Wednesday, 10/5/16, Public Square




by | October 5, 2016 · 12:15 pm

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  1. In today’s society in these United States, the truth seldom wins. Actually, it is most often not even considered. But propaganda? Yes, of course it is believed, even repeated! It has the support and sanction of media.

    • Our society has become addicted and obsessed with the low level entertainment of reality t.v. shows.

      Look at Donald Trump – first he was into the wrestling arena (all scripted and fake) and then he had his own reality t.v. show ‘The Apprentice’.

      This is the mindset we’re in today.

      We’ve had a major network who has been nothing more, and nothing less, than the media mouthpiece for the Republican Party – Fox News. Then factor in Hate Talk Radio (a lot of the same celebrities work both Fox and Radio). and this has been going on since Bill Clinton was in the White House.

      We don’t value education – we don’t value science and we don’t value families – especially our kids.

      Oh – we say that we value families and kids – but we don’t want to push for policies that actually help Americans – do we?

      These same Republicans are the ones who proudly vote to cut social programs while giving more tax dollars to corporations and the military.

      Excuse me – but when did families and kids ever benefit from the corporations and military being given more millions/billions in ever-shrinking tax dollars. And why ever shrinking? Just look at Donald Trump’s tax returns that showed he took $916million loss which could have helped him to legally not pay taxes for 18 years.

      I’m not saying what Trump did was illegal – and that’s the sad part in all this.

      It was legal and probably still is today. This is what Reagan’s Trickle Down Economics has brought us.

      The rich get richer and the poor get poorer – but the middle class working class get the bigger bill to pay.