Sunday,8/28/16, Public Square



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  1. Another topic that separates us politically. This is an interesting article:

    How Much Land Does The Federal Government Own And Why?

  2. Celebrating 100 years of national parks:

    This month marks the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service — and Americans are celebrating at parks around the country. Part of this celebration is thanking the men and women who conserve these natural and cultural places.

    View at

  3. Chuckles and grins (I would laugh more if it weren’t so damn true!):

  4. From my point of view, I’m very glad that the National Park Service, i.e., The Federal Government, owns and maintains much of the land within the U.S. and its Possessions because if owned by either individuals or corporations such lands would be subject to continuous degradation and ruin through exploitation, abuse and negligence. Humans are exploiters, not caretakers. That statement is true whether it is about land, water, all other natural resources, animals or persons. The only legitimate use is the common good world-wide.

    • But….Bob….if you listen to the Kristian Konservative Republicans – God has given man the authority over all his surroundings to do with as he pleases.

      Excuse me, but perhaps God expected man to use the brain cells within his head to know that in order to have enough of the same resources for the future – one needs to plan today and conserve.

      Remember how many Americans ridiculed President Jimmy Carter for telling us to put on a sweater. How dare he say that.

      And then what did we get in the White House – Reagan.

      Reagan accelerated the destruction of our environment – IMHO. Any why? To help his corporate buddies make profits off their misery of others.

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