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  1. How about Americans don’t want a Bigly Braggadocious P.O.S.?

  2. Have you seen the latest GOP talking point that is trying to demonize HIllary for enabling Bill Clinton’s womanizing?

    I am not a marketing and public relations expert – but is this message these Republicans really want to send to American Women Voters?

    • This is the result of “market research”, plain and simple. Factually, the folks repulsed by this weren’t going to vote for Trump regardless, and there is the potential for gaining more votes.

      • There maybe some women Evangelical Kristians that were not on board with Trump yet – but the younger generation of women are not so easily persuaded to be told that a woman is blame for her man cheating – are they?

        Let’s not forget – we’ve had some very high profile cases of rape where the defense was the woman was at fault.

        Even in those cases – we’ve seen Republican Kristians run to defend the guys – and that did not go down well with a lot of college age women.

        Let’s see what happened to Rush Limbaugh when he went on his three-day tirade against the lone woman who testified before Congress about birth control coverage – what was her name again?

        Limbaugh lost a lot of corporate sponsors…..maybe this is what will really pan out from Trump’s latest attempt to get more women voters?

      • indy, hope you’re right, think you’re wrong. I can’t explain it, but feel it’s there.

        Plato, in his work we refer to as Plato’s Republic, points out the inevitable decay of a democracy into an authoritarian state. He does so in the form of a dialogue led by Socrates comparing the various forms of government available, which supports Plato’s argument that a republic, led by an elite, educated, class of individuals with altruistic intent, is the superior form. I have held the belief, since reading this, that the attempts in the United States to democratize our form of government under the Constitution has been a self-defeating action. To me, Donald Trump is a natural result of this.

        The worst amendment, in my opinion, was the 17th, providing for the direct election of the Senate. My rant on this is too long for now, but it is no coincidence (again, in my opinion) that all major campaign finance cases decided by SCOTUS, beginning with Buckley v Vallejo, and continuing through Citizens United, have involved U.S. Senate campaigns, which the political Right correctly concluded is where the money would do the most good as that’s where the power is.

        Such is my dystopian view. Even if Trump is soundly defeated, the key will be Senate, House, and state races. If those who follow the policies advanced by Trump win, the election of a Trump-like candidate as President becomes inevitable sooner rather than later.

      • 6176 – I see your point and I don’t disagree.

        Maybe I am putting to much hope into the majority of indpendent thinking American women – and secure/self assured men who love them – will finally wake up and soundly reject Trump.

        But the Women vote is competing against that White Working Class vote. These are the folks in those Rust-Belt states that have lost their manufacturing jobs and they are still bitter about even after 20 years.

        So I guess we’ll find out on Election Day which group got out their core supporters.

  3. Who else held similar beliefs?

    Hitler and his henchmen victimized an entire continent and exterminated millions in his quest for a co-called “Master Race.”

    • When Trump rants about his Law and Order – the thought went through my head – Hitler also loved his Law and Order – didn’t he?

      Don’t get me wrong – we need rules and we need police officers to keep the law and order – but we do NOT need police officers who want to shoot first and then ask questions later.

      There is the recent case down in Louisiana where the victim was a white kid – who was autistic – and he was shot as the passenger in the SUV his father was driving.

      Why were there bullets fired in the first place??

    • Good analogy: And one more point, both were deeply supported by that nation’s Christians. I think this is why; “The beginning of true wisdom is asking the questions (religious) for which there are no answers.” (Harrell Beck) Those Christians cited believe “they have the answers.” They don’t.

      • As I’ve shared previously many times – I graduated from a Fundamental Baptist College in Chattanooga, TN in 1975.

        I returned to my childhood home in Illinois and met a young Southern Baptist preacher and we fell in love, got engaged and then married.

        My Fundamental Baptist preacher went totally NUTS because I was leaving his church – and I suspect he caused all the feuding between my parents, my siblings and the rest of the church members because he did not want to lose my parents’ weekly donations to the church (which they were very big givers).

        My preacher caused all kinds of Hell.

        Then my husband’s Baptist Church was a Southern Baptist and his church people got their tight-white panties in a bunch and kept the damn feud going for months.

        My husband preached for 8 months in his church until we both got our full of all the mean spirited, hate filled B.S. that was flowing up around our necks.

        We got the hell out of church and have not looked back since.

        But you know what – every single person in both of those churches really believed they were ‘right’ and the others were ‘wrong’.

        NO – they were both wrong – IMHO.

        But nobody dares to question what was truly going on – they just picked a side and started to fight.

        Sad to say – this is not just these two particular churches. This same scenario has played out in many, many churches.

        People start to ask questions and then they are ostracized as Jesus Haters.

        I don’t hate Jesus – I just don’t like some of the people that claim to be followers of Jesus.

      • I must add one thing – there was one woman in my husband’s church that was truly happy for our getting married.

        This woman was the daughter of one of the main old Gossipy Church Hens that kept the feud going.

        But this woman was known as the town’s prostitute – because when she was younger, her husband would take her up to the town park and openly pimp her out – to the same men in this same town. And their wives knew what was going on – but I guess they turned their head so they did not have to acknowledge it???

        I was told stories when I was growing about this woman and to stay away from her – but I found her to be nice, gentle and sweet.

        A few days after we were married and the news broke to everyone (we had a small wedding in a different town where my husband’s parents lived) – this woman knocked on our door.

        When I opened the door – the biggest smile came across this woman’s face and her eyes were filled with tears of joy. She was genuinely happy for us and she just wanted us to know – before all the Hell broke loose on the next Sunday church service.

        My husband and I both thanked her and asked her to come in – but she refused. She said she did not want to get any gossip started with her presence at our home.

        When she left – my first thought was the Bible Story about how Jesus protected the prostitute from those ‘good people’ who were picking up stones to throw at her. And what did Jesus say – ye without sin, cast the first stone.

        WOW – what a powerful message. I wonder – how many of these Korporate Kompassionate Kristians would be able to show love like Jesus did?

        Or are they too busy throwing stones at those women they choose to hate – you know, like throwing stones at Hillary Clinton and calling her all kinds of names.

  4. Thunderchild

    Sandra Fluke is the young woman Limbaugh melted down over.

  5. Thunderchild

    You’re welcome.
    The Trump campaign is melting down.
    All bets are off. By the next debate there may not be much of a Trump campaign left.
    Trumps campaign announced Saturday night that Trump would announce a nine sentence definition of Clinton’s disrespect for Sander’s voters. A minor offensive, badly defined and with little chance of success.
    Shortly after, Trump turned than nine sentence statement into a 25 minute rant….
    Most notable during his departure from the prepared statement was his attack on Bernie Sanders and the very Sanders supporters the statement was meant to court….
    We are living history folks. And the only thing sad about it is that the FIRST female candidate for President is going to win but defeat an incompetent and deranged man.
    And the show is just getting started.
    Prediction: Mass firings or quitting’s in the Trump camp.

    • From your lips to God’s ear – I hope and pray Trump will finally implode so badly there is no chance of resurrection.

      But don’t count on his supporters to go away quietly…especially those Evangelical Kristians like Jerry Falwell’s kid, Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham and other Mega Preachers and Televangelists.

      These people are the ones who actually scream about being so persecuted – but yet they are building huge tax-free businesses and yet our country is filled with Americans needing help.

      Where in the Bible did Jesus ever turn his back on a person that needed help – just so he could build a huge profit-making business?

      Also – which Ten Commandments does it tell us to devote so much time to making money and then to erect a Golden Idol statue where we worship and preach to others to throw even more money towards the Golden Idol of Money?

      This is wrong…..

      I saw a documentary on PBS Frontline about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

      It went into Trump’s background as a child and how his ideas were formed. I recommend watching this documentary if you have the chance.

      I’ll try to find the link to this and post it….



    Maybe Trump can become an Evangelical Kristian preacher boy or televangelist – since he apparently already knows how to manipulate the system.

  7. Thunderchild

    Right now 16? was it? Republican candidates for President are wondering how they ever lost to Chump Trump.
    The stories come faster and faster now, at such a pace that one barely has time to be heard before the next breaks. Trump demeans women, rented office space to an Iranian bank affiliated with terrorism, has unnaturally sick attraction to his own daughter, thinks veterans afflicted with PTSD are weak, buys the steel for his own buildings from China…

    and all of those are just from TODAY. And I may have missed some.
    Watching the trend lines, Trumps ONLY good news is Ohio, and by the trend lines he will lose that state by the end of the week.
    It will get worse. Barring some unexpected surprise.
    Yo Mike Pence? No pressure! Its only the biggest audience you will ever have. And all you have to do is ……useless because Trump will wipe out any progress you make.