Thursday, 9/15/16, Public Square



by | September 15, 2016 · 11:50 am

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  1. indypendent


    Trump’s supporters will eat this up like it is Jesus-flavored cotton candy.

    Can’t you just hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth by Evangelical Kristians talking about how terrible this pastor is for daring to tell Trump not to bring politics into the church.

  2. Politics often enters the church, it is sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad The pastor can forget that it is the soul and not the general public that God will judge. Salvation does not come from the general public turning to Jesus it is the individual’s acceptance of the Christ.

    • indypendent

      I was taught there was a good reason for separation of Church and State.

      IF the Church is not involved in the political side – then the Church had the moral credibility to be an observant to make sure politics was at least attempting to do good.

      But when these Churches become politicized – then they have chosen one side over the other – and how can they be a church for EVERYONE at that point?

      • Excellent point, I want to use that last sentence on my facebook if you do not mind.

      • indypendent

        R.D. – be my guest and use any sentence.

        This issue of Separation of Church and State has been frustrating me since Reagan worked with Jerry Falwell to smear the good name of President Jimmy Carter in 1980 election.

        Every time I watch a television ad for Habitat for Humanity – my first thought is always – Jimmy Carter went on to do actual good deeds and has touched so many lives for the better.

        Jimmy Carter lived his faith – not just preached down to others and then counedt all that beautiful tax-free money.

  3. Why isn’t the media covering Standing Rock pipeline protest?

    • indypendent

      My theory is – media is corporate-owned and since when do the Native American mean anything to Corporations?

      • Hubby tells me this picture is of Woodstock. My bad! Did the media cover Woodstock? đŸ™‚

      • indypendent

        The PBS News Hour just had coverage of the North Dakota Pipeline Protest.

        One thing that I did notice among all these protesters – majority Native Americans – was the fact there were no guns strapped across their fat beer guts while wearing a stretch t-shirt with the American Flag theme.

        And nobody was doing the cock strut walk like they were daring someone to knock that chip off their shoulder.

        Remember the Bundy Boys takeover of that federal government building?

        Oh – and I did not one hear any of the Native Americans ask for their Mommy to send them French Vanilla Creamer and fresh socks.

  4. Thunderchild

    Do NOT underestimate the mistake Trump made by making an uninvited trip to Flint.

    It may well be his worst mistake ever.
    FIND that video.. Even before that pastor mows him down like he is six years old, watch. He is present with a small and unfriendly black audience. See how small he looks, how subdued uncomfortable and honestly scared. The pastor initially defends him from hecklers. Trump turns the forum into an attack on Hillary.
    And the pastor shuts him DOWN.
    Now that moment clicked with me. I was reminded of the exact moment when I found the weak spot of so many right wingers on the WEBlog. That moment when I saw blood in the water…
    Trump is not just mostly bluster. He is ALL bluster. There is no there….there. He is a playground bully who never was made to grow up.

    tBeen there, done this. My worry here and for a long time is that for the first time in history, a woman may come across as a bully on a man.
    Trump goes in on the Sarah Palin curve. If he does not faint, wet his pants, vomit, or run from the stage, he will be seen as the winner. Hillary is taking an exam to be President. And if she scores less than 95 percent, she loses.

    Predictions: Trump is gonna come out swinging, hard, LOW and nasty. He cannot stick a fight. That is why he got out of the primary debates early. IF he even shows up, he is already planning an out. If he cannot destroy Hillary early, I predict he will walk out and claim the forum is unfair. Just as with his taxes, it is less a loss for him if he does not release them than if he does. Similarly, he cannot duck the debate. But if he walks out crying “UNFAIR” it is better for him than being destroyed for the empty suit he is.

    Damn how I wish I had a Trump supporter to destroy. it’s SO easy.

    • I agree – but you forgot one factor.

      Trump knows that if he only has to suggest the debates are unfair – his core supporters will eat that up like it’s Jesus-flavored cotton candy.

      What is the running theme from Trump’s bluster? The media is unfair. The system is rigged.

      Just like Trump treated this pastor from this Flint church – after Trump left, he went on Fox and Friends and told a different story than what I’ve seen in the video.

      Trump said the pastor was nervous as hell. I didn’t see her being nervous. I saw her being polite and tactful – but she did not back down from him – did she?

      And that is what Trump and his supporters cannot stand – that black woman pastor did not back down.

  5. I don’t have words to tell you how worried I am. The last time the economy crashed hubby was still working, and although I had already quit working to take care of grandchildren I was still capable of getting a job. If Trump crashes the economy no one is going to hire a fat 69 year old over the many able-bodied who would also be looking for jobs.

    We worked and saved so we could retire. Our savings is all pre-tax money we put in a 401k so even if we decided to put it all under the mattress a bunch of it would need to be spent on taxes. If Trump crashes the economy we could sell the house but honestly it wouldn’t bring enough to put another roof over our head and allow us to eat.

    Then I stop and realize how many more protections I have than many people. Many, maybe a majority, already can’t put a roof over their heads and eat and access health care and buy gasoline and …

    Finally, I simply have to stop thinking about it. It’s the only way I can remain sane.

    • My husband and I are in the same boat. My cancer journey ate through our savings and just trying to get back to where we were – it’s an uphill battle.

      The problem is not just Trump – it’s the people who are so hellbent on pushing this idea that they are going to control everything.

      That is not democracy – that is a dictatorship – or are these Trump supporters wanting a theocracy?

      My biggest fear is not Trump – but Mike Pence as president.

      Can you imagine if Pence gets in there and Republlicans control both Senate and House – and the SCOTUS.

      The Holy War is not far behind..

      Which is rather odd to think about – since Trump has said that he plans to work with the Communist Leader Putin to rid the world of ISIS – do you think Trump needs to ask Putin why he is supporting the Syrian dictator Assad when he is dropping those bombs on his own Syrian civilians?

      Just asking…