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  1. Thunderchild

    In the FIRST Presidential debate in history between a woman and a man, the woman WON and won handily!

    • Yes, she won! I do hope he carries out his threat to bring Bill’s infidelity to the next debate. And I feel confident Hillary will use words much like this blogger (in link) suggests to score another smackdown.

      Unsolicited Advice for Hillary Clinton

      • What does it say about these Evangelical Kristians who support Trump when Hillary and Bill Clinton are still married.

        And their candidate Trump divorced two wives and married a much-younger woman who is famous for her nude modeling.

        I thought these Bible Thumpers were all about the sanctity of traditional marriage and how our country needs the stability of marriage to survive?

        By all accounts – Bill and Hillary are happy in their marriage and they raised a wonderful daughter Chelsea. Chelsea is married (to the same man) and they have two beautiful children (both born after they were married).

        So – exactly why are these Evangelical Kristians not supporting the candidate that has lived what they preach – to keep her marriage intact.

        I grew up in the time when preachers and priests told women that they could never get a divorce – even if their husband beat them every day.

        I knew several women who were told that it was their fault and they needed to get back to their husband and ‘make it work’

        So – how did we go from that church thinking to Trump being the darling of the Evangelical Kristians?

        Perhaps this is why Republicans had to make up that Alternate Right Universe???

      • BTW – isn’t it ironic that these same Evangelical Kristians will defend Bristol Palin – the daughter of Sarah Palin and the spokesperson for abstinence.

        Now this young woman has had two babies, by two different men, while she was unmarried both times.

        She is now married to the second man – but is reportedly in a custody battle with the first man.

        So – if this woman’s history would be told to these Evangelical Kristians without her name given – would these Kristians be so supportive and defend her?

        What if this same history was about a black woman – I suspect these Kristians would NEVER defend that – would they?

        This is what is wrong with Right Wingers – IMHO. They cherry pick their idols to worship – like they cherry pick their Bible verses.

  2. Thunderchild

    For our audience here, let me report the reaction from the right, something of my speciality.
    (I should look up the stages of grief and see if it follows what I see)
    Out of the box, the right is a mix of “Of COURSE Trump is seen to have lost by the media elite, he is not a professional politician. The media is out of touch with America!” mixed with “Trump won! Look at ALL the polls that say he won!”
    Denial anyone?

    The polls will tell. I do not put it out of the realm of possibility that TRUMP will get a bump. America loves an underdog and that is how Trump entered this debate.
    And he got SPANKED. You know, you can lose, or you can get beaten. Trump seems to have managed to do…..both?
    If I were a Trump supporter, and I know of two, my reaction would be as theirs. Anger. Anger that their candidate did no prep and BRAGGED about doing no prep and got himself humiliated. And while I see this personally and on a wider scale, the richest man to ever run for President collected 18 million dollars from donors today to double down on his double down of stupid. How stupid IS America? That is what this election is going to tell us I guess.
    Personally, I am cautiously optimistic. If Trump continues to think he can do no wrong, he wont do anything right. But then this IS the country where he managed to be a credible candidate for office…..

    • Let’s not forget – Trump doubled down on his insulting Miss Universe. Trump went on a tirade first thing yesterday morning and has not stopped.

      How many women do you know that appreciates a man calling a woman fat? Miss Piggy?

      If there is any hope for this election to be a landslide in HIllary’s favor – it is when WOMEN band together just for the mere fact that Trump has doubled down on a thinking a wealthy white man can continue to call a woman FAT – and still have his voters lined up to cheer him on.

      Let’s not also forget – Trump called this same Miss Universe – Miss Housekeeping.

      That is another slam against Latino immigrants (illegal and legal).

      WOW – Trump just does not know when to keep his Big White Male mouth shut – does he?

      But remember John McCain and Sarah Palin in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012 when they got caught saying just as stupid stuff – they got hammered.

      Hopefully, there is a very big hammer in Trump’s future.



    When I read this article – it reminded me of Trump’s visit to the Mexican President – remember that?

    While there in Mexico , face to face with their president, Trump was all meek and mild. Some might even say gracious. And Trump even said – on video – that they never discussed who was going to pay for the wall. Trump thanked his host for their meeting and then left Mexico.

    But the minute Trump was back within the safety of the US borders and he was at his rally of his supporters – aka friendly crowd – Trump goes into his version of what really happened at the meeting with the President of Mexico.

    This is when Trump’s version of that meeting was entirely different than what the President of Mexico publicly stated in response to Trump’s rally news coverage.

    Trump loves to talk about himself and the man does love to brag – doesn’t he?

    So – to his ‘friendly crowd’ – Trump portrayed himself as this big tough macho-type dude that really told that Mexican what was going down and if he didn’t like – tough.

    Yeah, sure Donald, Big Eye roll.

    I think this is what we are witnessing now. Hillary thoroughly took Donald to the woodshed in that debate and he got his ass spanked on national television. And what made Trump the most furious – Hillary used her intelligence to beat him. Hillary never raised her voice once – nor she did wave her arms around like some raving lunatic.

    But now we hear that Trump held back in that debate? Oh really??

    He was the one that kept interrupting Hillary. He was the one that waved his arms around like a raving lunatic. He was the one that kept raising his voice and getting redder in the face by the minute.

    He was also the one that made faces and rolled his eyes like some spoiled brat snot-nosed kid that every parent has had to deal with.

    But yet – to his ‘friendly crowd’ – Trump can actually state that he was the winner in that debate and that he was being nice to Hillary.

    There must be a Far Right Alternate Universe somewhere for these Trump supporters to find solace.

    Or maybe they are just as nuts as their boy seems to be…

  4. Grins and giggles đŸ™‚



    Watch this video clip of Trump’s first wife – Ivanna – and her views of ‘housekeepers’.

    This gives us an insight into the Great Donald’s mind as to how he really looks at the world.

    BTW – pay close attention to the part where Ivanna is ranting about how she and Donald have to pay taxes for these illegals immigrants.

    Hmm….didn’t the entire country just hear The Great Donald brag that he is ‘smart’ because he did not pay any federal taxes??

    Just asking…



    What do we all think about this?

    6176 – since you’re the legal eagle in our group – what are the legal ramifications of this. Does President Obama have a valid reason for his stance opposing this?

    • Yes. It is not legal, as such, but is wrapped in the cloak of international diplomacy.

      Regarding legal ramifications, it give the United States courts jurisdiction over such suits. If a judgment against the government of Saudi Arabia is entered, this would allow the plaintiffs to enforce the judgment against any funds owed the said government from the U.S. for a variety of purchases. As you can see, this could create a very sticky situation between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

      For me, the President is justified. The override is, I believe, a product of election year politics much more than a desire to see “justice” done.

      • Thanks – I was hoping you would jump in here and explain it to us.

        I do have a question though.

        Isn’t the Vatican considered it’s own country and we have diplomatic ties with them?’

        So – if this law allows Americans to sue foreign governments, would this law also allow the victims of the child molesting priests to sue the Catholic Church leaders who knowingly made the choice to cover up the crimes of their child molesting priests?

      • As I understand the law, no.

      • BTW – I agree this is election year politics – pure and simple.

        IIRC – Republicans did not seem to care too much about the 9/11 victims when GWB and Gang were getting America ready to go to war with Iraq.

        How many Right Winger Talk Show hosts were ranting about how selfish these 9/11 victim families were – remember?



    Is this really where we are in this country to have the GOP nominee for president to be a typical smart-mouthed spoiled brat kid in a 70-yr-old body – who is overweight himself?

    Plus – I just read an article where Trump and his campaign staff are seriously planning to go after Hillary and blame her for Bill’s marital infidelity.

    Oh yeah, let’s blame the woman for the man’s adultery – that is a message that will really make millions of American women run to vote for your fat ass.

    WTF…….the Clintons have chosen to stay in their marriage and apparently worked through those difficult times.

    So – wouldn’t you think these Bible Thumpers (Trump’s core supporters) would be happy and elated to know the Clintons are truly doing what these Thumpers have preached about – how marriage is so sacred and divorce is evil?

    We are truly looking at the Republicans Alternate-Right Universe – where black is now white and white is now black. And up is now down and down is now up.

    But that tax-free money is still as green as ever and is coming in by the boatloads for these preacher boys and televangelists.



    Listen to President Obama explain why he does not use the words Islamic Terrorists.

    I understand this – why can’t these Republicans? I suspect it is because Trump and his Trumpettes know they can use this as a way to continue to paint Obama as a Secret Muslim.

    Calling ISIS the Islamic Terrorists would be the same as calling the Klu Klux Klan Christian Terrorists.

    Both ISIS and KKK believe they have the God-given mission to kill people in their name of their God.

    But can you imagine the outrage of these same Republicans if we dared to call Christians Terrorists??

  9. Thunderchild

    Bill Clintons sex addiction. ONLY Trump would go there “without going there” which is exactly what he did and exactly what he threatens to do going forward.
    BRING it Donald. Let LOOSE your inner 9 year old bully who never grew up or out of it. You got crushed in the first debate and the only reason you went there but didnt go there is because your advisers have told you that Hillary is more than ready to fight you on that ground. Ya got blindsided by an instance from your past. YOUR PAST, not Hillary Clinton’s past.
    His meeting with the Mexican President, black pastor in Flint shutting him down, his cries that Hillary’s attack ads are unfair, the moderators are unfair, my microphone was rigged….etc etc etc. Donald Trump is WEAK. He is deeply insecure. Confront him strongly and he falls like a house of cards.
    Oh but NOW he has Ted Cruz as a debate coach! So much for ANY dignity the Senator from Texas had left…It wont make any difference. Cruz is a brilliant debater. But Trump denied him the chances Hillary has at him when Trump ducked out of the primary debates early. Cruz has sold his dignity. Trump will not listen to him anymore than he does anyone else. Cruz, Christie, Carson, Rubio, Gingrich, Guilliani, all powerful icons and rising stars on the right that will fall with Trump.

    Word is the handlers are frustrated with Trump and he and his family are frustrated with him and them.

    • Could not happen to a more deserving bunch – IMHO

      Trump is nothing more than a bigly braggadocious carnival barker doing what he does best – yelling at the sheeple to come in and lose their hard-earned money on that shiny object….