Sunday, 9/11/16, Public Square


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  1. Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station:

    You’re expecting some kind of obligatory 9-11 post, aren’t you?

    Here it is, but you’re not gonna like it.

    15 years ago today 19 shitheads attacked America.
    They killed 3000 of us.

    And then … America got its revenge for 9-11.

    Yes we did. Many times over. We killed them. We killed them all. We killed their families. We killed their wives and their kids and all their neighbors. We killed whole nations that weren’t even involved just to make goddamned sure. We bombed their cities into rubble. We burned down their countries.
    They killed 3000 of us, we killed 300,000 of them or more.

    8000 of us came home in body bags, but we got our revenge. Yes we did.
    We’re still here. They aren’t.

    We win. USA! USA! USA!


    You goddamned right. We. Win.


  2. Will we somehow learn to love and respect each other, live together and understand that Gods do not fight wars, our children do?

  3. Thunderchild

    I doubt it. I always have.

    For here we are on the anniversary of 9-11. And our enemies, and yes I do mean ENEMIES on the right, use the temporary illness of Hillary Clinton to put her at death’s door. And this desperation move because they have put forth the worst candidate in history. They won’t own up, most of them anyway, TO that mistake. Rather they will do anything, use anything en even .n,embrace ANYTHING and passionately fight for it to give the most dangerous man on the planet the most important job.

    PS: Hillary Clinton, then a new Senator for New York, fought passionately for Federal recovery funding following the attack. Donald Trump, who suffered NO damage from the attack at all, nevertheless secured several hundred thousand dollars.
    People died. And Donald Trump, as he has done in everything he has done in his LIFE used the occasion to line his pockets.

    • indypendent

      But when told these facts – a lot of folks just don’t care if Trump gets rich off the misery of others.

      This is the part of my argument that I usually go into the fact that I believe our so-called Churches have failed our country miserably.

      Rather than to provide comfort, reassurance and a time to reflect on our daily lives – too many churches today are MEGA Corporate Churches that depend on spewing gossip, lies and whole lot of bright lights with pulsating rock music – This formula seems to bring a lot more tax-free millions.

      Take an objective look at these Mega Corporate Churches and just ask yourselves – how much money does it take to keep this place operating?

  4. Thunderchild

    Yeah and Trump wants to repeal the Johnson amendment and thus free churches to engage in politics at no peril from the IRS. Though, as with many threats (promises) Trump makes, I’m not entirely sure, thankfully that he can do this by personal fiat. Evangelical Christians are the ONE voting bloc Trump overwhelmingly holds, because of this promise, most likely.
    Ironic, since I think in Donald Trump’s opinion he IS God.
    But admittedly, I have had difficulty with my take on Christianity since I was a child. I attended Sunday school, very briefly, until my folks were advised I was disruptive and asked too many controversial questions. But I got enough of the teaching to be always troubled with the mission of Christians vs their dogma. A building with heat and light that is used a few HOURS a week and on holidays? The rest of the time closed and no one there? And when they ARE open, they want money. Even as a very young kid it seemed to me that these places should always be open and willing to feed those who might be hungry or shelter those who might be cold or hot or otherwise without relief. But for the most part, my experience was this was not the case even as many of these same churches became palatial, and STILL mostly closed buildings.
    Of course, these days in Kansas, thanks to Chris Kobach, I am welcome in a church. The big building is open and I can come in and it aint even Sunday or Christmas.
    On election day
    To vote.
    Now this is HARDLY neutral ground let alone a public place, as was the case when most polling places were schools, which are open FAR more than most churches. I’ve never done the research. Maybe someone can tell me. Do churches get State funding for serving as polling places? They are not open any other time except when they are asking for money.

    • indypendent

      Good question – I don’t know the answer.

      I assume the reason so many churches were used for polling places was a throwback to those good ol’ days when churches were viewed as meeting places.

      Nowadays – most churches that I see are nothing more than profitable businesses.

    • indypendent

      T.C. – I was raised a Baptist and even graduated from a Fundamental Baptist College in Chattannooga, TN – the ‘Old South’.

      I married a Baptist preacher who was in his last year of seminary while holding down a small Baptist Church. His paycheck was barely enough to feed the poor church mouse – let alone himself.

      When we got married, I continued to work full time as a secretary. I was ambushed by the Ladies in this small church as to why I was still working outside of the home. I was told my place was to be by his side and come to visit all of them to have tea and ‘discuss’ church matters.

      I realize this was in the mid 1970’s – and women still did not have the multitude of rights women enjoy today – but DAMN – how the hell were we supposed to live on that lousy paycheck they gave him?

      I remember the day one of these self-righteous Church Ladies knocked on our front door. She had one breaded chicken patty in her hand. She actually said this to us – she had made chicken patties for supper and had one left over. Rather than to give it to the dog, she thought we might be able to use it.

      My response went like this – well, I hate to think of your dog going without food tonight – so take it back to him. And I closed the damn door.

      But you know – had this women NOT been one of those church ladies that had just ambushed me about working outside the home – I might have thought she was sincere in her giving of what she had.

      But – then again – I read the Bible where it says that a true giver is one that gives even though they don’t have enough for themselves.

      In other words – you give because someone else needs

      My husband and I were not in need – we had food to eat in the house. That self-righteous woman’s intention was not to give us food because we were hungry – her intent was to make us feel like we were a slightly higher level than her dog.

      My husband and I lasted in his church for about 7 months. Due to his church being a Southern Baptist Church and my Fundamental Baptist Church people being real dickheads – there was a nasty feud until we decided to leave the damn church – and we left preaching.

      My husband never finished seminary because he was so fed up with all of that B.S.

      This was in the mid 1970’s – and churches are much more political now.

      Is it any wonder our country is divided in two when we have allowed churches and politics to mix?