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  1. indypendent

    But…but…when Republicans do the same thing they demonize Hlllary of doing – it’s okay because Jesus loves them the best.

    Didn’t you get that memo?

  2. Interesting how different things that matter are disposed. Equity just neither operates nor is it important; depending upon! And such ambiguity completely destroys faith, trust and justice. Of all living things, humans are the most dangerous and destructive.

  3. Those two are fascists. no other way to put it! It was their administration that woke me up to the growing underlying problem with in the GOP.

    • indypendent

      But I think George W. Bush really believed he was a Compassionate Christian. By all news accounts, GWB did clean up his act from his previous years as a drunk. And for that – he should be given credit.

      I blame Dick Cheney and the Far Right Evangelicals for manipulating George W. Bush into being nothing more than their puppet.

      Dick Cheney just wanted control and to do it through the military.

      But the Far Right Evangelicals wanted their Holy War.

      What better way than to use the puppet George W. Bush to accomplish both of their goals.

      I’m not trying to say GWB is not to blame for his part in all this – but I have always thought he was the empty-headed vessel that evil men used.

  4. This is one of the most interesting articles I’ve read about education reform. Guess what? It says equity is what made excellence.

    • I note the article is almost five years “old”. There has been one, and depending upon the timing two, assessments of international schools. While I am sure Finland continues to do well, it would be interesting to see whether the increase in immigrants continues to be a non-factor.

      The important items, to me, are the educational requirements to enter the profession, combined with the respect (both in compensation and socially) given teachers. Yes, equity is wonderful, but I have a hypothesis that given the variety of differing problems faced by diverse student bodies, the funding, etc., equity would result in decreased funding to some schools. This, of course, assumes the political fortitude to achieve such equitable funding, which I don’t believe exists.

      I have other questions surrounding the article, but the above are good for starting the discussion. I have many thoughts, but will keep them to myself for now. Hint: one of these includes one high school, one middle school, and four elementary schools for Wichita.

      Oh, one more thing: it appears Finland does not engage in interscholastic athletic competition, a most salubrious thing, imho. That’s something to remember in this discussion.

      • indypendent

        6176- I must confess, I had to go to the dictionary for the word ‘salubrious’.

        Thanks – now I definitely know the definition and will probably not forget it. 🙂

        I graduated from high school in 1971. These were the years before high school and college sports really got serious.

        I also remember my senior year – there were twin boys of a well-known and well-connected doctor. One boy was very good at sports and the other one was mediocre (at best).

        It did not matter what the facts were – because that doctor threw his money and power around until our coach had to play BOTH of his sons on every sports team (baseball, football and basketball).

        And not only that – the son who was the non-athletic one was a very good academic student. But the son who was very good at sports was lucky if he managed to get C’s and D’s in his classes.

        IMHO That was the turning point to when high school sports became much more than an extracurricular activity. That is when high school sports became the catalyst to what we see today.

        When I worked the front desk at a local motel, I remember the numerous sport teams that checked in for the weekend. The worst bunch of rude, snot-nosed brats were from Johnson County, Kansas – and some were from very wealthy school districts. I just wanted to drop kick a few of their star players – and their parents.

        The sports team that I absolutely loved as guests were in town for the Special Olympics. Those athletes (most were not high school or even college age) were the kindest, most well-behaved guests in our motel.

        They picked up after themselves in the lobby. The said Please and Thank you when they were talking to me at the front desk.

        What made me very angry was when the group leader of the Special Olympics athletes was thanking me for being so nice and welcoming. She then told me about the previous year when her group of athletes were using the inside swimming pool and were yelled at, ridiculed and forced to leave the pool by some of those athletes from the wealthy school districts.


        These are just my personal observations.

        BTW – don’t even get me started on the Church school sports teams. DAMN…..

      • I usually notice the dates of articles, but I missed that this one was years old! Thanks for pointing that out. I too would like to know about today vs years ago.

        Inequality is absolutely THE subject that makes me most angry! I can’t wrap my head around those who somehow feel they are more deserving than others.

        Here’s another piece — this one still older, but a little more current — about the devastation of inequality.

        Here’s How NASA Thinks Society Will Collapse
        Too much inequality and too few natural resources could leave the West vulnerable to a Roman Empire-style fall.

      • “Hint: one of these includes one high school, one middle school, and four elementary schools for Wichita.”

        Really? Those would be some BIG schools! Why do you think that would be an improvement?

      • Here’s a recent op-ed about schools in Finland. It is written by a man who sent his son to school there.

      • fnord, not an improvement but a way to ensure equality of resources, everyone eligible gets bussed, etc. Given how some parents are quite vociferous, I suspect a better level of everything for everyone (except athletics; even though I played basketball in high school, I’m very much against interscholastic athletics).

        Thanks for the link. I’ll read it, and give it due consideration.

        indy, you’re welcome. 🙂

    • Great article about the schools in Finland. Way, way back when rural-one-room schools were the norm, they were somewhat like the Finland schools of today. I would say it is “child centered” as opposed to subject-matter centered. Today, we have too many “experts” in school offices and on school boards. It is a business, not a school. Does Finland have Capitalism?

      • indypendent

        My mother went to a one-room school house during her elementary grade years. I agree – the older ones helped the younger ones – and everybody seemed to do the best they could.

        But I remember the days when families were all together – some in the same house. And the others were in their own houses but in the same area. We were always together.

        We don’t seem to have that mindset anymore in America.

        Families used to get together to have family suppers to play board games or cards.

        Our family doctor was the extended family doctor. He knew everybody – and I think that is what made him the best doctor. He did know us as a family. He knew when there was a death or a birth in the family. He knew so much about our family life which does dictate our social/mental/physical health – IMHO

        In today’s corporatized health care – how many doctors take the time to sit down and really get to know their patients? Hell – doctors today are nothing more than corporate employees with a quota to make ______ amount of money. And if they don’t make that much – they get talked to or they leave the corporate world.

        This is what is wrong – IMHO

        Hillary Clinton was vilified, demonized and crucified for saying that it takes a village to raise a child.

        I understood what she meant – but how did Sarah Palin and the rest of those good Kristian Republicans run with that? They tried to say Hillary wanted the government to take over and made all the decisions for our kids.

        That was NOT what Hillary said.

  5. Thunderchild

    Well Ive used every resource I know, Farmgrrl is not dead. Not in Kansas anyway. That would be easy to find. Wider searches get less certain. My memory is she left the WEBlog before it got heavily policed and ultimately shut down. Some time after most of the progressive bloggers there left, I myself was banned permanently. I don’t think it was long after that that the cowardly Eagle shut it down, but I don’t know as I had no access.
    Maybe she found a new way to fight. Blogs are largely dead and things are more contested these days in various social media. I know if I were her and chose that path, I’d cover my tracks. I have no DOUBT that she is fighting her fight her way somewhere.

    • The last time I spoke with her she was in love. A new love that came when she had given up and that made it extra special. But, alas, it wasn’t without complications and challenges. I fear she was hurt again. I fear if that happened it would take a very heavy toll.

      Also, she had her farm up for sale. She didn’t sound upbeat about finding a buyer, but maybe she did. I wonder if she did sell if she would head back to Austin? It was a place of fond memories. A place where she could be herself and didn’t feel outside the norm.

      Yes. I feel confident she is still a political junkie. We all are, it’s part of who we are. Our world is so full of injustice and it impacts us. We want to right the wrongs. Maybe we never lost our childhood instincts to friend the kid everyone else was unkind to. Maybe we were the kid everyone treated unkindly.

      I just know I was fortunate to have known her. I hope to hear from her again but somehow I feel it will be on her terms and when she is ready if it does happen. Can’t explain this better.

      • indypendent

        I agree with you fnord – Prairie Pond knows we love her and she knows where we are.

        Sometimes we all just need to back off regenerate our batteries and take some full, deep breaths.

  6. indypendent


    fnord brings up the of inequality – I wonder if that is the driving factor behind our current drug overdose epidemic that seems to be happening frequently.

    Is this drug problem a consequence of Reagan’s Trickle Down Economics?

    Corporations and their wealthy 1% have made millions and billions in obscene profits – with the help of our government’s generous subsidies and special tax breaks.

    But what has happened to the working class Americans – and their kids that have been grown up under the Reagan Trickle Down Economics?

    When people lose their jobs – and there isn’t a comparable job to be found – one does tend to lose hope.

    And when a person loses hope – does that factor into the bad choices they make?

    And where are these Churches that claim to be followers of Jesus?

    The Jesus in my Bible was the guy that lived and walked amongst the outcasts of society.

    Never once did I read where Jesus wore his Gold-blinged robes and went out partying with the Wealthy 1%.

    Jesus was too busy healing the sick for free – raising Lazarus from the dead. Jesus also fed the multitude with a few fish and loaves of bread.

    Jesus also protected the prostitute when the ‘good’ people were throwing stones at her.

    Hmmm…..maybe there are a few churches who still believe in this Jesus. But those Mega Corporate Churches – IMHO – are more concerned about how they can get more tax-free money from their sheeple

    • It seems addicts are the one group that doesn’t discriminate. Addicts come from every walk of life, every socio-economic status from the poor to the wealthy.

      On this subject, I did read where Secretary Clinton wants to stop the war on drugs and make addiction a health issue. I approve whole hardheartedly!

      • indypendent

        Did you note in the article where it stated there are long lines for addiction treatment?

        With a country as rich as America and with all the health care resources we have – this should NEVER happen – IMHO

        We’ve discussed the costs of health care even when we have good health insurance. Just keeping up with the co-pays and deductibles for the medicine we need can keep some families chasing their tail.

        My son and his wife pay for two diabetics (my son and my granddaughter). When the price of insulin pens went through the roof (in much the same way as the Epi Pen) – those co-pays go up and then deductibles are higher nowadays – it all adds up to a lot of money.

        Both my son and his wife work full time jobs. My DIL would love to quit her job to be a stay-at-home mom but it is her job that offers the cheaper and better health care insurance. She doesn’t dare quit.

        When being pushed and pushed like these younger generations are – is it any wonder some of them just go ‘what the hell, I don’t care anymore’.

        And my two kids are so much better off financially and has family support than a lot of other Americans have it.

        Which is why it is beyond my understanding how people who claim to be such fine morally superior Christians can cheer when Republicans say they want to repeal Obamacare and NEVER talk about how they plan to replace it with a better health plan.

        Obamacare is not perfect – but at least more Americans can get access to health care …

  7. indypendent

    Thanks for posting the links to the Finland school study. I loved the part where the kids were playing in the school yard and the teacher said the sound of laughter from the children was happiness.

    I have watched in horror as America has seem to become a country where children are not valued – they are not even thought about – unless they are to be used a photo op for someone to get what they want – which is usually money /donations or being elected to office.

    We say we value families and marriage – but our country has a very high rate of divorce and a lot of kids in foster care. We have way-too-many parents in prison and some of them were young adults when they went into prison.

    We have lost a few generations – IMHO. While our wealthiest 1% Corporate welfare leeches were busy gorging the taxpayer trough – our government has seen fit to decrease our budgets for social programs for those Americans that need it.

    But more to the point – which political party has been largely responsible for that decrease in funding – dare I say Republicans?

    Republicans had total control from 2000 to 2006. What did that bunch give us? Nothing of any value – IMHO

    • indypendent

      BTW – when I hear my three grandchildren running around and playing – their laughter is my evidence there is a God somewhere in the Universe.

      Oh, my God is not the Vengeful God sitting on some Golden Throne just waiting for us to step over an imaginary line or else he will strike us dead.

      NO – my grandchildren are living proof that life is precious and if we just listened to our children and learned their lessons – the world would be a better place – IMHO

      The one thing that is blatantly obvious about young children – they are not racist. I’ve seen a bunch of kids who are playing on the playground. Doesn’t matter what color the skin – each of these kids have that same beautiful, infection laugh.

      God’s greatest gift to humans was the ability to laugh. It has gotten me through my tough times.