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  1. What goes up in place of The Thinker ??

    The Golden Idol of Reagan wearing a gold-blinged Dollar Sign necklace – oh, and don’t forget the Jesus Hat Reagan always brought out to keep his sheep in line.

  2. Who can tell what to believe??

    ((snip from the link): U.S. Senator Tom Carper, a Democrat on the Senate Homeland Security Committee, has referred one of the documents to the FBI for investigation on the grounds that his name and stationery were forged to appear authentic, some of the sources who had knowledge of that discussion said.

    In the letter identified as fake, Carper is quoted as writing to Clinton, “We will not let you lose this election,” a person who saw the document told Reuters.

    The fake Carper letter, which was described to Reuters, is one of several documents presented to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Department of Justice for review in recent weeks, the sources said.

    FBI examining fake documents targeting Clinton campaign: sources

    • I suspect Russia is behind this and I also suspect Trump knows all about it.

      Why else would Trump be surrounded by so many Russians on his campaign staff – current and former.

      Former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort is a prime example – do research on this man’s background. It is so full of Russians, the entire thing smells like vodka.

      When did the Republican Party go from the 50’s when Sen. Joe McCarthy was on the witch hunt for Communists (and Reagan helped in rounding up the Hollywood Communists) to actually defending Trump for having known Russians in his campaign staff – and the fact Trump loudly boasts of his admiration for Putin. And not just Trump admiring Putin – Mike Pence also publicly said Putin was a better leader than Obama.

      Can you imagine any Republican in previous elections doing and saying what Trump/Pence have said and gotten away with it?



    Any thoughts and/or comments about this issue of Voting out these Activist Judges on Kansas Supreme Court?

    What bothers me is the fact if Brownback can appoint his choices for the vacant seats, then why would I want to give Brownback (or anybody) that much power?

    The argument I’ve heard on television is how these families of the victims of the Carr Brothers and how they have been treated so badly by these 5 judges.

    Excuse me, but didn’t the US Supreme Court reverse the Kansas State Supreme Court’s decision to vacate the death penalty.

    Even with the death penalty vacated, the Carr Brothers will NEVER be released from prison – correct?

    But then when I got to reading about what brought us to this point in time – and the Pro Lifers got involved – then it all fell into place.

    So – when we hear about all these Activist Judges – that is just code for ‘ judges that don’t follow the narrow agenda of the Evangelical Kristians Konservatives.

    • 6176 – what are you thoughts about this issue?

      • There have been many attempts in the past by those indy describes to get the justices not retained. These attempts have, in the past, failed miserably.

        The difference this election? The use of the existing anti-retention groups as a front for the concentrated effort by those personally opposed to said justices due to their rulings in the school finance lawsuits, and only that. One example is the $65,000 from Gov. Brownback’s PAC to Kansans For Life; IIRC, said PAC has not contributed much, if any, money in the past two elections to the same group even though there have been justices opposed by KFL on the ballot for retention.

        Bless their hearts, the families, et al., have been taken over. They deny it, but who is paying for these ads? Given prior elections, it isn’t the KFL folks.

        My thoughts? It’s all bullshit, spearheaded by the governor, by and through his sycophants. The Evangelical types you reference don’t have the money, etc., to play in this ball game. Oh, I, like fnord, voted to not retain Justice Stegall, because he’s an idiot.

    • Vote YES to retain all judges!

      Actually, by the time I cast my vote I was so pissed off at the anti-education, anti-choice, pro Brownback folks for using the families of crime victims that I didn’t take my own advice. I voted against Caleb Stegall, Brownback’s only appointee.

      Without these judges no telling how much harm Brownback can do to the state of Kansas.

      • That’s exactly what I did 🙂

        Something else – my husband and I received a campaign flyer from the Kansas Republican Party about this issue.

        On the bottom, there are pictures of the five Kansas Supreme Court Justices. Four of them have a a big NO in a yellow box – but he fifth justice, Caleb Stegall, has a Big YES in a green box.

        Okay – that is just campaign stuff.

        But what I noticed was – this bottom portion of the flyer is perforated with instructions ‘Please tear this off and take with you to the polls”.

        This maybe a grey area in politics – but isn’t there a law you cannot have campaign materials within 250 meet of the polling booths?

        I noticed a sign instructing people they could not do any campaigning within the 250 feet – but does that law also pertain to a voter carrying his own campaign flyer into the booth with him?

        Perhaps We the People should demand an investigation??

      • Cannot electioneer within 250 feet of the polling place. Bringing a reminder with you to the polls, whether prepared by the voter personally or by a third party, is not electioneering. There’s an old Kansas Supreme Court case on this point which I’m too lazy tonight to find.

      • Thanks for the info – 6176.

        I figured you would know the answer.

  4. Thunderchild

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    Trump is going to lose and knows this. But the stage is already set for his next act.
    Donald Trump is going to become the agitator in Chief. And he already HAS what he needs, an audience to feed his so sick ego,
    Tragic as it is, Trump has more to win from losing than he does from winning.
    IF he wins, half of the country hates him. And that half has some limited support in Government to help them. He would be the most hated President in history.Would that hatred reform or educate him? No. It would make him more bellicose, even tyrannical. I can see forced labor camps under Trump.
    But if he loses, he can cry FRAUD as he is already doing. And just short of half of the country WILL support him. And this is a crowd who will answer to no one but Trump. So he would be accountable ONLY to his ego feeding crowd anger. As I do not put it past Trump to put in place forced labor camps if he wins, I see it far more likely that he will lead violent revolution if he loses.

    And THAT is an America where an idiot like Donald Trump was ever elevated to possibility of winning the highest office on the planet.

    • First, I suspect the supporters of Trump will turn on the GOP and blow the damn thing up.

      Could not happen to a more deserving bunch – IMHO

      I also suspect Trump will do what his pattern has been – go on a revenge-filled Twitter Rant for a few days and then go on his own Trump T.V. network.

      After all – the Foxxies Hen House Cluck Fest of Gossipy Old Church Women has lost their shiny object effect on people and they are now considered ‘sell outs’ – especially if they keep Megyn Kelley on their network. Megyn Kelley’s contract is up for negotiation – as we speak.

      As I said last month, I think it’s time to hold these White Mega Church Evangelical Kristians accountable for their defense of Trump bragging as to how he groped women’s p_____. Not just that – on that same video tape, Trump gave details as to how he took a married woman to go furniture shopping but yet he failed to ‘nail’ her.

      We need to keep up the offense on these Mega White Evangelical Kristian Preacher Boys an Televangelists that helped Trump to make it okay to grope women’s p_______ and to knowingly trying to nail a married woman.

      These are NOT things that Jesus taught his followers to do – so let’s make sure these Preacher Boys and Televangelists know We the People are watching them – and do not approve.

      • I think Tim Kaine will do much to help in this fight against these Kristians – IMHO

        Kaine is a devout Catholic and he spent a year working with the Jesuit missionaries when he was in law school (if I am not mistaken).

        Tim Kaine is very comfortable speaking in public about his religious faith. But Hillary Clinton is not – and that’s okay because she was raised Methodist and I know from past experience, Methodists have not been taught they need to evangelize the world. Methodists are more of the quiet type – they live the Christian life, they don’t just go around talking about it and not accomplishing a damn thing.

        In one interview I watched, Tim Kaine said that Democrats need to start talking openly about their religious faith.

        And I agree.

        Because – for far too long, Republican Evangelical Kritsians have hijacked the issue of faith and God as being one of the their assets in the GOP. And as we have seen all too many times – their rheteroic about being so morally superior and family values does not match to their actual behavior.