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  1. (from the link): During the election, many people fell prey to fake news stories on social media — even the president-elect ended up retweeting fake statistics. A professor of communication has created a list of unreliable news sites to help people do better.

    • Breitbart and Alex Jones Infowars are both on here – and yet Republicans are insisting their boy Trump is not associated with White Nationalist KKK folks?

      BTW – I wonder if these White Nationalist KKK folks know that Trump’s daughter committed the unforgivable sin of converting to Judaism and marrying an Orthodox Jew – and they have Jewish children?

      I wonder if these folks even realize that Trump’s grandkids are half Jewish – so that makes them unworthy people.

      Scary times we live in folks – very scary times.

      Yes – I’ve heard the argument Republicans are using that Bannon from Breitbart can’t be a racist because he has worked with Trump’s son-in-law so well – that he can’t possibly be racist.

      Oh yeah – and this argument is also a good attempt to persuade people Bannon is not a racist.

      Bannon is only the guy that runs Breitbart News – he is not the one that does the writing and puts all those racist headlines.

      But – doesn’t the top guy also have the power to kill those stories and headlines?

      Besides – these same Republicans blame Obama and Hillary for everything that happened under their watch – so why are the rules different for Bannon?

      To me – Bannon appears to be a fat, drunk-looking white man with way-too-many dark secrets. He looks like a total-ass JERK – IMHO



        This is the true Bannon

        I am a self-confessed cynic about organized religion. But I have personal history with White Evangelical Kristians that I attribute my cynicism about the churches – but not my faith in God.

        But that faith in God has been tweaked into something more than what I was taught by Evangelicals.

        I no longer believe in God being some Supreme Being sitting on a Golden Throne just waiting for us to cross over some damn red line so he can throw thunderbolts at us.

        I no longer believe in God being just a certain type of Christian that hates everyone else and will gleefully throw them into the bowels of Hell.

        God to me is more than this – God is an energy source that has many different paths in this world. I’ve known different religious people and atheists who live better Christian lives than most of these White Evangelical Kristians do.

        Besides – our Founding Fathers must have felt it was important to guarantee the right to freedom of religion for All Americans – not just the White Evangelical Kristians.

    • I don’t know how the domain extensions are being used since I thought after the ‘dot’ was well regulated. But do notice listed are such things as which without close attention looks like a legit news site. I know there is also a ‘take off’ on ABC News where a domain extension is used. We’re going to need to study domain names closely!

      • In our current society filled with people who don’t take the time to even read because they prefer the 30-seconds soundbite or a catchy slogan for their news.

        There is a reason Republicans have attacked public education for decades.

        Trump told us he loves the uneducated.

    • Here’s another listing which separates the fake news sites from the satirical news sites like The Onion and The Borowitz Report.

      Here’s a list of 133 websites that publish ‘fake’ news

  2. I’ve been looking forward to getting to the next phase of this grieving process. I never get far from the hurt, the worry, the pain. Then, this morning, I read an op-ed in our local newspaper that put words to what I am feeling. It also told me I don’t even want to get to the point where I will accept the vile hateful man who is president elect!

    (from the link): I have no interest in seeing this country heal. And I refuse to come together.

    Understand: If this were just about politics, I’d never say something like that. No, I’d do what you’re supposed to when the candidate you favored is defeated. Suck it up.

    But my anger is not about any given policy of the new president. No, it is about him, about the election of a fundamentally unsound, unserious and unfit man, a misogynist who brags about sexual assault, a bigot cheered to victory by the Ku Klux Klan. I have no idea how to “heal” woman hating and no desire to “come together” with the Klan.

    I am similarly impatient with those who say we must give the new president a chance to lead and hope for his success.

    Is that what Republicans did for Barack Obama when they gathered on the night of his inauguration and plotted a conspiracy of obstructionism to cripple his presidency? Is it what Donald Trump did when he spent years questioning the veracity of an ordinary birth certificate?

    More to the point, the call to let Trump lead and hope for his success fails to address obvious questions: Where is he leading us? How are we defining success? Should we applaud even if he “leads” us into another unnecessary Middle East conflagration? Are we expected to be happy if his “success” comes in criminalizing abortion?

    Frankly, I won’t cheer him even if he is not a disaster. In the unlikely event the man who considers global warming a Chinese hoax took action to stem that threat, I’d be happy, yes. On the improbable chance the man who swore to repeal the Affordable Care Act crafted something better, I would be glad, sure.

    But at the end of the day, the man who did those things would still be a misogynist and a bigot.

    Forgive me — or don’t; I really don’t care — if that remains a deal breaker for me. I refuse to participate in this process of organized amnesia, to cooperate in normalizing a man who stands for everything America should not.

  3. Thunderchild

    And if that means the country has to hurt because of it? So be it. It is unfortunate that the majority of Americans and countless people around the world will suffer. But, lessons, while sometimes hard must necessarily be learned.
    For my part? I only personally knew of two Trump supporters. This is the husband and wife neighbor of my mother. The wife is quite helpful to my mother and I would not wish to lose that. Still?
    The morning after the election she called my mom and offered to loan her her Trump shirt. Mom hung up on her. Stupidly and insensitively shocked and worried, the neighbor ran over wondering what was wrong! I guess mom said something like “Oh not much. The most dangerous man possible is going to be President and you’re happy as a pig in slop.” The neighbor has since apologized all over the place.. Mom forgave her.

    I do not and never will. Helpful as they may be to my mom, I now consider them enemies. Did lotsa favors for those folks. That is over now. When I am there and she comes over, I silently rise and leave the house and do not return until she has gone. This seems lost on her and given her lack of intellect, I guess I am not surprised. I will not be speaking or interacting with those people again.

    • Depending upon how spectacularly he fails, Pence could take over, which would be a huge disaster. Pence is a professional politician, with knowledge of how to work the system. Given Pence’s term as Governor, and his “Christianity”, the Hobson’s choice is to hope Herr Drumpf is able to maintain for four years.

      As a suggestion, it behooves all to gain passing familiarity with the provisions of the 25th Amendment.

  4. Richard Crowson posts on his Facebook page:

    It’s so weird. Because I can’t stand the news these days I open my laptop and don’t know what to do. I can’t stand my usual news sites because all I see is Trump. Can’t go there yet. Love my Facebook friends but there’s too much news there for me right now. Finally settled on my old standby: Andy Griffith reruns on Netflix. I’ll be glad when I get to the next phase of this grieving/mourning/panic-attack business. Right now I feel like I’m a long ways from the end. I wake up in the night thinking about it.

    At any rate, recorded my KMUW piece for tomorrow this morning. I knew I couldn’t speak coherently about current events without making a magnificent mess of myself, so I tried to do what my heroes always did at moments like this – sing with my banjo. Listen to it here:

  5. Thunderchild

    538 electors. People chosen by the ruling party or whatever in their State. An archaic system with SOME wisdom from the founders. Note I do NOT capitalize founders. They had some good ideas. They also lived a long time ago and were rich white men protecting their own wealth. In their arrogance, they thought that only those and such as them could properly elect the President.They were not demi-gods. They were men protecting their own interests who trusted only similar men to do the same. But we unfortunately get to deal with what they left us.
    These 538, when they were chosen, when they were given what is almost always a mere perfunctory position, they were also given great power. We saw this in 2000 as we see it now. Now one brave but in my opinion deluded elector swore to oppose the mandate of his State and vote against Hillary.
    What of the other electors? Do they get to preserve their anonymity before and after December 19th when they will get to overrule the votes of more than 60 million people? You know what NO. The public deserves to know the names of these people. For the next 5 weeks, those names need to be KNOWN. And yes, I know, it is highly unlikely any of these electors would change their vote, or at least not enough to make the difference. I can little blame them. Any one of them likely lives within range of hundreds or thousands of redneck Trump goons who are well armed and would no doubt seek revenge on them. But tyranny is just the sort of thing the ancient electoral college was MEANT to address. The rest of America and the world will deal with a Trump tyranny. The electoral college will be responsible for it. Let them answer to us before they vote.

  6. Thunderchild

    Oh and Mike Pence.
    I gather he was not Trumps choice but the choice of his kids. I knew there was a reason I didnt like them.
    I dont suspect, I know that Pence was behind the night of long knives for Chris Christie and his fledgling government. Christie is a middling Republican who got elected Governor of a decidedly Democratic state. And Pence is not building Trumps government.

    He is building HIS. This is a man who on his own would have had about the same chance to be President as Brownback or Rick Santorum. Now, he is in position to build a Government that prepares him to be Trumps successor in 8 years.
    Or 4 years.
    Or less…

    Outside an elector revolt, which is most unlikely, our only hope is that the cons will over reach. That they will try to erase too much progress too fast. Remember, they DID lose and by not a small margin.

  7. Ryan says they will replace Medicare. THAT would be over reaching.

    To me.

    But then, so very much of what happened and was said during the campaign was an over reach to me. I have never felt so isolated from what seems to be the opinion of my fellow citizens. I am definitely on the outside looking in. I am horrified.

    • Don’t forget – At last news report I heard, Hillary got 2 million more votes than Trump – and then 43% of the voters did not vote. Which means – Trump won with less than 25% support of the people.

      So – Republicans currently doing the cock strutting dance will show themselves to be the utter fools – just like GWB and Gang did.

      The only question is – will the country survive in one piece – or will we be pushed so far down the toilet that not even the largest plunger can bring us back.

  8. I heard the decision to ditch Christie and those he had approved came from Trumps son-in-law. Christie had prosecuted his father and sent him to prison so this was his revenge. Pence could have concurred.

  9. We still hear the DNC being blamed, we still hear Bernie supporters complaining, but these figures beg the question of who should be thinking about how they cast their vote.

  10. Thunderchild


    In all fairness, the Green Party candidate Stein generally got about 1% of the vote. But between her and Gary Johnson(Libertarian) ? Yeah, that’s what done it. Stupid millenials mostly no doubt. I know, I live with one. HE was above parties. HE was not gonna “vote for a crooked old sick lady with diabetes (I have no idea his source for that fake news most likely) or a clown..” HE was for “the other guy” (Gary Johnson) but at least he could not even be bothered to vote. But there is news that many millenial voters did vote third party and some even say they would also be protesting if Clinton had won.

  11. So – what about the news of Pompous Pompeo running the CIA?

    God help us all.

  12. Thunderchild

    At least he’s out of Kansas. Take what little good we can get outta the limitless bad ahead of us. Looks like Pence is building a HARD right government. Not a good fit for a center left country…