Tuesday, 9/20/16, Public Square



by | September 19, 2016 · 10:11 pm

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  1. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/skittles-issues-terse-response-to-trump-jr-refugee-tweet/ar-BBwntrV?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp


    I wonder which one of those Skittles are the White Evangelical Kristian males who killed doctors for performing a legal procedure at an abortion clinic – that has been targets of vandalism and bombing?

    If Trump wants to profile and screen certain folks – then let’s start with the KKK tribe within his own core supporters – shall we?

    Oh – but we can’t talk about that because that would be too politically correct?

  2. http://www.msn.com/en-us/video/peopleandplaces/big-bro-helps-little-bro-cross-the-finish-line-of-triathlon/vi-BBwmBbU?ocid=spartandhp


    I heard about this yesterday on NPR while I was on the road to pick up grandkids after school.

    What an touching act of love and compassion – to completely forget about your own goals and accomplishment to help your brother.

    But I absolutely LOVED the brother’s response – the flippin idiot part of that response sounds so much like a brother to a brother thing – doesn’t it?

    In the current political and divided atmosphere we live in today – do you think Americans would make the choice to help their brother/sister – or anyone – across the finish line and put your own desire aside?

    Sad to say – I don’t think so…

  3. Boy, did you see that kick coming? “OUCH”

    • That was my instruction to my kids when they were growing up (not just my daughter, but to my son also).

      I told both my kids that if any man tries to mess with you – scream at the top of your lungs, kick them where they live and then run like hell.

      My grandkids have all been instructed with the same lesson plan.

      But this cartoon made me laugh because it reminded me of what Rick Santorum’s Sugar Daddy said – about birth control in the old day was for women to keep an aspirin between their legs.

      The old coot thought he was being funny – but I did not find him funny. Not even clever.

  4. I heard a political pundit on The CBS News show this morning say that Trump will exceed expectations if he appears ‘presidential’ standing next to Hillary on that debate stage.

    On the other hand – Hillary has to wound Trump or make herself appear better than Trump to exceed expectations.


    Presidential campaigns are often referred to as a horse race.

    I view Hillary as the work horse with decades of vast experience of leadership in America and around the world as Secretary of State. Hillary accomplished some real goals of helping families and women across the country and world.

    I view Trump as the show horse – puts a lot of emphasis on ‘the show’ of being successful but has very little knowledge of history – and it appears has helped himself the most over the years.

    So – this horse race should be an easy choice – correct?

    Whoa…….wait a minute…..think back to high school. Which kids were the most popular and which ones usually won the homecoming and prom crowns?

    Seriously – do you think Bill Gates was the computer geek that every girl wanted to go to prom with? I suspect not.

    So – even when we know show horses do nothing more than sparkle and shine – don’t under estimate the number of people who are fooled by all that glitter.

    BTW – I’ve said this before. Trump is not the problem – it’s his supporters that are the real problem. These are the folks who are shown evidence their boy Trump has lied repeatedly – but they still don’t care. It’s been reported about Trump’s handling of his charity with questionable things – again, nobody on his side cares about that. Trump is surrounded by Russians and publicly states he admires The Communist Leader Putin. Again – nobody on his side cares. Trump bragged that he could shoot somebody in Manhattan and still get votes. Again – nobody on his side cares. With blind loyalty like that – don’t count this show horse out of the race.

    • P.S. – let’s not forget – in the past 8 years of all this Obama Hatred displayed by Republicans – I believe this is why our society is now in the mindset of middle schoolers.

      Just look at the average American – do they know their history?

      It’s scary folks…