Sunday, 8/14/16, Public Square

trickle down


by | August 14, 2016 · 10:12 am

3 responses to “Sunday, 8/14/16, Public Square

  1. indypendent

    But…but…Ronald Reagan told us that the wealth would trickle down from these tax cuts going to the top 1% elitists.

    That defies logic – doesn’t it?

    In nature – does a plant thrive on just the water the top leaves get?

    NO – a plant cannot grow and thrive unless the nutrients and water get into the roots – the bottom. That way – bottom up – is how the entire plant gets the necessary nutrients and water it needs.

    In fact – from time to time – the top leaves and branches need to be pruned (cut off) in order to make the plant growing bigger and healthier.

    Is this why Republicans hate science books so much?

  2. Good analogy, Indy. I especially like the part about ‘pruning the tops.’ As long as a majority of voters elect candidates supported and obligated to the capitalists (wealthy) at the top, our common good and public interest will be ignored and replaced by capitalist propaganda. Education is the solution, however, it will never happen because it is the same majority of voters who elect those who run both our “public and private systems of education,” too.

  3. indypendent

    Another day – another chance for Trump to say something even more outrageous.

    What are the odds of that happening? đŸ™‚