Saturday, 9/17/16, Public Square



by | September 16, 2016 · 12:55 pm

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  1. OKAY! Let’s organize to overcome all of the immoral conservative republicans and commence to live a life of ‘loving our neighbors.’

  2. I really should come here first, IN general I get some of my best weapons from here for Facebook.



    Can you believe this – Trump calling a man like Robert Gates a dopey clown?

    fnord – you said you were worried – this makes me worried.

    How can so many people be so taken in by this P.T. Barnum carnival barker? I’ve said this before – Trump is not the problem. It’s the Trump supporters that are the problem.

  4. Robert Reich —

    I finally found a Trump supporter — this morning when I went to buy coffee. (I noticed a Trump bumper sticker on his car.)

    “Hi,” I said. “Noticed your Trump bumper sticker.”

    “Yup,” he said, a bit defensively.

    “I hope you don’t mind my asking, but I’m curious. Why are you supporting him?”

    “I know he’s a little bit much,” said the Trump supporter. “But he’s a successful businessman. And we need a successful businessman as president.”

    “How do you know he’s a successful businessman?” I asked.

    “Because he’s made a fortune.”

    “Has he really?” I asked.

    “Of course. Forbes magazine says he’s worth four and a half billion.”

    “That doesn’t mean he’s been a success,” I said.

    “In my book it does,” said the Trump supporter.

    “You know, in 1976, when Trump was just starting his career, he said he was worth about $200 million,” I said. “Most of that was from his father.”

    “That just proves my point,” said the Trump supporter. “He turned that $200 million into four and a half billion. Brilliant man.”

    “But if he had just put that $200 million into an index fund and reinvested the dividends, he’d be worth twelve billion today,” I said.

    The Trump supporter went silent.

    “And he got about $850 million in tax subsidies, just in New York alone,” I said.

    More silence.

    “He’s not a businessman,” I said. “He’s a con man. “Hope you enjoy your coffee.”

    • If nothing else – we can take some comfort in knowing that a lot of Sam Brownback’s devotees were voted out in the GOP primary.

      Perhaps there are some smart Republicans still living in this day and age?

  5. So? Yes, this was the whole idea! It is what Republicans want —– “tax cuts for the wealthy at the same time wage earners (salaried) and small independent business pays more on their earned wages; and government spending is cut, too.” Textbooks call this “unfettered (no rules) capitalism.”