Saturday, 10/29/16, Public Square



by | October 28, 2016 · 12:58 pm

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    • If they wanted the truth, instead of ONLY the ability to continue to speculate, they could have acquired the warrant and read all the emails by now. Comey commands a huge number of people who know how to read. 😉

  1. Just wondering – Weiner has more in common with the Trump Republican male’s behavior of their treatment of women – but at least Weiner (as far as we know) has never had actual physical contact with his victims of sexting.

    Unlike Trump who bragged about physically groping women’s p______ and then Evangelical Kristians defended Trump – so I guess groping women is now ‘okay’ and has the Jesus Stamp of Approval?

    When did Jesus ever grope a woman??

  2. What an unbelievable year – the Chicago Cubs pulled out the winning game last night and they are on their way to Cleveland for Game 6 – a must-win game for the Cubs to stay in this World Series.

    My grandmother was 98 yrs old when she died three years ago. I still remember her sitting in her front room and watching the Cubs play baseball.

    She was a fierce and loyal fan – even though she cussed that team out more than once for playing so lousy. 🙂

    Last night – when the rubber hit the road – the Cubs pulled it out and my first thought was – this is for you Grandma. I hope she was watching and having a good time.

  3. Thunderchild

    LOVE IT!