Sunday, 10/16/16, Public Square




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  1. l could write a book on my own past assaults, the jobs I quietly quit, the jobs I quietly endured, the friends’ husbands I did not reveal, the attorneys, doctors, professors, bosses and other men who felt they were giving me a compliment by trying to impose their sexual desires/fantacies on me . . . but I won’t write a book or tell my own tortured secrets. This past week has drudged up all the insulting memories for me and millions of other women who have silently endured the deep hurt and pain because it is easier to be silent in our society than it is to tell on the nasty, arrogant, sexual offenders who live among us.

    • I shared a story last week about when my husband and I got married. We both came from rival churches and my husband’s church members did not want me and my church members did not want me to marry the ‘Devil’.

      So – we were very much alone – in the midst of a huge feud – and yet my husband continued to try to keep his church going on the correct path.

      The ONLY person that came to our house (the church’s parsonage) to congratulate us on our marriage was one woman.

      She was known as the town’s prostitute. Not because she was out in the city’s park pimping herself – her husband was there pimping her out.

      This woman was routinely beaten by her husband and he was usually drunk – but he could still manage to put his wife into that park for all the city’s ‘good moral men’ to have their special time with his wife.

      Many men in my husband’s church were her repeat clients. But yet these men were NEVER held up for ridicule – the wives of these men and the rest of the city were always demonizing her.

      By the time we were married, this woman’s husband’s liver had finally given out and he died. But the stench of that man was still on his wife.

      The ‘good people’ of the city still treated her as the prostitute.

      But – this woman was the ONLY one that came to our house and was sincerely happy that we were married. She was smiling and the joy on her face told a story. Maybe she was thinking that this young couple might be able to change things in that city – because we had to go against a lot of people just to get married.

      So – maybe she thought she was not alone anymore in someone understanding her past life?

      But when we went to Church on Sunday after our wedding – the nasty feud just got a whole lot nastier. The things those good (?) Christians said and did would make your hair curl. And that was not the only church having a hissy fit – my old church was doing the exact same thing.

      My husband and I lasted in that church for 8 months and then we finally said – Go to Hell…

      But there is a reason for the Bible story where Jesus protected the prostitute from the ‘good people’ picking up their stones to throw at the woman.

      Perhaps the moral is – how many men in that group of ‘good people’ were clients of that prostitute – and how many of these ‘good women’ in that group knew it and blamed the woman?

      I just cannot understand why church people continue to blame the woman – no matter what.

  2. The official new logo of today’s republicans —