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  1. But Ronald Reagan is still the Golden Idol that every Republican worships – didn’t you get that memo?

    Besides – it wasn’t Ronnie’s fault he had to spend all that money – it was that evil Jimmy Carter.

    Please note – Jimmy Carter’s life has been one of service before he was president, when he was president and has continued for many years after he left the White House.

    Reagan and his lovely little woman went home to their multi-million dollar ranch, sat and counted all that money they accumulated.

    And what gets me is Trump is saying the same damn thing Reagan said in 1980 campaign – have to build up that military.

    Yeah – gotta keep those Military Industrial Complex Beatie Boys fed – huh?

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    Did you notice Pence responded just like Ronald Reagan used to do when confronted with facts about his own statements?

    Pence smirked, laughed and then tried to make a joke out of Kaine having to work on that one….

    But did you notice in Pence’s response – he stated that Trump never said those things. Pence himself denied saying that Putin is a stronger leader than Obama.

    Do Republicans not know there are videos with them both saying the exact same words as Kaine asked Pence to defend?

    But even with undeniable facts – the Trump supporters will cheer, applaud and even run out to defend Trump and Pence.

    Let’s not forget – back in 2008, these same folks cheered, applauded and ran out to rewrite history to make their Sarah Palin into some type of history scholar.

    BTW – Sarah Palin used to brag about being able to attract huge crowds. Trump likes to brag that he attracts Yuuuuuuuuge crowds.

    Well – folks – so do train wrecks. And they don’t end very well – do they?



    I don’t recall we have ever discussed this issue – the right to die.

    Any thoughts, comments – yea or nay?

    My thinking is this – every single person should have the right to make their own decisions in life. I may not agree with their choice – but I should respect their choice.

    That’s the same way I feel about abortion. Personally, I would never get one and I hope that my daughter and daughter-in-law would not make that choice.

    But that is a decision for them to make – not me and not government run by Evangelical Kristians who like to cherry pick their Bible verses to justify those discriminating laws they love so much.

    • Does it make a difference if a person wants the assistance to die at their chosen time and suicide?

      I’ve known several religious people throughout the years and suicide is a guaranteed one-way ticket to Hell.

      But is assisted suicide a guaranteed one-way to Hell for both the patient and the person who assisted them?

      Or – is it like I said above – it’s the person’s choice and not mine.

    • I strongly believe each person should have the right to dictate the right to die. No one should bear pain or be kept alive against their wishes. Wayne and I have both executed advance directives. More importantly, we’ve talked to the people who would make the decisions and made our wishes known.

      • I agree 100%.

        The running joke in my family is – if my kids go against my wishes, I have told them I plan to come back and haunt them.

        And they know I will do it too… 🙂

  4. The pound lost 6% today. But Britain has a plan…

    • O.K. That’s one side of it …… mostly opinion attempting humor. But, really, let’s hear another side. Couple of questions; who creates the British Pound? The Euro? What is the current British debt? Unemployment? Having a Queen, etc., Britain obviously has “an establishment,” e.g., Queen, heirs, etc. What does that cost their working class? For some reasons, there is a majority that is concerned. And the current Prime Minister was a staunch conservative. I wonder, does England also have a Chamber of Commerce? That may be the problem.

  5. Also; so why on earth is Reagan so esteemed? He was crooked and a turn-coat Actor’s Guild conservative who became an anti-labor zealot and is totally misrepresented in his national achievements and behaviors. Maybe, now that Obama has overwhelmingly surpassed Reagan’s achievements, Reagan’s undeserved mystic will die a rapid death.

    • Bob – I knew there was a reason I liked you so much.

      I’ve been asking the same question for years..

      • Actually, Bob, I do have a theory…but it qualifies as a conspiracy theory 🙂

        These Kritsian Konservative Republicans have accused Obama of being the Anti Christ for years.

        But my idea of the perfect Anti Christ would be someone that has the appearance of a leader who depends on God to help their country and it’s people to achieve great accomplishments.

        In other words – a flim flam man that looked just like the majority White people ( remember, this was in 1980). Reagan had the gift of the silver tongue (Hollywood-trained actor) and Reagan made people feel good about America. Reagan pushed that idealogy that America was God’s favorite country and that gave us the right to do whatever we deemed necessary around the world.

        IMHO -Ronald Reagan first showed his black heart when Iran Contra Deal happened. But what happened when the scandal broke? None of Reagan’s supporters believed he committed an act of a traitor.

        How could such a fine upstanding White Christian American Male actually put war weapons into the hands of our enemy? So – they justified Reagan’s actions.

        Reagan’s crowning achievements:

        1) Trickle Down Economics – which favored the wealthiest and corporations.

        2) His handling of the AIDS epidemic. Reagan turned this into a religious issue and not a health issue, like it should have been. And in labeling it as a religious issue – that is when all the HATRED and mean spirited crap came out of these church people.

        3) Iran Contra Deal – there is no justification or reason for this damn mess.

        4) Blowing up the national debt through his gifts to the rich and military spending – and then Reagan never got what he really wanted – those anti-missile bubble things that was not even in existence – were they? But there would have been billions of tax dollars thrown at some military industrial complex beast somewhere.

        Oh, but one fight Reagan did lose was a big one – he tried to get ketchup classified as a vegetable for school lunches.

        And to think, Republicans have demonized Michelle Obama for years for he work to get school lunches with healthier food. How dare she. Who does that black woman think she is…

        Bottom line – Reagan teamed up with Jerry Falwell and his Immorality Boys to smear the good name of Jimmy Carter. Oh, they won the White House – but I think America lost another part of it’s soul on that day in 1980.

        Little by little – America has been paying the high price of putting Reagan into the White House – IMHO

        But when I talk to Republicans – the ONLY thing they care about is how Reagan increased the GDP. Never mind the fact that people were working longer hours for less pay.

        Never mind the fact that Reagan sold war weapons to the same Iran that these same Republicans hate today.

        All of that does not matter – because these folks totally believe the MYTH of Ronald Reagan.

        And all brought to us by the help of Reagan’s gift of the silver tongue and his co-horts like Jerry Falwell that put the Jesus stamp of approval on everything Reagan said or did.

        NOW – can you imagine a better Anti-Christ than Reagan?

        BTW – Nancy Reagan’s war on drugs – I have my conspiracty about that one too. I can picture her sitting in the Oval Office behind that big desk and being the King Pin.

        Ronald and Nancy Reagan were concerned about their appearance as a glamorous Hollywood couple and the lived that way – in spite of all the problems America was going through.

        Jimmy and Roslyn Carter were concerned about Americans – and JImmy was too damn honest for the job of president – IMHO.

        Can you imagine our country now if we had listened to Jimmy Carter when he told us to put on a sweater and conserve energy. Carter wanted America to invest in finding new energy sources.

        Carter had the solar panels put on the White House Roof – Reagan had those same panels removed when he and his little woman moved in.

        That first act Reagan did at the White House doomed our country to dependence on gas, oil and coal.

        I am not a fan of Reagan – not back in 1980 when I voted against him – and not now.

  6. I assume we’ve all seen the news about Trump’s most recent video where he put on full display his real ideas about how he values women .

    And yet there are still Evangelical Kristian leaders who continue to support Trump.

    The problem is not Trump. The problem is we have way too many people who like to put on their Jesus Hat and attempt to put the Jesus Stamp of Approval on a man who has no integrity, no honor, no class and no business running for the presidency.

  7. Bob – did the Hurricane Matthew do any damage to where you live?

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

    • Thanks for your concern, Indy, and we are fine. We had rain but not too much. Most of the problems were on the east coast and those of us on the west coast just “held our breath and prayed.”

  8. Donald Trump paced like a caged tiger tonight during the debate.

    What do you all think about that stunt he pulled an hour before the debate – with the press conference with those four women who were supposed to make Hillary go crazy?

    If Trump wants to parade women who have been abused by a man – I suspect Trump would need to bring in a lot more tables for the women he has bragged about..

    But as Hillary said tonight in the debate when Trump brought up his little panel of women – Hillary stated she chooses to follow Michelle Obama’s advice of – when they go low, I go high.

    Hillary had such command of her facts, her policies and she did not seem at all unnerved by Donald’s boorish behavior.

    BTW – how many times did Trump accuse both moderators of favoring Hillary?

    We still have a month go folks – can Trump make this campaign go any lower than it already has gone?

    Sad to say – Trump’s core supporters – Evangelical Kristians still continue to support him and cheer him on.


  9. I just did something that felt so good…

    While changing t.v. channels, I happened to hear Televangelist Pat Robdertson defend Donald Trump and then go after Bill and Hillary Clinton.


    First I went on the CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network -and sent an email.

    But I wasn’t satisfied with that – I wanted to tell them in person exactly what I thought. So I called their Prayer Request Line but I turned the tables on them and told them I would pray for Pat and fellow Christians who seem to think Jesus approves of a man bragging he gropes women’s genitals. I asked this woman – exactly where in the Bible does it say that is okay?

    The woman was shocked – totally shocked. I said I’m sure you’re not used to people calling in and not wanting to send money or to ask for your prayers – but this is one woman who is fed up with people like Pat twisting the Bible into some religion that is so far removed from the true teachings of Jesus Christ.

    I told her that there are a lot of good people in our country that are FED up Pat and the rest of his multimillionaire dollar preacher boys .

    And if they want to defend Trump – then they can deal with the consequences of the millions of people in America who are disgusted by their defense of the sleaze ball the GOP thinks they can ram down out throats.

    DAMN..I am mad – but I am fired up.

    Now- what to do next?

    Maybe we could start a movement against these Mega Corporate Churches like Pat has milked millions out of people for years?

    Anybody want to help??