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  1. To read the Constitution – one might want to take care of that sniffing problem Trump seems to have.

    Or at least be able to think clearly before one attempts to learn something very foreign to them.

    After all – Trump also threatened Hillary with throwing her in jail when he is President.

    Sounds like something Putin, that Syrian Assad dude or that nutjob in North Korea would say to his perceived enemy.

    BTW – when Mike Pence was almost in tears about those dead kids in Aleppo – did somebody explain to Pence that it was his boy Trump’s object of admiration – Putin – that was helping the Syrian Regime to drop those bombs on all those kids?

    Why doesn’t Pence ask Trump’s numerous Russian friends to tell their boy Putin to stop it?

  2. I often wonder about what is Donald Trumps concept of the office of President. Just what does he see his power will be? Whether he envisions an office of dictator or even emperor? He actually may find that he has more stand alone power right now as the mogul.

    • I suspect Trump does not want to be President. He only wants to ‘win’ so he can brag about it,

      This is just another notch in Trump’s victory belt. It doe not mean anything to him.

      But the problem is not Trump. It’s his core supporters – those Evangelical Kristians. These are the folks who are cheering and applauding this man – no matter what he does or says.

      This is scary folks.

      As I shared – I called Christian Broadcasting Network yesterday and asked them if Pat Robertson can defend Trump – then pray tell me, when did Jesus ever grope a woman? I asked for Chapter and Verse.

      These Evangelicals make me angry. These are the folks who have twisted the Bible into their version of Christianity. Seriously – Trump has no shame and no remorse for what he said on that 2005 video – and why should he? He has Evangelical Leaders like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Jr and Ralph Reed being his cheerleaders.

      There is a cancer in our country – and I’ve said this many times – when Religion and Politics mix – nothing good will ever come from it.

      • What do you think these same Evangelicals would be saying if that 2005 video tape had been Obama saying the exact same words?

        Can you imagine their outrage?

        I suspect these find Christian folks would be looking for the nearest lynching tree.

        That -in a nutshell – is the problem we are witnessing today – IMHO

    • This election is not even about Hillary vs Trump any more – IMHO

      This is about the ongoing battle for the soul of the Republican Party.

      A political pundit was talking today about how the Whig Party got wiped out and their views were much like Trump and his supporters – Anti everything but White Christians.

      Then 3 years later – Abraham Lincoln won on the Republican Party ticket.

      Is history simply repeating itself?

      I like to think that Reagan started this GOP civil war in 1980 when he teamed up with Jerry Falwell and his Immorality Boys to smear the good name of Jimmy Carter. These Kristians have been hellbent on building and abusing their political power since that time.

      Then comes along Trump – which Jerry Falwell Jr. ran to endorse very early on in the GOP primary.

      So – Daddy Falwell helped to start the GOP Civil War and Baby Falwell will finish the job to make the Grand Old Party implode?

      Could not happen to a more deserving bunch – IMHO

      BTW – do you think Hillary will have much success in getting some Republicans in Congress to work with her?

      I think she just might. It depends on how badly Trump and his supporters handle their big loss. And if there is God in Heaven – it will be a big loss. But I’ll take even take a close race – as long as Trump is on the receiving end of the smack down.

      I do think Trump and his Trumpettes will blame the Establishment Republiicans for their loss more than the Democrats.

      You’ve probably already read or heard where Donald has said the Debate Commission is rigged (even though the co-chairs are Democrat and Republican) and he is done with them.

      Does this mean Donald refuses to debate the third time?

      Hell- if he cannot stand up to the Debate Commission of a Democrat and Republican – how in the name of everything holy does Trump and his supporters think Trump can stand up these foreign leaders that truly hate America.

      These foreign leaders have been watching our news stories as to how to get to Donald – just parade a bunch of women at him and Donald will be downing those Tic Tacs like crazy.

      I’m surprised the manfufacturer of Tic Tacs has not come out with a statement about Donald – or maybe they assume everyone with one working brain cell knows exactly what Trump is about?



    NOW this makes me feel hopeful about our country’s future.

    The other day I was so mad at Televangelist Pat Robertson for defending Trump that I actually called his Christian Broadcasting Network and voiced my opinion.

    It’s good to hear that it’s not just me – but apparently a lot of people – are just as mad about these Evangelical Leaders choosing to continue endorsing Trump.

    fnord – I’ve told you this several times before – you’re my inspiration on this blog to be more positive and to be hopeful.

    I’m glad I have you here on this blog – but it’s nice to read there are others across our country that feel the same way as we do about Trump.

    I try to be as positive as I can – but God Help Me – with my past experience with these Evangelical Kristians – that is very hard for me to do.

  4. This blogger thanks Trump for a few things. I can’t be as kind as this blogger to actually thank Trump. I would have preferred never having this experience even though I recognize the truth in what she says.

    (From the link below):

    1. Thank you for being such a bigot. I don’t think that race relations have been discussed this much in my entire life. And while things have been volatile (and I’ll agree that part isn’t entirely your fault), you’ve made most of America fear that we’re going backwards when it comes to civil rights. As a middle-aged white woman, I thought we’d come further than we have. I’m grateful that you’ve shown that I’m wrong. That just means that I have to help the change that should happen.

    2. Thank you for being sexist. We all knew it, but you showed that “good old boys” are still out there. And I know you didn’t mean to, but your idiocy has prompted many women to come forward with their own stories of abuse which should have happened long ago. You’ve united strong women because we know we can overcome men like you. We just needed you to force our hand.

    3. Thank you for your nonsensical double-standard. Hang on. I need to outline this one.

    For blaming Hillary for her husband’s infidelities when you’re a philanderer yourself. And when has a man EVER been blamed for his wife’s indiscretions?
    For marrying an immigrant and then closing the doors.

    For marrying a woman who posed provocatively throughout her modeling career. I’m not judging her. But you’ve, once again, proven what a racist nation we are. If Michelle Obama had had this kind of career, Barack wouldn’t have been elected to town council, much less the highest office in the nation.

    For commenting on the appearances of others, especially women. No one is perfect and if you think you are…well…I guess all I can say is I wish I had your mirror.

    4. Thank you for testing my patience. I can turn you off. But I’ve had to listen to others who believe in you.

    5. Thank you for testing my friendships. The last few months have been interesting. You see, I’ll get together with my friends over a glass of wine and discuss kids and schools and what’s going on in the community. Rarely do we get together and talk about how we feel about other races, abortion, abuse, and other issues that really define who we are. Since you’ve been on this path, I’ve learned more about my friends than I ever wanted to know…but really should have. Now I know who is willing to sweep sexual assault under the rug, who doesn’t think immigrants have a place here, who thinks that any race is inferior, and who thinks that being a woman is a joke.

    6. For helping me teach my kids valuable lessons…you know like being a good person, helping others, that you should always watch what you say, and that you can be guilty by association (Billy Bush is learning that a little late in life). And that making fun of anyone doesn’t make them less…it just makes you look like an ass.

  5. This magazine knows two things.

    1. Trump is the face of The Republican Party, and
    2. Which end his face belongs on.

    • The cherry on top of this is the fact it’s a magazine about MONEY.

      Trump brags about being so smart when it comes to money – and yet as this magazine’s cover clearly shows – Trump is just an ASS

      • On a serious note:

        Can you imagine the rest of the world watching as this Trump-induced insaneness continues?

        Americans love to preach down to others how great of a nation we are and how we cherish, love and respect women. We would NEVER make them wear a Burka, or make them walk 10 feet behind the man, or not allow them to go to school, or not allow them to drive cars.

        OH NO – through Trump’s own Bigly and Braggadocious comments – now the entire world knows some Americans (majority which claim to be such morally superior Christians) are perfectly happy when their presidential candidate is demeaning, denigrating and demoralizing women.

        Actions speak louder than words

        I wonder what the men in ISIS talk about around their dinner table?

        Hillary Clinton has made this statement several times – Trump’s rhetoric has already helped ISIS to recruit new members. And for that reason alone, Trump should never be near the nuclear codes.

        As I’ve shared many times, I listen to Public Radio station. The story was about how Evangelical Christians are responding to Trump.

        I actually heard one man from North Carolina proudly claim that he was a lifelong Christian and a Sunday School teacher. And he believes our country’s very soul is at stake in this election because our morals are all wrong. He then went on to say we allow abortion and same sex marriage.

        Then this man stated that even though he personally does not like Trump as a person – he tells his Sunday School class that sometimes God uses an evil man to do His good work.


        This lifelong Christian man and Sunday School teacher is voting for Trump because of the potential Supreme Court vacancies – and he trusts that Trump will nominate good Christian people.


        I wouldn’t Trump with anything in my life..

        Besides – there is already a good man who has been nominated for the Supreme Court vacancy left by Scalia’s death – Judge Garland.

        I swear – these Evangelical Kristians have lost their minds…