Monday,9/26/16, Public Square



by | September 26, 2016 · 11:10 am

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  1. And no matter what, don’t allow a cough to escape your throat.

    • It appeared Trump was the one with the dry throat. How many times did that man take a drink?

      Was it Paul Ryan in the Vice Presidential debate in 2012 that drank that much also – or was it Marco Rubio they made fun of for doing that?

      All those Republican Males look alike to me – after awhile.

  2. Unfortunately, the way today’s presidential debates are conducted doesn’t lend itself well to serious discussion of issues of national importance. It was made for a carnival barker like Trump — and the only thing he’s really been successful at is as a TV personality.

  3. I am so PROUD of Hillary Clinton.

    She came prepared with facts and then Hillary displayed her most intelligent strategy – simply stand back and allow your opponent to destroy himself.

    The Republicans are livid on the other blogs. Their comments remind me of when Sarah Palin was the Vice President candidate and would spew her nonsensical ‘facts’ – just to see the many GOP lemmings running to defend her on every blog.

    I’ve often wondered if Trump is just the male version of Sarah Palin – now we know.

    BTW – has anybody heard from Sarah Palin lately???



    Hillary must have hit the right buttons – because Rudy Giuliani doesn’t want Trump to do another debate.

    Of course, as expected from Trump and his Trumpettes, we are now being told the moderator is a biased liberal and an incorrect fact checker.

    And – Trump himself is now saying that his mic was defective and he is insinuating it was done intentionally.

    Blaming others for your own actions – isn’t there something in that Bible these Kristian Konservatives love to thump over their perceived enemy’s head about that…



    Why is The Donald so obsessed with these tirades and rants on Twitter.

    But now Trump is going after this former Miss Universe woman. I had forgotten that part of the debate until I saw this article.

    It was towards the end of the debate when Hillary talked about how The Donald talks about women. I thought Hillary did an excellent job of nailing Trump’s orange hair to the wall – when she said – this woman has a name…

    So – now the next day, Trump is going on a tirade about this Latino woman who has recently become a US citizen.

    All I can say is….did Hillary take a page from Obama’s playbook and this is an example of what Obama did to Mitt Romney in the 2012 debate when Romney couldn’t wait to spew his B.S. because he thought he had OBama nailed to the wall. Remember what Obama said to Romeny – with an arm gesture ……Please, proceed…

    S-L-A-M ……