Friday,10/14/16, Public Square



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  1. Remember when republicans denied there was a war on women? Now those people are Trump supporters. When you’re unable to recognize that women are the largest voting demographic, what else have you ignored?

    Women vote! Women have decided elections in the past and this year our votes may have more of an impact than ever before!

    • Amen – Agreed 100%

      But I know from living these 63 years on this Earth – not all men are like Trump and his supporters.

      We have several examples of strong, secure and intelligent men on our blog that are do not treat women like Trump and his supporters say all men do.

      I don’t buy that ‘locker room talk’ defense – well, once you’re past the age of middle school?

      At some point in time, most of those obnoxious middle school boys do GROW UP and become real men.



    More evidence of that old saying – the apple don’t fall too far from the tree.

    In all this fighting about this – do people even remember who started this feud with Bill Clinton? It was TRUMP – right after the first debate.

    And something that these Evangelical Kristians never talk about is how Hillary and Bill at still married. And their boy Trump is on his third marriage – with a video tape from 2005 which was recorded when he had just married Melania and she was pregnant.

    WOW – now that is a Christian’s dream come true of a family values candidate – huh?

    The next any one of these Evangelical Kristians talk about family values, sanctity of marriage or anything to do with women – JUST point to Trump and say – he’s all yours…

  3. The so-called divisions in the Republican Party are made up by the media ignoring that fact that most of what Trump says can be found in The Republican Party Platform.

    When didn’t republicans wage war against the poor and needy (those them deem lazy & unworthy), women, gays, minorities, all those they’ve decided aren’t “Christian,” therefore heathens?

    The republican establishment types for the most part share most of the racist, homophobic and xenophobic impulses and imperatives as Trump and his ‘followers’ but hide that fact behind a lot of deceptive rhetoric.

  4. @@@

    Remember when Trump said he was advised to be more presidential – and he would be the most presidential than anybody has ever been.

    Look at this video from the GOP primary – Trump does not intend to be presidential – because as he says – only 20% of his people would be there because being presidential is boring.

    This is how a Reality T.V. celebrity talks – about ratings and crowds.

    God Help us All if Trump manages to win the White House.

    Either way – I still think these Evangelical Kritsian Preacher Boys and Televangelists have their feet held to the fire and WE the PEOPLE need to stand up and push for one thing – IF your church is involved in politics – then your church will be taxed.


    There would be no Trump if there had not been a Fox News who has been spoonfeeding all this GOP platform nonsense.

    Trump is saying out loud what Republicans truly feel.

    BTW – wasn’t it reported the 2016 GOP platform had an interesting addition this year – through the insistence of the Trump people?

    It’s that section about our relations with Russia. Seems the Republicans think we should not interfere with Russian aggression into their neighbors backyard – and this was about the same time that Trump infamous said that the US should not help our NATO members until he checks if they have paid their dues.

    This was also the time Trump bragged how much he admires Putin.

    Wow – was that noise I just heard Sen. Joe McCarthy rolling in his grave??

    • BTW – notice when Fox News first aired? It’s been 20 years of this nonsense. Oh wait a minute – Bill Clinton was in office…

      Oh, now the picture is becoming clearer…

      Hillary Clinton is correct when she said there is a Vast Right Wing who has plotted against her and Bill.

      NO – more like a damn cancer being fed on gossip, inuenndos and outright lies. But yet they all wear their Jesus Hats to give the appearance that Jesus has given them his Stamp of Approval.

  6. Thunderchild

    I really guess I am alone in this? I thought Trump completely destroyed Hillary in the last debate. In my mind, I had never seen anything so one sided. I mean, yeah he was inarticulate and his stage presence was bad. But I REALLY thought the last debate would put Trump back in the race.

    I never have been so happy to be wrong. Though I still do not understand it. Maybe America is smarter than I dared hope?
    The polls bare this most unexpected (for me) result out. Trump continues to sink
    This will not end well.
    Already, I read of Trump supporters prepared to do
    violence if Trump is not elected. I have little doubt that Trump will only encourage this further. I put NOTHING past this guy and his supporters. I remember how righteously angry I was in 2000 witha TRULY stolen election.. But I did not act on it. I live in Kansas, behind enemy lines. Trumps supporters will not be so reserved in a red state.
    As progressives, our votes matter nothing at all in the national election Trump is going to win Kansas unless he slaughters a litter of puppies on live TV. But our vote locally DOES matter.We can stop Brownback by keeping him from the power to elect judges like minded to him.
    But outside of that? Lay low. The Trump followers are legitimately dangerous. When they lose, and they will, Trump will urge them to anything and everything.

    More to say including how we can HELP Donald Trump force the GOP into civil war while preventing him doing it to America.
    Also, what happened to Jammin John?