Tuesday,9/6/16, Public Square

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    • indypendent

      I wonder If Phyllis is done explaining to God why she felt that her son and herself were justified in rewriting their version of the Bible?

      Remember that project they embarked on quite a few years ago? I think if you Google Conservative Bible Project – you might find some interesting facts.

      Seriously – these Konservative Kristians preach that the Bible is the Word of God – but yet Phyllis and her boy had the cajones to believe they could change God’s own words?

      WOW – I wonder if Phyllis was wearing a fire-proof suit?

      • indypendent

        BTW – When I read the news about Phyllis Schafly’s death – I had the same feeling that I got when I heard that Fred Phelps died.

        Both people – IMHO – were cut from the same hate-filled cloth.

      • She always said she “would see a woman president over her dead body.” I guess she should have been careful what she wished for!

      • indypendent

        fnord – thanks for the laugh.

        Since you brought that issue up – perhaps Schafly’s death is similar to SCOTUS Scalia’s death?

        Remember a few years back when Televangelist Pat Robertson urged his followers to pray for God to take three SCOTUS judges and possibly by heart attack.

        Now – I’m fairly certain that good ol’ Pat meant Justices Ginsberg, Breyer and Kennedy.

        But wasn’t it rather ironic that God must have had a different view of who should be taken out of the picture – when Scalia died suddenly – and from a heart attack.

        I’m telling you – God must have a wicked sense of humor.

        Perhaps God wanted to spare Schafly the gnashing of teeth when HIllary is declared the winner and we can start calling her President-Elect Hillary Clinton officially?

      • indypendent

        fnord – when Schafly fought so damn hard against the Equal Rights Amendment – do you remember her spewing about how the woman is to be in the home and her husband should make the money. But if the woman had to work – then the woman should make sure she made LESS money than her husband – in order to keep the proper ‘order’ within our society?

        OH PLEASE….

        When my husband finally wised up and quit preaching, we both went to work. I worked for Gas Pipeline Company and my husband worked for a small nursing home as Assistant Administrator.

        Within the first 3 months of my job, I was given a very big raise. I still remember when my boss called me into his office and asked me if this raise was going to cause problems with my husband. My boss was concerned that I would be making more than my husband.

        My reply went like this – both our paychecks go into the same checking account to pay the bills we both make. So – my husband will be just fine. I thanked my boss for his concern and I also thanked him very much for that big raise. Because that was when I found out I was pregnant with our first child.

        This was in 1978 – that was the mindset back then.

        Oh – another unwritten rule among the girls was this – NEVER beat your boyfriend at any game of sports, board games or cards – unless you knew his ego could take it.

        NOT all men were like that – but there was enough of them that we girls had to be careful not to show what we could really do…

        I’m so glad those days are over…….and I hope to God we don’t ever go back to the good old days where Republicans like Schafly want to take us.

  1. I know you guys are probably tired of the Finnish school story, but I’ve been doing more reading and am thoroughly enjoying this journey! This piece even addresses organized sports. It definitely adds to the story of the Finnish school success, and points out needs for improvement too.

    An American Teacher’s Thoughts on the Finnish Education System

    • indypendent

      I’m not tired of it – I’ve enjoyed it very much.

      I like the part where the whole child is talked about. Not every child will perform well on standardized testing. That does not mean the child is stupid or cannot learn – it just means standardized testing is NOT the way to measure their success.

      And would we want all people to simply be programmed to spew out the correct answers – without giving it any thought?

      Wouldn’t that be more like a society full of robots?

      Or future Stepford Wives – in the case of girls…

    • Not tired at all! I love to read and hear about successful endeavors in education. My life as an educator and professional organizer was most rewarding when hearing of success with schooling endeavors we promoted and championed only to have them dismissed by both states and local school boards. It has been my reality; and my limited success.
      Our nation’s students and parents have been the losers.

    • I enjoyed this. One part of this piece amused me, namely the paragraph on technology. I respectfully dissent, and opine that with the whole person concept of the Finnish system, learning the technology will be of little moment. I strongly feel the real key is the educational requirements of the teachers, together with the atmosphere of trust surrounding the entire educational system in Finland. The lack of technology is merely inconvenient, I believe. FWIW.

  2. indypendent

    Might I add my 2 cents worth?

    I am so happy we have men in our family blog that are self-assured and secure in the knowledge they are strong men – and I do hope none of you take anything I say about how things ‘used to be’ between the sexes as an insult.

    Also – I hope when I talk about the Konservative Kristian Republicans that nobody is offended. Because to me – these folks are the ones that have twisted Christianity to justify their own selfish agenda.

    I have shared this before – when I got hurt by my Evangelical Baptist preacher and fellow church members – I will NEVER forget that feelings of complete disgust. And to tell you the truth – I know there must be some good Christian folks out there in churches – but when I pass by these huge Mega Corporate Churches – my teeth start to clench and the hair on the back of my neck stands up.

    That’s when I look at the beautiful sky and if there are clouds, I imagine I can see my loved ones who have passed on are up there somewhere watching over me. I suspect my Grandpa is in the first row saying – that’s right, Suzy-Q – you give ’em hell.

    My Grandpa was not a church-going man but he lived his life according to what Jesus taught – love one another, being your brother’s keeper, and leaving this world a better place than you found it.

    When I die – I want to go to where my Grandpa and the rest of my loved ones are.

    One thing for sure, if Heaven is supposed to be filled with these Kristians from these Mega Corpoate Churches – is that really Heaven?

    I lost my faith in organized religion a long time ago – but I have not lost my faith in what the real Jesus did in the Bible I have read my entire life.

    Besides – I suspect I am a Deist – but Jesus was a real man and he did teach some awesome things that I can try to emulate.

  3. indypendent



    This is the kind of story that makes me cry.

    First, because it is yet another life tragically cut short by cancer.

    Second, because my grandkids loved this Llama book.

    Third, because this woman’s final wish was for everyone to read to a child.

    But more than that – in reading this article, I learned that Dolly Parton has an organization that sends books to kids that would otherwise not get books?

    Am I the only one here on the PPP blog that did not know this about Dolly Parton?

    Which leads to my next thought – how many more people are doing extraordinary things and not pushing themselves into the spotlight to get credit?

    This is what is missing in our society today IMHO – people simply doing the right thing, without any publicity or seeking credit.

    In today’s reality t.v. universe – where Fox Network settled a lawsuit for $20 million only a mere 2 months after it was filed, due to their top dog at their network was accused of sexual harassment. PLUS – this top dog is forced out of that same network – but with a $40 million payout.

    And yet I heard on today’s news, that the Fox audience members have said they don’t care about this sexual harassment fiasco. They only are that their network is still getting high ratings.


  4. indypendent

    PPP family members – I have given myself a challenge.

    I will try very hard (even if I have to bite my tongue) to try to not continue to harp on these Kristian Konservatives.

    And believe me – what I just commented on how Fox audience members don’t care about the sexual harassment fiasco – took a lot of restraint because if you will notice, I did not once say their audience members are majority of Loud-N-Proud Kristian Konservatives.

    There – that’s my last negative comment about those folks. Maybe I should just learn to let it go.

    Perhaps Lady Karma is nearby with a big boot just ready for a good kick.