Monday, 8/29/16, Public Square

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by | August 29, 2016 · 12:53 pm

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  1. indypendent

    So – Mylan has decided to offer a generic Epi-pen – but note they are saying the generic is IDENTICAL to the brand name Epi pen.

    Hmmm……sounds like they plan to just slap on a different label to those pens fresh off the assembly line – doesn’t it?

    Which begs the question – if they can sell the identical pen for half the cost – then why didn’t they do this before all the people got so MAD?

    Big Pharma – really is as greedy as we think..

    • I know the Epi pen situation is bad, but I think the insulin increase is much worse.

      • indypendent

        I KNOW the insulin increase is much worse – try paying for two diabetics in a family. It is ridiculous.

      • Actually, the way I see it, all pharma is “capitalistic abuse” and seriously makes the case for socialism; or at the very least, significant and serious regulation of all corporate endeavors that in any manner affect the common good and public interest, both nationally and individually. Corporations are essentially public exploiters and thieves. Yes, they do create jobs for some but currently at a cost that neither the economy nor the nation can afford.

  2. I could be wrong, but I think it is Jeff Foxworthy

  3. indypendent


    6176 is correct – it is Bill Engvall

    But Bill and Jeff Foxworthy were in same group of comedians – along with Larry the Cable Guy – of the ‘get ‘er done’ fame

  4. indypendent

    This is a couple days late – but wanted to mention about the death of Gene Wilder.

    I had no idea he was 83 yrs old and had Alzheimers. An article stated that Gene did not want to make his Alzheiemers public knowledge and he did not want to appear in public looking so frail because he did wanted his fans to remember him as favorite Gene Wilder movie character – especially the kids that know him as Willy Wonka.

    NOW that is dedication to one’s mission in life – and I do believe we are all born with special talents. The trick is to learn what that special talent is and then develop that talent throughout your lifetime.

    Gene Wilder’s special talent was to maek people laugh – IMHO

    And God knows – our world needs a whole bunch of laughter about now – doesn’t it?

  5. indypendent


    Vice President Joe Biden – now he is a national treasure – isn’t he?

    What a refreshing difference in how Biden handled this heckler than the way Donald Trump handles hecklers at his rallies.

    Imagine – Biden actually invited the heckler to come back stage after wards and to speak with him directly.

    We’ve all seen how Trump handles his hecklers – as security is taking them out, Trump encourages his supporters to beat up the heckler and then offers to pay for their defense bills.

    • indypendent

      Even though I do like Hillary and will be proud to vote for her – I do often wonder what if Joe Biden had run for president this time?

      We’ve all heard Joe Biden talk about how his son Beau wanted him to run for president and Joe genuinely felt that he just did not have it within him to do it. And I don’t blame him one bit for that decision.

      But…would Trump and his Trumpettes be so vicious if Joe Biden was running instead of HIllary?

      Oh, what am I talking about? OF COURSE Trump and his Trumpettes would still be as vicious. Leopards don’t change their spots.