Friday, 8/26/16, Public Square

Women’s Suffrage Anniversary



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8 responses to “Friday, 8/26/16, Public Square

  1. Today is the 96th anniversary women’s right to vote, or women’s suffrage.

    Here at Prairie Pops we know QUALITY men support women’s equality!

    Maybe this will be the year the 19th amendment become as important (or more!) than the 2nd amendment. WE CAN DO IT!

  2. The whole of idea of women not being a equal is beyond comprehension. Shoot, like is like saying that someone who is a different color is a different species. Only the same level as saying just because someone else does not see the situation the same. Then they are not thinking, I value others opinions, a different prospective means that they stand at a different view. Perhaps not blocked by the same things that are in the way of yourself.

    • I find it ironic that even the blacks were 3/5 of a vote when women still had no vote.

      Try to explain that to a granddaughter who is learning American History.

      BTW – my DIL works with a 24-yr-old college graduate. My granddaughter is choosing which instrument she wants to play in the school band. She is torn between the flute and the drums. The young woman asked my DIL why the kid would choose drums and DIL explained that her Grandma (me) played the drums when I was her age. Then the DIL went on to say that Grandma had to stop playing the drums when she got to high school because that particular band teacher REFUSED to allow any girl to play the drums.

      The young 24-yr-old was astounded and said….but girls can do what they want.. Then my DIL said – not back in those days – and we’re talking about the late 1960’s through the mid-to-late 1970’s.

      My DIL then said that Grandma had to have her JC Penney charge card (which she had several years before she got married) changed to her married name – Mrs. (husband’s first name) – (husband’s last name). I could not have it in my first name with my new married last name.

      This 24-yr-old young woman was again flabbergasted to think that it was not that long ago – women were subjected to such nonsense.

      Can you imagine if today’s younger generation of women had to go back to the days before the Suffragettes went through their pain and agony to simply get the right to vote?

      • I remember feeling less than a whole person when JC Penney sent me my new charge card – with a form letter explaining why the name had to be the way it was.

        I was the loyal customer they had before – not my husband. But I guess that didn’t factor into their thinking – huh?

        Let’s just say – this woman cut up the new card and sent it back to them telling them they could keep their damn card. And I paid what small balance that was owed.

        Because the only reason I got the charge card and left a small balance owed is because my employer – a certified accountant – told me that if you pay off the entire balance on your charge card – your credit score would not be positively affected.

        In fact – when you leave a small balance (no matter how small), that showed you were trustworthy to pay your debts – because you had an actual debt.

        If you paid off the balance monthly, there would be no debt showing.

        I know – it sounds like nonsense. Personally, I think it was just the way for these charge card companies to make their profit in all that interest charges people paid – even with a small balance – there was a minimum interest charge.

        I was married in 1976 – not that long ago….

      • Married women didn’t have credit ratings then either. It wasn’t that long ago when a woman became nothing more than an extension of her husband when she married. Young women really have no idea unless someone has taken the time to teach them how far we’ve come, how far we still have to go, and how precious our progress is so it better be known and protected! We’re only an election away from slipping backwards.

    • RD, you are one of those QUALITY men! We love you for many reasons and one of them is your fairness, your respect for all humanity!

  3. R.D. – I graduated from a Fundamental Baptist College in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1975.

    There were several students from the Southern States that actually believed the Bible was referring to the blacks when the verses talked about the beasts in the field. I know my mouth dropped to the floor like WTH..

    These folks were also very determined to have a do-over of the Civil War – and this time they would win.

    All I kept thinking was………the Civil War is over and you people LOST. Deal with it…

    But I have never forgotten how I felt when I heard that kind of nonsense coming out of Loud-N-Proud Christians.

    I’ve seen that same kind of thinking throughout the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan invited Jerry Falwell and his Immorality Boys into the inner sanctum of the GOP.

    But with Trump – it’s even worse. Is it more than a coincidence that Jerry Falwell’s kid was the first to endorse Donald Trump during the GOP primary.

    And in Trump’s acceptance speech at the GOP convention – which group did he thank first for getting him where he is today? The Evagenlical Kristians. Those same Mega Churches that are nothing more than a tax-free exclusive country club – IMHO