Monday, 10/24/16, Public Square



by | October 24, 2016 · 10:10 am

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  1. I voted!

    We can count on Trump getting ALL SIX electoral votes from Kansas. đŸ˜¦

    Here’s hoping the state races send a bunch of congress critters who support Brownback packing!



    I think it’s way past time to tax churches – we could come up with a plan that would exempt the fist $500,000 and then go from there. All the smaller churches would remain tax free but these mega corporate churches will either choose to be taxed or to break themselves up into smaller churches which are SEPARATE ownership and management.

    And IF any size church wants to play politics from the pulpit – then they are taxes REGARDLESS.

    Churches have not always been tax free. From my limited research, I learned tax free status for churches started in the late 1800’s? I’m not certain of the details of my facts – but I don’t think the Founding Fathers said all churches should be tax free – did they?

  3. Thunderchild

    Trump says he is winning. He tells crowds of thousands and millions in social media that he is winning. This WHILE he is covering every excuse for why he will lose. “The media is against me! The vote is rigged! ” Its a strange and counter productive strategy. I mean, if you are a Trump supporter, don’t the words out of his OWN mouth suggest that voting for him is pointless? On the one hand, he has already WON. Why even bother to vote. On the other, he has no chance and everything is against him, so again, why vote?
    But I will vote. I’m still deciding who…

    Pick up your jaw. My liberal vote in Kansas means next to nothing in every election except maybe this one.
    But my vote, and yours too DOES matter this time. First off we must vote in order to prevent worst Governor in America Brownback from destroying the Kansas Supreme court.
    But back to Clinton or Trump….
    So here is where I am at. I can cast a vote for the first female candidate in history and be part of THAT in a State where it wont matter anyway. Or, I could cast a vote for Trump and feed his insatiable ego winning a state he will win anyway.
    And right now folks? I’m leaning Trump and an otherwise straight Democrat ticket. Trump is the WORST thing that has ever happened to the GOP and I kinda don’t want him to go away. In my own little way I want to help him stick around and do the voodoo that hedo so well on them. I think I may be onto something here. Consider if millions of voters in red states voted a straight DNC ticket but voted Trump in the top spot?
    Decisions, decisions…..

    • IF this election was not such an important one – I would like to see Trump win the presidency and then fall flat on his face.

      But then we would be left with Mike Pence – and IMHO – Pence is much worse than Donald Trump.

      Trump is in your face – what you see is what you get.

      Mike Pence is that sneaky person who puts on his Jesus Hat when he wants to give the appearance he is such a morally superior Christian – but make no mistake, Pence is determined to take us back to the time when women could not vote, child labor was the wet dream of every unregulated manufacturing plant

      And our military budget would be quadrupled to what it is today. Just ready for the Holy War.

    • Donald Trump is just the male version Sarah Palin. What these two know about how our government is set up and how it operates would fill a thimble.

      Hell – that’s giving them too much credit.



    This has to hurt Trump the most – a smack down to his most valued asset – his name on everything.

  5. Thunderchild

    Interesting times.
    Trump is dividing the GOP, likely for the foreseeable future. Now comes more news.
    Today, Ted Cruz says the Senate (he presumes they will still control it?) can deny all of Clinton’s Supreme Court nominees. Cites historical precedent for smaller court.
    Also moves BEFORE the election, in GOP House to move to impeach Clinton.
    Now Trump is blowing up the GOP and if their first acts after the election are to impeach and block the first female President? The Gop can say goodbye to any possibility of majority for the rest of our lives.

    • Could not happen to a more deserving bunch – IMHO

      But like the KKK – Republicans will never really go away – they will just go underground until the next Trump buffoon comes along.