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  1. Hi friends.

    It’s been a busy last week. We buried my Mother-In-Law this morning. I’ve had five house quests for the last three days. I’m tired. But I wanted you to know all is okay. I have a bit of catching up to do.

  2. GSTIR

    So tonight’s the big VP debate, where we get to see Trump’s poodle Pence. The difference being, in this instance, the dog is carrying the poop bag while walking behind his master .

    • No kidding, Gstir! Pence is as bad (maybe worse) than Trump. Pence could take women’s rights back to the time they burned witches!

      • Pence was so concerned about the sanctity of life but think about this –

        Mike Pence was in Congress from 2000 to 2012. The Republicans had TOTAL control from 2000 to 2006. In all that time, why didn’t Pence and his fellow Pro Life folks do something about abortion?

        But let’s take a look at what these Republicans did accomplish during their 6 year total control – shall we?

        GWB and Gang – with the help of Pro Lifers like Pence – started the Iraq War.

        I guess that sanctity of life only applies to the preborn here in America? Even then, when given total control from 2000 to 2006 – not a single damn Pro Life Republican ever tried to do anything.

        A lot of talk from Pro LIfers – but when it comes right down to it – do they really care about those babies’ lives or is it is just the Golden Goose political issue?

        Golden Goose is something that you know will pay off every time you push the right button to make that money just fall out…

        I’ve often said that Pro Life Republicans really don’t care about abortion – but it sure does bring in a lot of money…..and isn’t that really the only thing Republicans truly care about?

  3. Thunderchild

    Sorry for your loss fnord…
    Kaine’s failing was he was maybe OVER prepared and interrupted too much. I never really understood the choice of Pence. Indiana was allways gonna be a lock for Trump. Also Pence is WAY right. As in gay people need to be re-educated right. I guess Pence was the pander to the never Trumpers….maybe?
    I call this debate a draw between the two. Kaine was more knowledgable than Pence but kind of overplayed it. Meanwhile Pence was given by my count 6 instances in which to defend Trump and he did not accept any of them. He also made several denials of statements that Trump is on record as making. These things will out.
    Vice Presidential debates are not particularly important. I know of none that ever moved the momentum much if at all.
    Given that, advantage Clinton/Kaine. Yeah Pence didn’t get spanked like Trump was. But as I knew going into this debate, any ground Pence might clean up behind the Donald, Trump will likely wipe out by this time tomorrow. Most likely he is doing that on Twitter right now….
    Pence’s job tonight to 1 stop the bleeding 2 advance his own political future. He chose 2 over 1 and really advanced neither.

    • Kaine was acting like a lawyer – and wanting to get to the truth.

      But what I find so ironic is that Trumpettes are denouncing Kaine for interrupting Pence – but yet when Trump does the exact same thing (and not to get at the truth) – his supporters go wild and cheer even more.

      Just another example of – Rule are for those ‘other people over there’ and not Republicans.

      Personally, I found Pence to be very cold-hearted and he had a look of mean about him.

      Did you notice he even tried to use that infamous line from Reagan when he said ‘there he goes again’ – when he referred to Kaine. Pence’s face was one of shock when NOBODY in that audience reacted to his failed attempt to bring reincarnate Reagan.

      Truthfully – I was bothered by Kaine interrupting but when Kaine did ask the moderator if this was an open discussion – and the moderator did say ‘yes’.

      SO – in that forum – nobody has a set time allowed for what they want to say – is there? Now I did notice the moderator went to that type of forum a few times when she clearly stated that Pence or Kaine had 2 minutes or 30 seconds (whatever it was at that time).

      So – perhaps Kaine was going by what he was told the forum was – and Pence is not really up to the give and take of an open discussion?

      Pence appears to be more the type of a wannabe Preacher or Televangelist- these are the folks that give their sermons and NOBODY dares to question them – EVER.

      Personally – if I had to listen to Pence for more than 5 minutes, I couldn’t do it. I found the man totally void of a likable personality. He snickered, he sneered and he had an attitude of aloofness – IMHO

      • https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=reagan+debate+there+you+go+again&view=detail&mid=63B1F7C10E283A14363363B1F7C10E283A143633&FORM=VIRE


        Here’s a flashback from 1980.

        The infamous Reagan comeback of – There you go again.

        Pay close attention to what the issue President Jimmy Carter was talking about – health care.

        Imagine that…..Republicans voting against access to health care..

        BTW – did you all catch Regan’s chuckling, smirking and shaking his head while President Carter was talking……looked just like Pence – huh?

      • It’s the smugness and smirking from these Loud-N-Proud Christians that I cannot stand. Imagine Jesus standing there with that same smirk.

        The real Jesus was too busy healing people for free and raising Lazarus from the dead. This proves Jesus was not a capitalist – otherwise Jesus would have gotten that patent on his healing powers and made a FORTUNE.

        Yesterday I saw a comment on a blog from a Trump supporter that actually tried to use Jesus raising Lazarus as proof that Jesus wanted everybody to be wealthy.

        The logic went like this – since Jesus raised the wealthy Lazarus from the dead, then that proves Jesus wanted wealthy people to live and prosper.

        Wow – that took a lot of genius-level thinking….or just a lot of flinging the elephant B.S.

    • Thanks, Thunderchild.

      I agree with everything you said about the debate. Pence looked good to republicans during the debate and was extremely calm while delivering lie after lie and avoiding answering questions. Pence won last night and the long-term win goes to Kaine. I look forward to the many fact-checking pieces and ads that will show Trump saying shit, proceeded or followed by Pence lying that he never said that.

      I’m also wondering how an egotist like Trump will take to his choice of running mate being unwilling to defend him. And, will Trump take graciously that republicans think he lost and Pence won? Trump doesn’t like sharing the spotlight.

      • That’s what I looking for this morning – the news of Trump’s latest 3 am Twitter rant.

        But give it time…..the last time, Trump waiting until Friday morning after the debate on Monday night to take up his Twitter rant against that Miss Universe – remember?

        Trump does not like to be upstaged…

  4. If Pence cannot stand up to the questions from Kaine – then how the hell does he think he and Trump will be strong enough to stand up to the foreign leaders that would love to stomp on both of them in a New York minute?

    Oh yeah, that’s right, Pence and Trump plan to build up our military.

    Hey genius boy – since you said you were smart to not pay any taxes and that fellow Americans should do the same – where is all this money going to come from to build up our military?

    The most interesting line from the debate was when Kaine said that we don’t know if Trump would be negotiating for what is good for America or what is good for Trump’s business deals. Kaine also said that line about how many millions Trump owes to China.

    Hmmm…..all these questions could be answered if Trump would simply release his tax returns – wouldn’t it?

    I read somewhere that Trump made the choice to use steel from China for his many construction projects – and not the steel made in the USA.

    Hmmm…is that where that money owed to China comes in……just asking.

    • I suspect a President Mike Pence is a scarier thought than a President Trump.

      At least with Trump, you know what you’re getting – that Bigly Braggadocius over-the-top caricature.

      But with Pence – he wears that Jesus Hat with a smug-looking smirk that reminds me of a snake in the grass.

      I am very leery of any person who always has to tell me how Christian they are.

      That is one thing Tim Kaine – I did not know he was a Jesuit missionary for a year. Even during the debate – Kaine talked about his missionary work but he did not have that same expectation that we should all step back, drop to our knees and worship him,.

      Kaine lives his faith in his work.

      I suspect Pence uses his faith to get work. These modern day Mega Corporate Christian Churches are nothing more than tax-free country clubs where all the ‘right’ people meet to network to increase their bank accounts.

  5. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/video/10-things-donald-trump-insulted-at-his-town-hall/vi-BBx7mvF?ocid=spartandhp


    Watch this short video. It has finally hit me as to what Donald Trump really is – he is a bad lounge act. Lousy jokes but if he gets one laugh from somebody in the crowd, he will go back to that joke time and time again. ie Hillary ‘resting’ and not prepping for debate.

    Is this really the level of the Republican presidential candidate in the year 2016?

    And that crowd reminded me of the old Rush Limbaugh t.v. show when Bill Clinton was president. Does anyone else remember that show?

    These were the people that laughed and cheered when Rush Limbaugh called a teenage Chelsea Clinton the White House Dog. I wonder how many of those good people also proudly claim they are Christians?

    The 2016 election is not about Hillary vs Trump – IMHO. It’s about the battle for the soul of the Republican Party.

    I am old enough to remember there were some good people in the Republican Party. Eisenhower was a good president – but Eisenhower also supported the rights of workers to join a union. Eisenhower also warned us about the Military Industrial Complex – and he was a well-respected and high ranking General.

    Maybe that’s why Eisenhower’s daughter came out to support Obama – remember? She knew the Republican Party was going downhill – and fast.

    Personally, I think Republicans started their downward spiral into this cesspool of hate, revenge, seeing everything in Us vs Them and that guy ‘over there’ that isn’t ‘one of us’ when Ronald Reagan teamed up with Jerry Falwell and his Immorality Boys to smear the good name Jmmy Carter – the true Christian in the White House.

    Religion and Politics should NEVER mix.

    • ttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/08/11/eisenhowers-granddaughter_n_118133.html


      Correction – it was Eisenhower’s granddaughter – not daughter.