Thursday, 11/9/16, Public Square

My memory tells me the last time was 2007, but I’m reading that there is controversy around the date. Anyone know for positive sure?control


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  1. Didn’t Bush2 have this control?

    This article questions that and I’m so confused now. I think this article addresses Trump having MORE power than any republican since 1928. Anyone help me out?

    • I heard a historian say there have been four times in history where the popular vote winner did not win the Electoral College vote. And in each time – Republicans benefited.

      George W. Bush got in by way of the Supreme Court’s blessing but what did GWB and his Gang give us – the Iraq War and a collapsed economy.

      I expect Trump to follow the same path – only on steroids. Let’s not forget it was White Mega Church Evangelical Kristians who pushed Trump down out throats and these are the folks who have been foaming at the mouth for their Holy War. They were the ones cheering when Trump said he would just bomb the shit out of ISIS.

      Of course, these Kristians won’t do the actual fighting or dying for their Holy War – that’s for all those ‘other people’ to do that grunt work.

      Times are very scary……and I intend to give Trump the very same treatment that these Kristians gave Obama.

      BTW – Did I miss the day Trump and other Birther Nutjobs ever apologize for what they did to President Obama – and they kept this up for years….

      My Bible tells me that in order to be a true believer in Jesus – if you have harmed another person, then you need to ask for their forgiveness and ADMIT you were wrong.

      Hmmm……I know that Trump finally came out in the campaign and said that Obama was really born in Hawaii – but where was the apologies?

      The Evangelical Mega Church Kristians are nothing more than Country Club Kristians with tax-free status. And boy do they love that TAX FREE status.

    • Oh, but she has such a nice set of Pom Poms – you know, that is what makes those locker room talks so much fun.

      After all – those White Evangelical Mega Church Kristians told us there is nothing wrong with that locker room talk. In fact, they say all men do it.

      These people must live in a different world – and I’m glad I am not there.

      I feel the same way when these Kristians try to convince everybody that they are going to Heaven and the rest of us evil heathens are going to Hell.

      If Heaven is filled with the likes of these White Evangelical Mega Church Kristians – then I don’t want to go.

      Being next to any of them for eternity WOULD be my Hell.

  2. Thunderchild

    NO unity! NO coming together! He will NEVER be my President!
    I would not cross the street to save a Trump supporters LIFE. Let the protests GROW and GROW! Let our righteous anger with Trump and his supporters be known and feared. We will not accept this.

  3. Thunderchild

    Oooh good catch. I will be there early.

  4. Please consider wearing a safety pin on your jacket or hoodie or shirt to show you’re a safe person, an ally, a friend to those in need.

  5. Thunderchild

    That the protest grows is SUCH good news. Even for Trump, if it is IN him to see it.
    Had the election gone the other way there would ALSO be protests. But they would be violent and involve gunfire and who knows what else. Hillarly Clinton would have addressed it and not tried to dismiss it as Trump is doing.
    As the protests grow, even in the most right wing of States like Kansas, we will see if Trump TRULY wants to unify America. IF he does, he will address this and not dismiss it. It is SO good that these protests come early and grow. Given his bellicose “you’re fired!” nature, if he cannot learn from this BEFORE he is President even free speech may be in peril.

    • I don’t think Trump’s puppet masters will allow him to address these protests in any other way than to call the protesters nasty names – like Trump has done to other groups of people he deems unworthy.

      Republicans are doing the cock strut dance right now but the chickens are coming home to roost.

      It ain’t gonna be pretty..

  6. Found this on a fellow bloggers FB – this is so true..


    But…but….nobody is above the law – isn’t that Trump and his supporters yelled and screamed about Hillary???

    I wonder if any of these Trumpbots have noticed – Hillary is not the one being hauled into court – and this case is just one of many pending cases.

    And isn’t it heart warming to tell my grandkids – yes, that is our new president that has his ass being hauled into court to answer to charges of fraud, sexual harassment and not paying his bills.

    Has this ever been done before????

    • I have to wonder – is Hillary enjoying (on some level) that she gets to sit back, have a cup of tea, enjoy her grandchildren and watching Trump get all this backlash?

      The real winner in this Trump Tyranny is Hillary – IMHO

      Although – I do suspect Hillary feels badly for what America is about to experience due to ineptness, ignorance and arrogance.

      But – then again – Hillary has shown throughout her 30-plus years in public service that she cares deeply about our country.

      And for that – and being a strong, independent and intelligent woman – her name and reputation was smeared by the likes of Trump and his Trumpbots.

      That is the saddest part of this – IMHO

      But I felt the same way when Jimmy Carter was beaten by Reagan. But in comparison, the same thing happened to Carter. Reagan teamed up with Jerry Falwell Sr. and his Immorality Boys to smear his good name.

      BTW – what did Reagan give the country – but the middle finger when he actually sold war arms to Iran through the Iran Contra Deal? And yet these same Trumpbots continue to worship Reagan’s dead lily-white butt.

      There is no logic to this……

      • P.S.

        I fully expect Hillary and Bill Clinton to continue with their Foundation work – but I look for Hillary to branch out and perhaps start something on her own – just for women and young girls.

        What are your thoughts?

  8. fnord -I assume you made my two links to the cartoons above POP


  9. Thunderchild

    I don’t facebook or know much about. Anyone got the location of the protest??

    • Just got off FB and one of the leaders told me – protest is from 8pm to 10pm and meet at the Old Town Square – near the Warren Theatre.

      They have stressed – this is a peaceful protest and no burning of flags or violence.

      Not to say you would – but if people around you start going too far – remind them that violence just lowers us to Republicans’ level.

      Remember what Michelle Obama advised Hillary – when they go low, we go high.

  10. Thunderchild

    I made a sign and everything. But I did not end up going..The two young people who organized it have had threats made against them, got scared and pulled out. Someone else did step up. But I would have had to walk a ways and alone. Living behind enemy lines as we do, I did not want to risk being attacked by Trump thugs, who I am SURE are there.
    All over America, Trump supporters are commiting violence against women, indulging in racial slurs and worse. Outing myself as a vocal Trump opponent where we live could endanger me or my family. Especially since I am already known to the real nut fringe right from my days on WEBlog.

    • Janice Bradley was one of those who took over organizing the Wichita protest. Janice just posted to her Facebook page:

      “So I engaged the Trump supporters at the Oldtown gathering. The subject was immigration. The young man I spoke with was complaining about people breaking the laws coming here. Just then a reporter asked his name, “Kyler Carriker” he said. I said, “You’ve got the nerve talking about other people breaking the law.” (Carriker was acquitted last year of felony murder for arranging a drug deal where the alleged seller was murdered by the buyers he brought in. He was convicted of distribution of marijuana.)”

    • ‘Love Trumps Hate’ rally attracts hundreds to Old Town

  11. Thunderchild

    While I feel badly for not attending, the protest DID happen, even iin Wichita Kansas.
    And the protests only grow. I hear hints of a million woman and person march on Washington on Inauguration day!
    In truth, I fear the general right more than I do Trump.Trump is a despicable human being. But he WAS a Democrat and he is not a smart man. The Dems have no power to impeach or remove him given his legal entaglements.
    But the cons do. And they may well do it. And THAT gives us President Mike Pence…. which is FAR worse.

    • Yep, that’s what I fear might happen. The republicans want Pence as president, and they want Trump gone. I don’t think it will take long for Trump to do something they can use as a reason to impeach AND Pence is absolutely, definitely worse!



      Seems this might be the Republicans plan all along?

      OR – Trump will have to resign due to personal reasons (MONEY) and he gives it to Pence.

      Or course, Republicans would play this up as Trump was treated unfairly and got death threats and any other ‘I’m a persecuted victim’ crap .

      So – we are left with Mike Pence.

      And we all know what Pence wants to do – and he has a lot of help from his Kristian friends.

      But – the midterms are not that far away – will those white working class voters that wanted Trump be happy to vote for Pence – when none of their jobs came back – as promised?

      The year 2018 will be interesting to see if any correction is made in an attempt to right this ship before it sinks.

      I guess it depends on what Democrats do in Congress. The Senate Democrats hold more power than the House Democrats. And with Chuck Schumer in the Senate as Minority Leader – I expect some ass kicking being done. The question is not IF but WHEN.

      • Just read comment – I know Pence cannot be voted on in midterm -so my point is – will those white working class voters come out and keep the
        Republicans in that have not brought back their jobs – or even attempted to do so.

        Let’s not forget – Pence was in the Congress when GWB and Gang had total control from 2000 to 2006.

        What did Pence and his Republicans do then? Did they bring us abortion, health care or creating those manufacturing jobs?

        NO – they brought us the Iraq War .

      • What does happen if Trump were to resign and Pence steps up as President?

        Does Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House step up to be Vice President. Well – assuming Paul Ryan is still the Speaker.