Sunday, 8/21/16, Public Square

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by | August 20, 2016 · 5:42 pm

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  1. This letter to republicans tells it like it is. Of course, those people who need to read this, won’t. Even if they did they wouldn’t recognize themselves.


  2. The Republican Party has changed. An awful lot! It has gradually gotten worse, and worse. It is clearly corrupt, today. And it is going to “get what it deserves!” The question is, when? Soon. Old white men die, too.

  3. I’ve heard several ‘conservatives’ criticize Trump and several others simply stay quiet but let us know they do disapprove and cannot support him. This article, written my a Wisconsin right-wing talk show host named Charlie Sykes, is the very first time I have heard a ‘conservative’ recognize what right wingers have become. It seems to make him sick too.

    How one of the most influential #NeverTrumpers is battling his party’s nominee and questioning some long-held beliefs.

    • I have been encountering a lot of the right who at least in the start. Was supportive of trump. But the more he talks, the more they are hearing has them thinking. Is Kansas going to turn more liberal? WELL AT LEAST MORE OPEN? If so I guess we can thank the Nazi-Cons for that!

  4. Just today I started learning about a document known as the Powell Memo (or Powell Manifesto). It was written back in 1971 by Lewis Powell who ws nominated to be a Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court by Richard Nixon.

    It is said to be the beginning of the organized endeavor to make America very business friendly. An effort that today we know has taken over our very form of government.

    Anyway, it is EYE OPENING! I remember many years ago when our very own RD began teaching me about neo-cons. I was amazed at the beginning and the more links he shared the more scary it was. Right out in the open a group of people who intended to control the world militarily. Now I’m learning about a group of people who intended to control the world through wealth. Right out in the open. And the world cooperates.

    Maybe everyone else already knew about this and I’m the only one that needs to catch up. If not and you have time just google ‘Powell memorandum.”

    I have lots to learn!

    • The Neo Cons and these followers of Powell Manifesto could not complete their goals without the help from the Evangelical Kristians putting a cloak of Approved by Jesus on their endeavors – IMHO

      Nixon was the one that went to China – remember? And now look at our trade deficit with China .

      It is unbelievable.

      Let’s not lose the irony that Trump is a lot like Richard Nixon. Trump supporters think Trump is like Reagan (which was bad enough) – but the truth is – Trump is the reincarnation of Tricky Dick Nixon – right down to Nixon’s hatred and resent for the press. What was it that Trump said recently that he would like to get rid of all the press??

      These are scary times – my friends.

      As my son has said many times – don’t ever think America is not full of enough stupid people that we could never wake up to the news that Trump is our president.

  5. Another day – another day for Trump to do what he does best – open his mouth and insert foot #1 – and then foot #2 is certain to follow.