Saturday, 11/12/16, Public Square



by | November 11, 2016 · 7:24 pm

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  1. And then we wonder why we have Trump as president in 75 days?

  2. What would happen and what would Americans experience if we were not so very much divided all across these United States? Is “divided” our norm? Is “why?” even a germane question? To whose advantage; i.e., gain? I participated in a training exercise named “SimSoc”– for simulated society. America’s social problems were confronted ……. and participants gained insight. The theory was to the affect that ‘our social problems could be solved;’ mostly; back then. That was back in the early ’70s, after my graduate degree. It obviously did not solve our problems; but why would it? nobody supported such efforts. What is most remembered about society in ancient Greece? For me, ‘philosophers.’ Centuries from now, what will be most remembered about society in the United States of America? Certainly not philosophy!

    • Our society will be known for encouraging greed, bullying, gossip and innuendos are reported as facts. As long as there are profits being made by the ‘right’ people – nothing will change.

      And I don’t think this is all concentrated on Republicans – some Democrats are the same type.

      But what makes Republicans more guilty IMHO – is how these are the folks who have put on their Mega Church Evangelical Kristian Jesus Hats and has given the appearance that everything they do and say has the Jesus Stamp of Approval.

      I believe that in America – if you get labeled as a Jesus Hater – that is worse than being a black Muslim homosexual.

  3. Thunderchild

    Ok, that was nice.

    I wasn’t going to watch SNL tonight. I am so glad I did.
    The show opened with their Hillary Clinton actress playing the piano and singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” Cohen, whose song has become something of a pop culture phenomenon and has been covered by MANY artists, died earlier this week.
    She played and sang beautifully, wistfully. Go find it, it’s beautiful.
    She ended looking into the camera and saying, “I’m not giving up, and neither should you.”

  4. Thunderchild

    The protests continue. PLEASE hope they continue.
    I can remember W Bush in 2000, “A President is President of all of the people.” It was not a call to unity. It was a defiant declaration, “I won, you lost, suck on it!” And there was little to no protest even though that election was clearly stolen.
    Donald Trump has clearly not grown much since he was about 9 years old. About the time, I think, his family shipped him off to military school. CAN he grow? Can he see that being a leader is more than bullying people to do his will under pain of being fired? Is he coming to know that America is NOT one of his rallies where he is treated as a God? Only continued protests have hope to teach him this.
    Donald Trump is a man child who has never had to apologize for anything. He has never had to ask for help, compassion, or respect. He has simply used his power and wealth to demand it. There are SOME signs that election to an office that I don’t really think he ever wanted has sobered him. Too, he seems to have some sort of grand vision for improving America for everyone. But his recipe FOR it has been tried and failed.

    • Trump is not the problem – it’s his core supporters White Mega Church Evangelical Christians – IMHO

      It’s these folks who will do as they have done every time before when they get into power – they will push for war(s), do away with health care for all, give more taxpayer money to corporations, cut regulations on oil, gas and coal companies and cut every possible social program that really helps families to raise their kids.

      But these folks will NEVER allow anyone to dare to threaten their tax-free status.

      Mega Church Christians are the problem – because these are the folks who truly have mastered the art of putting on their Jesus Hats to give the appearance that they are the morally superior folks.

      From what I’ve seen from these folks – and I graduated from a Fundamental Baptist College in 1975, so I know these folks – these are folks who do not play well with others.

      Ignorance + Arrogance = Total disaster intentionally created by so-called Christians.

      IMHO – Mega Church Evangelical Christians have twisted the Bible in much the same way as ISIS has twisted the Quran – because both groups use religion as their weapon.

  5. Thunderchild

    Last I check, that link is not viewable. Comes up as not found.
    The faint hope I had on Trumps talk of infrastructure improvement? I should have known better.

    Trump speaks of private public initiatives. This is not what FDR did with WPA or other programs, not by a long shot.

    No what he is pushing here is probably a lot like how he made his money.
    Namely, private money builds it, it is available for public use, but the private entity that builds a bridge or a road OWNS it and makes money off of it for as long as they see fit and on THEIR terms. In other words, as the cons have been TRYING to accomplish for YEARS, Privatize everything.
    Donald Trump has said, and you can look it up, that America has not been great for over a hundred years. Well look back those hundred years and you will find his IDEAL, the age of the robber barons and he wants to be the leader of bringing back that age.
    Tonight in an interview recorded THREE days ago, he said he was unaware of violence on his supporters part. But while told of it three days ago, he has not addressed it. In that three days old interview, he was also told his election caused much fear. He “SEEMED” to respond also unaware of such fear, and this he has also not responded to in three days since it was made known to him.
    Thousands of people protesting at his VERY DOORSTEP are not reaching him. Twitter, which he cites as a reliable news source is NOT reaching him, except where he sees support.
    Hey as a good and open minded progressive, I TRY to find some hope with this guy. I aint seeing it. The protests should continue and GROW! Give him a chance? He is not ASKING for one.