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    This article shows exactly what the graphic is referring to – IMHO

    BTW – Did I read this correctly when at the very bottom – the CEO of Mylan is the daughter of Sen. Joe Manchin from West Virginia – and there is a question as to whether she was given special treatment when she did not have the college credits?

    The plot thickens…

    Also note – in France these pens are $85 currently but will soon raise because Mylan is buying the company that makes those pens.

    What was it that Pope Francis talked about – unbridlged capitalism is bad…

    As you all know – I am a very big cynic when it comes to organized religion – but I agree 100% with Pope Francis on his assessment. I also remember how much flak the Pope got from a lot of self-professing Catholics when he dared to talk about unbridled capitalism and income inequality.

    • On a personal experience – these insulin pens are the same way as these epi pens.

      The prices have gone through the roof – why?

      The issue for me is this – life saving drugs such as insulin and epi pens should NEVER be just about profit. Which is also my view on health care – it should NEVER be just about profit.

      NOW – if you want Viagra, other erectile dysfunction drugs, a tummy tuck, Botox injections for a face lift and a new drug I just saw a t.v. ad for this morning – an injection to get rid of the double chin or any other of non-medically needed drugs/treatment – then that should be on your dime.

      When listening to marketing ads for Big Pharma – what is usually stressed the most? Those same things I listed above – erecticle dysfunction pills, face lifts, double chin treatments now. They are all cosmetic in nature.


      • Cannot comment upon insulin pens, but what happened with the Epi-Pen is an actual illustration of monopoly power, as illustrated in every textbook for Economics 101 I have ever seen. Combine monopoly power with a good which has no substitute and is one not subject to price elasticity of demand, and the price may theoretically rise much more. When the barriers to entry into the market are considered, “you ain’t seen nothing yet”.
        I’m with indy on her position concerning elective medications, no profiting on life-saving drugs, etc. Rhetorically, how do we remove publicly held corporations from the arena of medical care, in its many manifestations? Given the Fifth Amendment, applied to the stockholders, an interesting paradox, to be sure.

      • 6176- that monopoly power is really put on full display when the patent holder decides to buy out their competitor making a generic version – because the patent is about to run out.

        We’ve seen this tactic done before. In fact – if I remember this article I cited, Mylan is buying their competitor that does make a cheaper version of the Epi Pen.

        Which brings up the issue of globalization + corporatization = We are all screwed?


    Televangelist Pat Robertson just said that since the Associated Press has reported the news about Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation – it is only a matter of time before the other big news media outlets will all turn against HIllary.

    Pat gleefully smirked when predicted this is the end of Hillary.


  3. I wonder why Televangelist Pat Robertson is not biting Donald Trump’s butt about releasing his tax returns?

    I have many questions as to Trump’s financial dealings – especially with Russia. It’s been suggested by news reports that Trump does not want to release his tax returns because it shows he owes money to certain people.

    Hmmmmm…..and they would be??

    Mike Pence is sticking with Trump’s generic answer that Trump will release his tax returns after the IRS audit. Even though the IRS has said there is no reason Trump could not release them right now.

    So……why is Televangelist Pat Robertson so hot to trot to claim Hillary is crooked and going down – but Trump can intentionally not let the voters know what his business deals are and who they are with?



    As I commented yesterday about the Epi-Pen, I mentioned the price of insulin was going through the roof…

    Now – imagine if you have two family members on insulin…..and this is just for the life-saving drug insulin. We’re not even talking about the cost of blood sugar testing supplies. Those are not cheap either.

    Tell me again, Republicans, how can an average working class American afford their health insurance premium AND these life-saving drugs co-pays (if you’re lucky, they are covered). BTW – my granddaughter’s diabetic doctor wants to put her on a Brand name insulin which is not on her health insurance formulary list – it’s been three weeks since the doctor contacted the insurance company to get approval. Nothing back yet – it doesn’t look good, does it?

    So, tell me again Republicans, how can any American deal with these issues? And tell me again, Republicans, why you all voted against allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices when your boy George W. Bush pushed through the unfunded Medicare Drug Program?

    Because – if Medicare had the power to negotiate drug prices – wouldn’t that help to lower the price for EVERYBODY else?

    • P.S. – that brand name insulin is needed because there is not an exact same generic version of this insulin. Something about how this insulin formula extends the coverage of the long-acting insulin in the body.



    Where is Kurt Kobach and his Investigative Team of Republicans to help Florida root out all those voter frauds?