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trump the insulter


by | August 16, 2016 · 9:26 pm

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  1. indypendent

    Did you hear about Trump shaking up his campaign management?

    The reason given is that Trump thinks he has lost his edge and wants to ‘be himself’ – because that was what made him the winner in the GOP primary.

    Poor little rich boy – does he realize he is applying for the job of President of the USA?

    That GOP primary was nothing but preaching to the choir – literally, it was the Evangelical Kristian choirc. And once Jerry Falwell’s kid, Franklin Graham and Pat Robertson all told their minions to idolize Trump – that GOP primary race was decided.

    Besides – even out of that group of 16, was there really any viable choice?

    But I have to wonder if Paul Manafort’s exposed past history of working for Russians finally grew to be too much for even the Great Donald to contend with?

  2. indypendent


    I heard Trump mention this the other day – and now I know the rest of the story (as Paul Harvey used to say, remember?)

    Like I said up above – with each passing day, Trump will share his pearls of wisdom. And this NATO story is an example of what I am talking about..

    Trump actually tweeted that NATO changed their policy due to his statement about them and then did not give him credit?

    I’ve seen big egos before – but Donald’s EGO is Huuuuuuuuge…but yet when talks, I still focus on his little hands (tip of the hat to Marco Rubio for drawing our attention to Trump feature. 🙂

  3. He s imploding, being himself is turning out like raping a ten years old on TV.

  4. Here’s an editorial from Hays, Kansas. Simple words, simple truths about the state of Kansas.

    (from the link): But there was one problem all the government-shrinkers either forgot or simply brushed aside: Kansas wasn’t in trouble. There wasn’t anything of significance to fix.

    • indypendent

      In my time within the Evangelical Kristian Movement – there were more than a few feuds while certain few rose to the top to become multi-millionaire preacher boys and televangelists.

      How many times have we heard of a church that split wide open because two groups just could not get along??

      Some of those feuds end up in court to settle their differences.

  5. This one is for our dear friend, PrairiePond (Farmgrl). I remember her talking about this asshole.

    Guy who says God sends natural disasters to punish gays has his home destroyed in a natural disaster

    • indypendent

      Excuse me – but Perkins works in Washington DC – or that is where their lobbyist office is – so what is this sob story about having to live in a camper for 6 months in Louisiana?

      Nest thing we’ll see is a Gofundme page for poor Tony Perkins …..I suspect that camper will turn into a golden palace by the end of the week.

      You betcha Wink-Wink

      Just my own assessment –

      Jesus gives forgiveness but Lady Karma gives you what you deserve.

      Perhaps those floods are not from God from Lady Karma – doing her best to get the attention of certain Kristian folks?

  6. Thunderchild

    Farmgrrl STILL not found? This is not like her, particularly now. I apologize as I am very busy and do not have time to look. I hope to have more time soon.

  7. Thunderchild

    Wow I would give a lot to see how the old WEBlog cons would have dealt with defending Trump. All the glorious useless battles they would have fought. I miss so much how on the verge of a stroke they must be now.

    • indypendent

      Now you know all those WEBlog cons are Loud-N-Proud Kristians. They’re probably down in Louisiana helping their fellow Loud-N-Proud Kristian Tony Perkins to rebuild his flooded house.

  8. Thunderchild

    I’ll get most of my work behind me tomorrow. If Farmgrrl is still alive and has any desire to be found, I’ll find her. But maybe she has given up, it is Kansas. I’ve done it before.

    • I know without any doubt that she loves us. She doesn’t forget or stop loving those people she loves, not ever. She has carried the burden of love all her life. She has also had the joy of love, just not as often. I may try to call another time, but if she doesn’t answer or respond to any message I might leave then I must respect her wishes. Because part of the great love I have for her is an even greater respect for her.

  9. Thunderchild

    Yeah, maybe she doesn’t want to be found. I didn’t for a while. This IS Kansas and under a Brownback regime. I got SO many death threats in my WeBlog days. I occasionally get them still.I always considered them a compliment, until I had to replace broken windows. I am well aware of who sold me out. Maybe that person did the same to other people he once called friends. And no google search is gonna lead that person here because anyone who was on WeBlog knows who I mean without me naming them.

    This can only get worse whether Trump loses or wins. He loses, his some 40% core are going to act out violently and PROBABLY with his encouragement. he wins anyone who opposed him, Republican, Democrat, anyone, will be in peril of imprisonment or worse.

    Truly scary times. And I will not help her enemies find our friend.

    To absent friends….