Friday, 8/12/16, Public Square



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  1. The 14th Amendment people (like Khizr Khan) can help too.

    • indypendent

      Welcome Invisible Mikey – love the name . Are you a fan of the old movie with Claude Rains – The Invisible Man?

      • You are astute and cultured. I helped restore the 1933 film adaptation for release to DVD.

      • Hi Invisible Mikey! Sounds interesting. If you choose to share your stories, we’re good listeners.

      • indypendent

        Invisible MIkey – are you serious?

        I recently bought the collection of the old horror movies for my grandkids. My 5-yr-old grandson loves the Invisible Man the best. That scene when the shirt was running around the room and laughing at the people always makes my grandson laugh – and, of course, he has to get up and re-enact the scene.

        The collection has The Invisible Man, Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolf Man, Bride of Frankenstein and The Mummy. I also love The Wolf Man – but I am a huge fan of Lon Chaney.

        Please – do share with us your part in bringing back such a great film. Is that your profession – restoring the classics into DVD format?

        I seriously think our younger generations don’t know what quality movies are all about.

        If there isn’t a bunch of people running around with the biggest guns and blowing everything up – today’s society turns up their noses at it.

  2. I was reading the ‘news’ this morning. It’s so difficult to ignore the goings on of republicans. We have a batch of them destroying the state of Kansas where some of us live, and then there is ‘the donald.’

    You know who I bet is THE happiest republican in the whole wide world? John Boehner. Yep, even tho he dealt with the stupids for quite a while, it now seems he got out just in time. I’ll bet he laughs a lot!

    • indypendent

      I was just saying that same thing to my mother this morning. She got a good laugh at that one.

      She lives in Illinois, so we usually do our catching-up on the news telephone chat on the weekends. My weekdays are filled with grandkids and you know how kids are when you’re on the phone…..:)

      Has John Boehner even said anything during this Republican fiasco? The last time I heard anything from him was during the GOP debates – and that was just some minor issue.

      At least one good thing – remember how people used to call Boehner the Orange Tan man?

      Now that same nickname is for Donald Trump.

      I’m thinking Boehner is laughing twice.

      1) Trump is self-imploding by his own stupidity.

      2) Trump has been given his old nickname – and that has to be a good thing – right?

      But that leaves me with a question – what hell is the Orange Tan from? Some product they use – tanning bed – or just what hell is it??.

  3. Thanks for asking. For 14 years I worked as a sound restoration specialist for a post-production company, at the end of a previous career in showbiz (1982-2005). The studios were our clients. I also held other jobs in the biz, including being a TV/film bit player in the 80s. I don’t talk about it much because I happily moved full-time into health care (medical imaging) in 2005, but I have written various articles about those experiences on my own site if you are interested.

    • indypendent

      Sounds like you’ve had an interesting professional career. Do you have a link to your website?

      I worked medical records for 35-plus years. That industry has changed so much…..

      • Indy, if you mouse over his photo it is a link to his site.

        Very interesting — BOTH careers!

      • It certainly has. That was back before things like MRI and EMR existed! I had more knack with computers than other medically useful skills. I don’t know if I could have handled charting on paper, and then transitioning everything to digital. Congratulations. Your job is/was vitally important.

        (All you have to do to get to my site is click on the name Invisible Mikey. Or the Gravatar links there too.)

      • indypendent

        As you can probably guess – I am no longer in medical records (got out a couple years ago).

        To tell you the truth, I prefer the old reliable – paper charting.

        I’m not saying the digital charting is not faster – but if your network goes down a lot – like ours did – then those ‘live – online medical charts were not too useful when the patient’s medicine was due to be given but you could not get into the darn electronic chart to document the med was given.

        Technology is great – when it works. The old pen and paper method always worked…unless the pen went dry and then you just got another pen.

        I liked my career – but I’m glad I got out when I did. I enjoy watching my three grandkids too much to ever want to go back to work full time.

      • indypendent

        fnord – as usual, I need your guidance. đŸ™‚

        If I had been thinking with my brain, I would have known how to get to his site.

        Too bad my 10-yr-old granddaughter wasn’t here to help me – these kids nowadays know things I don’t know (or just forget sometimes).

  4. Thunderchild

    I don’t get back here as often as I should. Was Farmgrrl ever found?

    • indypendent

      I’ve sent several emails to her – and they never come back as undelivered. I assume she is busy and it seems like weeks fly by and then when you look up to notice, the whole month is gone.

      Perhaps our dear friend just needed to take a break from it all – and I don’t blame her one bit.

      It would be nice to hear from Prairie Pond – and for her to at least get a laugh at how Sammie’s boys seem to be getting their butts beat like a $2 drum.

  5. Thunderchild

    Also, I wish Steven, and Chas and Farmgrrl were here to see this. The hillbilly right has given the RNC the candidate they have LONG deserved. And their egomaniac nominee is leading the party to complete destruction and defeat. Oh how I miss the WEBLOG and fighting the cons. Now I can only imagine the deliciousness of their pain KNOWING they are going to lose.

    • indypendent

      TC – do you think the hillbilly right even admits they got what they deserve?

      I don’t – and this is why. Trump has made several prominent Republicans to come out publicly and say they are either voting for Hillary or they will not vote at all.

      But have you noticed any of Trump’s core supporters ever admit they made a bad choice and have decided to abandon Trump? I haven’t – and especially those Evangelical Kristians – they will NEVER admit they are wrong. I was in that Evangelical Movement back in the 1970’s. Some of those folks are kids I went to college with and I know how they really think and live.

      I graduated from a Fundy Baptist College in Chattanooga, TN and I had several college mates who argued with me incessantly that the Bible was referring to black people when it talked about the beasts in the field.

      Of course, all those kids were from the Deep Southern states. I told them several times that their side lost the Civil War and it was time to get over it.

      Needless to say – I was labeled as the ‘Yankee-lover’ and, of course, they all told me they would pray for me. You know what that means – right? I’m the evil heathen – not them.

      After graduation, I returned to my hometown and met a young preacher man who happened to be a Southern Baptist. I was from the Fundamental Baptist Church in the neighboring town.

      When we got engaged, my pastor at the Fundamental Baptist Church told me to my face that I was marrying the Devil himself. When I asked the pastor why he thought that – because this pastor had never met my future husband. You know what his reply was? My husband-to-be’s hair touched the top of his ears.

      That’s when I told my pastor that the only reason his hair touched the top of his ears was because he was trying to finish his seminary education and he had a small church that paid a very small wage. Unlike my pastor who was always begging for more tax-free money from the church members to build yet another huge church building – and, this pastor was also known for his expensive tastes – and he was, of course, screwing everything that was not nailed down.

      I guess my pastor did not like the fact that I told him what I thought and that I dared to bring up his screwing….that is when my pastor set out intentionally to cause problems within my own immediate family.

      This pastor called my mother to tell her I was on the fast road to Hell because I refused to listen to him and break off my engagement.

      That man caused so much hurt, anguish and it took years to repair our family relationship. And the only thing that made it possible was when my parents and sister woke up to the facts about that pastor. And guess what – everything that I said about him was TRUE. My parents were BIG givers to that Evangelical Baptist Church. I suspect that was the real reason my pastor turned on me – because he was afraid that my parents might follow me to my husband-to-be’s church where he was preaching.

      So – you see – I don’t put much faith in these Evangelical Kristians being able to admit they are backing a bad apple. These folks have shown they are closed-minded – IMHO

      And in Trump’s case – this man has never claimed to be one of those Evangelical Kristians.

      But Trump does claim he has a lot of money – billions – and these Evangelical Kristians do love MONEY