truthfully, attempts to communicate with Trump supporters should be short sentences of one or at most two syllable words.

  2. The Reagan Administration holds the title in the modern era for most investigations, indictments and convictions at 138. Poppy Bush didn’t have so many. He was busy pardoning those convicted in the Reagan years. Bush II places second behind the Sainted Ronnie. As we watch the chaos of the Trump Transition Team with their built-in conflicts of interest, refusal to release tax returns, tainted history, I’m betting that Trump will surpass Reagan in corruption, but do it in four years, rather than eight.

    • IMHO – this is why Sen. Chuck Schumer is in the right position. I suspect Chuck is all to ready – and happy – to let Trump know exactly what the 62 million Hillary voters expect.

  3. Thunderchild

    America and the whole world are witness to Trumps weakness.

    He is a reactionary. Ok everyone already knew that, we just did not know how bad.
    Right wing radio complained during the debates that Hillary had analysts on her staff who were probing Trump for weaknesses to exploit in the debates. Maybe she did or not. But it is clear, just as Hillary said that Trump is very easily baited. Just watch his twitter.
    Protests……Trump”these people are paid!”
    Hillary won the popular vote…..Trump ” I would have beat her in that too if I had campaigned that way!”
    Mike Pence booed and lectured at a play……Trump: “Very rude. They should apologize! And doubling down two days later, “I hear that play is overrated.”
    Parodied on Saturday Night Live……Trump: It’s an unfunny show, bad writers how about some equal time?

    I’m paraphrasing these from memory. I probably do not get it exact.
    Point is, a broken nine year old bully is gonna be President unless the electors act. You can bet that foreign Governments are already working at analyzing this clown and learning how to manipulate him. This is very bad news for America and the world at large. But…
    It COULD be good news for America domestically. The progressives are better than the cons at the internet. This idiot can be PLAYED against himself and his supporters.