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  1. I know you’ve all heard the news that the Weiner computer emails have been evaluated and nothing new found. Comey should have stayed out of the election, but I’m glad to hear it is over. I expect Comey’s resignation before the year is out.



    This has nothing to do with this crazy election campaign – but this made me smile, cry and think of my Grandma. Wherever she is, I’m sure she’s singing right along with this guys. She was a devoted Cubs fun – through all those hot summer days when they were losing.

    I have a special place in my heart for the player Anthony Rizzo – he reminds me of my brother who died from cancer at the time when I started to beat my cancer.

    Rizzo looks so much like my brother, same brown hair, facial expressions and that smile. Oh that smile….made me think of my brother each time Rizzo got excited, was laughing and having fun – and then he flashed that beautiful smile.

    My brother was a White Sox fan and a Cubs fan. But always a Bears fan. Blackhawks and Bulls round out the pro sports teams in Chicago.

    But there is always a special place in my heart for Cubs and Bears.

    In this time of crazy political stunts – like the one Trump pulled yesterday with that alleged assassination attempt by a non-violent protester holding
    an Anti-Trump sign. Didn’t that just sound like a page from the staged antics of the WWF days of Trump being a wrestling promoter?

    But one does have to wonder….if Trump rallies’ security was so lax as to allow a man into their rally with a gun (as some Trump supporter was reported to have yelled out which is why Trump was rushed off the stage) then how can we expect Trump to protect America from all those bad hombres out there…?

    Let’s not ever lose sight of the fact Trump is nothing more than a reality t.v. celebrity that obsesses over his quest to ramp up those ratings – and how best to do that than to stage an assassination attempt?

    Just more raw, red meat to throw out to his Trumpettes – and they eat this up like it’s Jesus-flavored cotton candy.


    Published on Oct 6, 2016
    On Sunday Oct 2, 2016 over 200 pantsuit wearing Hillary supporters gathered together to perform a dance founded in unity, love, and exclusivity.



    Has this type of thinking gone bye-bye with the older generation? Or – is it because this couple are obviously educated and have a gay son, which made them broaden their minds – or are they just people who strive to do some good in this world – in their neck of the woods?

    Notice in the article that when Trump became the GOP candidate – this couple noticed a difference in the crowds. Almost like it was okay to be mean and nasty.

    OH GOD….we don’t need any more mean and nasty in this country – do we?



      Speaking of too much nasty and mean in this country….

      If Trump loses, I expect the GOP to be blown into one big ball of hell fire. And then when the ashes are scooped up – will there even be a Republican Party left to put back together?

      If Clinton wins, I expect Hillary to reach out to those Republicans willing to work with her – and she might get some of them to join her. Well – the smart Republicans – đŸ™‚

      Maybe that’s what will happen to the GOP – the smart Republicans will work with Hillary and the mean nasty ones will go stomping off and form their own party.

      It will be interesting to watch…..

      But I also know Hillary – and if there is any woman who can handle the likes of these politicians on Capitol Hill – my bet is on Hillary

      • After reading this once posted – I realized I never said what if Trump wins..

        Oh God….I don’t even want to think about that…….

        World War III with the Mother of all Holy Wars thrown in ????

  5. Thunderchild

    Florida will go late. VERY late. 2000 late.
    One way or the other, this election will not.
    North Carolina polls close 6:30 Eastern. Unless that stealth shy Trump vote that right radio has been hoping for MONTHS is there, unless more states than we know are TRULY in play, North Carolina and New Hampshire will tell us what we need to know. Both of these are currently trending Clinton. IF there is this hidden Trump vote, we should see it early. This is Important because ALL the states in play are currently trending Clinton or flat according to 538. This is true even in Ohio, which Trump will almost certainly win.
    For Trump to win the polls have to be very VERY wrong. And they might be. Polling is not what it .used to be. Trump is an unconventional candidate.
    I’m not thinking so.
    Probably by say 9 our time, we either see a confirmation of the polls or some hidden Trump wave. Forget Florida. It will all be over before they sort it out. It really HAS been all about New Hampshire and North Carolina. If they are called for either Clinton or Trump by 9 tomorrow, as I think they will be its over. One caveat here, a Trump wave will be slower to detect as his support is mostly rural and the counting there is slower.
    Kansas and the Midwest of course are not in doubt. These are already part of Trump or any Republicans path. A Trump wave only enforces that.A Clinton landslide also does not move it. Same with the mountain states and the west coast. That hoped for Trump wave MIGHT move Colorado or New Mexico, but we will already know about it by then.
    Allowing that the networks will want to keep eyes on them as long as possible while STILL wanting to break the news? I allow another hour for that.
    Over by this time tomorrow. Most likely decidedly over by around 10.
    I call 9:45. Hillary Clinton win or the biggest and most inexplicable upset in history.
    Good luck.

    • Bless her heart – but why would Hillary even want to put herself through all this crap – and I do mean CRAP – for some job that pays less than she gets for one of her speeches?

      And a thankless job – at that.

      Other than the fact Hillary really does love America and truly thinks she can get in there and try to make a positive change – I would not have blamed her for just saying – I’m out of here and told us all to go jump in the nearest lake.

      My predictions – Hillary wins and by a bigger percentage than we expect.

      Trump is the guy who likes to brag about his chickens before they hatch – but Trump has also been the guy who has insulted more than half of the voters. He is a foul-mouthed, selfish, ungrateful, uncouth with no honor, integrity or class.

      Hillary is a mother and grandmother. And if I am not mistaken – a lot of women are going to show up to vote for Hillary because Women are the caregivers (for the most part) and women look toward the future for their kids.

      Trump’s message is that America is this dark place and we need to go back to where we were…..back to what?

      1) No health care if your kid has been diagnosed with any chronic disease?
      2) No education for our kids – definitely no science classes that teach climate change, sex education and that our world started only 6,000 years ago rather than millions of years ago helped by evolution?

      3) It’s okay for men to grope women’s p______ and to teach our young girls that their only purpose in life is to be some man’s servant?

      4) It’s okay for religion and politics to mix – to the point where only one God – the certain ‘right’ God – is acceptable and no other religions need apply?

      5) It’s okay to send our soldiers to fight in war(s) because God has told our leaders that Jesus loves only us?

      There are so many other thins in the vision of Trump – that I cannot even go through it.

      The majority of women are caregivers in our country – which means these women don’t think about themselves. They generally put their kids first.

      Hillary’s message is about doing better for our kids and families. What could possibly be wrong with that? Unless you’re a money-hungry, Greedy capitalist Republican that only cares about money.

      • BTW = I suspect there are a lot of Americans who have had our fill of these White Mega Church Evangelical Kristians like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell Jr., Franklin Graham, James Dobson , Tony Perkins and so many others.

        These are the folks who are praising Jesus with the lips while they have the Devil in their pants. Which is one reason these Kristians all defended Trump when he bragged about groping women’s p______ and let’s not forget – all these self-professing Kristians said that groping women’s p_____ was just locker room talk and all men do it. So – it’s normal.

        NO – it’s not normal. It’s wrong and should be called exactly what it is – immoral.

  6. Listening to people who ‘represent’ various groups — women, Latinos, blacks, gays, etc. — I’ve been tickled how each group takes the credit for ousting Trump. Every group has worked hard to make sure Trump isn’t elected. I give credit to each and every one of them. And, because of those groups I feel sure there just aren’t enough stupid angry white men to overcome their efforts.

    I do understand and agree that polling could be terribly wrong, but it would take every poll being wrong and I don’t see that happening. Each of them gives Hillary the needed 270 without winning a single swing state, and none of them gives Trump the needed 270 without winning all the swing states plus a blue state.

    I predict we’ll know tonight before bedtime. Some states might not have results but they won’t matter. Hillary wins both the popular vote and the electoral college by wide margins!

    • Non-college educated, white men are Trump’s hope to win the presidency?

      There is one word missing from that statement – ANGRY.

      When I hear the phrase Angry White Man – I think of Timothy McVeigh. Now there was a true domestic terrorist and he was former military, heavily into guns and the militia lifestyle. He was also under the delusion that he was a true American Patriot.

      Now why does that sound so familiar when I look at Trump’s crowds at his rallies?

  7. This year I’m very interested in state races. I hope the work done to retire radicals in the primary continues. I hope Judges are retained. What I have no hope for is that Brownback changes. He won’t ever stop his experiment. So he must be stopped!

  8. One last prediction: There may be some U.S. Senate races that aren’t decided without long drawn-out recounts. Lawyers will make lots of money.

  9. (from the link): The modest grave site of suffrage icon Susan B. Anthony, now a shrine to women’s rights, is drawing overflow crowds Tuesday as voters consider choosing the nation’s first female president.

    Special measures are being put in place to handle the throngs of people expected throughout the day today at Mt. Hope Cemetery in southern Rochester. Hours have been extended, guides and security will be on hand and lights will be placed to help people make their way to the Anthony family grave site after dark.

    That grave site, up a slight hill from the cemetery’s northern entrance, has been the focus of the quaint Election-Day practice of placing red-and-white “I Voted Today” stickers on Anthony’s headstone.

    Live video. People are waiting an hour in line.

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  11. Wanting to know the outcome is not making to come any faster. When I went to vote I intentionally did not talk to anyone unless they talked to me.
    The better part of valor I guess, a polling place is not the best to get into a political discussion? But it is going to be interesting by ten o’clock tonight.

  12. They are saying that Trump has taken Kansas, Hiel Trump!

  13. I just heard a pundit say it appears voters have decided against the status quo and to go with the guy who just wants to blow everything up.

    I can see that…

    But…..what happens after the KABOOM…

  14. BTW – I still think Hillary will win – but by a very narrow margin. I’m thinking of the John F Kennedy and Richard Nixon election —- that close.

  15. This is what Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station says:

    Time for pragmatism
    It’s over. Clinton cannot win at this point. Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. He will have at his disposal the Senate and the House and eventually the Court.
    That’s just how it is and it’s time to face up to it.
    I don’t think it’s the end of the world, but it’s going to be damned grim for a while. Maybe a long while. More grim for some than for others.
    But here’s the thing: you can NOT become that which you’ve fought against for the last eight years. You cannot let yourself become the hysterical Chicken Littles, the conspiracy theorists, the raging haters and the drooling nuts you and I have faced down for the last eight years.
    Life is risk. Life is challenge and setback. The measure of a person is how they face that risk, how they rise to the challenge. This is no time to lose your reason or your dignity or to retreat into your belly button.
    You’re disappointed, certainly.
    And you have every reason to be concerned for the future.
    Resolve is easy when you’re winning. But true character is how you face defeat and adversity — and what you do afterward.
    Tomorrow is another day.
    The sun will rise.
    And we will face it. Together.