Friday, 9/23/16, Public Square



by | September 23, 2016 · 12:22 pm

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  1. Excellent post, today. And? There it is: “Our” problem as a society. Grace and peace not applied uniformly by all of us. We cannot “turn-the-other-cheek.” Living together is not a game of win-and-lose. But that is the way we live it; win-and-lose.

  2. There has always been good and evil in our world. But I think in America, this great division that is getting deeper and deeper with each election – IMHO – was started when Ronald Reagan teamed up with Jerry Falwell and his Immorality Boys to smear the good name of Jimmy Carter.

    There is a reason why Religion and Politics should never mix.

  3. Justin Trudeau, in his first speech at the United Nations, went after Trumps’ fearmongering.