Tuesday,10/18/16, Public Square



by | October 18, 2016 · 1:32 pm

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  1. ttp://www.cbsnews.com/news/john-kasich-skewers-donald-trumps-silly-rigged-election-claims/


    I watched this interview and I believe if the GOP had run John Kasich, we would not be in this 3-ring Circus of Stupidity we have had to witness for the past several months.

    I didn’t know Kasich was helping the Obama Administration on this TPP trade deal. Kasich made the comment that Republicans criticized him for even going to the White House with Obama./ When Kasich was in the Congress, he said an invitation to go to the White House was viewed as an honor.

    When did this Republican Party start being so divisive – I can tell you my theory. Evangelical Kristians leaders we see on the GOP side are folks who don’t play well with others.

    There two things that will divide a group faster than anything – Religion and Politics.

    Which is why these two should NEVER mix.

    • I don’t know much, but it seems when the republicans decided to make Obama a one-term president by destroying him if possible but at least keeping him from accomplishing anything they set out on a path that has ended in their own destruction.

      • Remember the news story about a group of prominent Republicans having dinner down the street from Obama’s First Inauguration and these Republicans were all plotting on how to bring down Obama.

        And then Proud to be Stupid Mitch McConnell actually came out publicly and bragged that it was the #1 job of every Republican to make Obama fail.

        And then Rush Limbaugh had to go on his weekly rants and tirades – keeping that Obama Fail nonsense going.

        All that HATRED is a cancer that destroys everything it touches – but it mostly destroys the HATERS.

        Could not happen to a more deserving bunch – IMHO

      • BTW – has anybody heard from Rush Limbaugh throughout Trump’s reign of campaign insanity?