Thursday, 10/20/16, Public Square

If Climate Change was a fatal disease…



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  1. The final debate – what can one say?

    I’ve noticed on the national blogs that folks are commenting on how subdued Trump was for the first 15 to 20 minutes – almost like he was in some sort of trance. Then there are others who talked about him not doing the sniffing thing – which does raise some questions – since he was the one that tried to push the drug testing before the debate.

    But – after the Hillary pushed a few of Donald’s known hot buttons – Trump turned into what we have had to witness for way-too-long – his nastiness, willingness to say anything and everything without facts and to totally show his disrespect and disregard for anybody else – and mostly his disdain for our country.

    How the Hell any body could still vote for Trump after last night’s performance is beyond me.

    But I know the same core supporters will be there to vote for Trump. And I also know that I will never forget the Evangelical Kristian Leaders such as Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell Jr., Tony Perkins, Ralph Reed and Mike Pence that have put on their Jesus Hats to give Trump the appearance he has the Jesus Stamp of Approval.

    I, for one, intend to never let these Evangelical Kristians forget they supported, encouraged and applauded Trump and all he has said and done against women, minorities and our country.



    What do you call people who never learn – Republicans?

    On a serious note – does McCain and his fellow Republicans really think the Supreme Court could get down to 3 or 4 judges and that is okay?

    Better be careful what these fools wish for – they all thought Televangelist Pat Robertson was ever-so-clever when he encouraged his followers to pray for God to take out 3 Supreme Court justices – possibly by heart attacks. Now I’m sure Pat was talking about those evil 3 liberal judges.

    But – I guess God has a sense of humor because who ended up dying – and from a heart attack. Antonin Scalia.

    NOW I found that rather poetic justice…..I know, I’m an evil heathen and God will send me to Hell. Oh wait – I’m a born again Christin – so I ‘ve got that Golden ticket – the free pass given out by Jesus himself.

    So – I’m safe. Wheww….

    That last paragraph is my wicked sense of humor. After all – I did graduated from that Fundy Baptist College – so I know what words to use.

  3. Thunderchild

    The third debate, the dinner party, and beyond the absurd:

    The sniffing. It’s funny.. I was watching the debate with company and noted the lack of it. The words had barely escaped my lips (about 20 minutes in?) and he lapsed back into it. True, he wasn’t as bad with it this time. Too late, he finally starts listening to coaching. It’s strange. The man has been on TV for YEARS. Yet he is so very unprofessional with the basic operation of microphones. Clearly, he is what is known as “dumb talent” that requires handlers and editors. Too be fair, Hillary had her issues too, but for the first time. Watch the debate again.. Hillary can be audibly heard inhaling by mouth. Better than the sniffing. And she is less polished at TV and has never had editors or handlers. But it was there. Being a candidate for President in the age of high def digital is TOUGH.
    So my take the debates/ 1st Hillary solid win. 2nd Trump solid win (but I am a brawler and perhaps the reason the general concensus is otherwise is he took it way too far) 3rd debate draw but style and general knowledge points Hillary.

    And right now, 16 GOP candidates for President, including some now Trump stooges, are saying “If I had just had 15 MINUTES with this guy one on
    There is a REASON Donald Trump ducked the GOP primary debates when it got down to 3 or 4 candidates. He KNEW he did not have the substance to stick a fight.
    And the VERY next day was the dinner party/roast.
    Now neither of these two wrote their own jokes and anyone versed in politics knows that. But as much as the right for going on 30 years has made Hillary into some sort of ice queen bitch, she clearly has more innate humor than Trump, who seems to have well, none?

  4. Thunderchild

    Ok, no. Before I even LOOK, just no.

  5. Thunderchild

    That would be him Indy. He was also the guy who had more than 50 nics, threatened to kill me and several other bloggers, and once went on a 50+ hour marathon rant on abortion. So far right he defended citizens united and in my opinion mentally and emotionally broken to the point of psychosis.
    Every trace of which is now gone since the blog closed down and wiped the posts archive. Lucky for him.
    And it is him. Though he has cleaned up quite a bit since I last saw him. He has also moved as his sisters house where he lived is not in the 81st district.
    Suddenly a Democrat? That’s gotta be stealth candidacy. This is a man who was proud and posted of it to be a multi-generational descended Republican.
    I find myself suddenly very interested in the 81st congressional district of Kansas. But it is Kansas. And our State representatives are paid nearly nothing let alone a liveable wage. Little surprise that they are made up mostly of the independently wealthy and also apparently the Government supported (ok, he’s a veteran so was Tim McVeigh) bored crazy people.
    And just when I thought this election year could not get more insane….



    Another death hitting too close to home for me.

    I remember the nights at my Grandparent’s house – we would push the kitchen table to the wall and put the record player on the counter top. And we would dance the night away. My cousins, Uncle and Aunt (uncle was only 3 years older than me and my Aunt was only 8 years older than me).

    We used to have such fun – dancing, making popcorn in one of those old popcorn stove cookers with the long handles.

    Boy – what such good – and happy – memories…

  7. @@@

    I thought posting this song would be timely – only 15 days to election day and look around – what do we hear and see?