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Trump spinning hate


by | August 9, 2016 · 2:23 pm

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  1. This article compares Nixon and Trump and how much was missed by the media about both men. It’s a good read.

    Trump’s rise aided by same mainstream media failures that enabled Nixon’s dirty deeds

    • I don’t know how (or why) anyone who was an adult through the 70s could forget Nixon and it’s even more perplexing how they could not see the similarities between Trump and Nixon. Maybe it’s true when they say, “If you remember the ’60s, you really weren’t there,” AND, “It took all of the 1970s to recover from the 1960s.”

      • Because the media types who are “driving the bus” today were either in pre-school or not born yet when Crafty Richard was doing his thing?

      • indypendent

        .Tricky Dick – aka ‘I am not a crook’.

        I’ve been watching KPTS (local public television station) special on American presidents.

        Last night and tonight, it was John F Kennedy and Lyndon B Johnson. Am I the only one that likes these shows?

        6176- I agree that perhaps the age of our journalists/media may be a factor in why more people do not seem to know much about the 60’s or 70’s.

        But I think it’s more than that – our media is more corporate-profits driven.

        This why I like the Public Television channel – I feel they are more neutral and delve in to more of the facts – both good and bad – than corporate-profit driven media.

      • it is the downfall of true partisan politics, there is nothing that can dismay the true believer. they will see with their own eyes but it does not fit into what they already believe. when they are not open, then reality is just a inconvenient thing.

  2. Why are Americans so easily scared??

    How do you get to the point of really listening to a man like Trump and hearing something that makes sense?

    This is a letter to the editor published in the Tampa Bay Times —

    • indypendent

      Trump brags that he attracts Huuuuuuuuuge crowds. Yes, that’s true.

      But, train wrecks also draw crowds.

  3. I know you’ve all heard that Trump made a thinly veiled suggestion that someone assassinate Secretary Clinton.

    • indypendent

      Trump is acting like he is so astounded that anyone would think he meant harm to Hlllary.

      I listened to Trump’s speech and what I watch this man do is something I have seen many times in my years with the Evangelical Kristian in their Huge Corporate Church Complexes.

      These are people who act very righteous and holy but when they speak , the speak in a type of language that requires a dog whistle.

      Trump’s statement today is much like statements from the Pro Life folks who sit and rant, scream and preach to everyone how the followers of Jesus need to take up the swords and fight the good fight for God and Jesus.

      So these folks set up their websites with abortion clinic doctors’ faces with red bullseye targets on them. And these websites also ilst personal information on the staff at the clinics. Their names, spouse’s name, kids’ name, school the kids attend or their church they attend.

      Let’s not forget the guy who bragged about killing Dr. Tiller. When the police caught him, who’s phone number did they find listed on a piece of paper in his vehicle? Can you say the infamous Pro LIfe leader.

      And yet when this guy did act on all that hate-filled rhetoric directed towards Dr. Tiller – did the Pro Life take ownership of their contribution to aiding and baiting this guy to killer Dr.Tilller? Oh Hell NO. They all claimed they didn’t know him and ran for cover.

      How many nutjobs are there in our country – that is filled with way-too-many guns and all the ammo they can buy?

      It’s just a matter of connecting the dots.

      To me – if you encourage a nutjob by your rhetoric or preaching to go out and kill someone – then you’re just as guilty when one of these nutjobs does the job.

      • All the excuses are hilarious. And yet his supporters buy them hook, line and sinker.

        Clearly, Trump was speaking of a time AFTER Secretary Clinton had been elected POTUS and was now appointing Judges. What is it no one but 2nd amendment people can do? Send out more mailers or organize voter registration drives? 🙂 Really?? After she has been elected?

  4. indypendent



    Let’s not forget this is The Donald Trump at a rally in Iowa during the GOP primary. And what did he ‘joke about’ at that time? Hmmm…..shooting someone and still getting votes.

    This is the Trump’s idea of a joke?

    Having Trump as the GOP presidential nominee is bad enough. But take special note as to where this Trump rally was back during the GOP primary.

    It was a Christian college – and notice that the article states when Trump made this outrage statement – the crowd was laughing.

    Is this really what Christians believe and stand for now?

    Poliitics is a dirty game – and we all know that.

    But when these Khristians brought their dirty politics into the Church – that is when our country really lost our minds.

    Hmm…and who brought in these Evangelical Kristians back in 1980 into the world of dirty politics and gave them a front row seat in the GOP boat?


  5. indypendent

    Did anybody else see Rudi Guiliani this morning on Good Morning America News show?

    Rudi was defending Trump – as expected.. But what I noticed about Rudi is how this man was obviously under a lot of anxiety, stress – dare I say he sounded and acted ‘unhinged’?

    I have never been a fan of Rudi but this time, he was yelling, waving his arms around and talking like he was on some sort of speed pills. He was rambling, rattling and just throwing out insults left and right.

    There was obviously some rally for Hillary where the father of the Orando shooter was in the crowd behind the podium. I need to do more searching to find more details about this story.

    But – according to Rudi – Hillary invited this guy – who is the actual terrorist because he is radical Islamist who hates homosexuals.


    One thing that I did notice inside Rudi’s rant this morning – he said that Hillary’s campaign was hitting Trump day after day after day .

    Excuse me – isn’t that what a political campaign is all about?

    I also want to mention – Hillary said something to the effect that if Trump can’t handle the rough and tumble of an election campaign, how could he handle the presidency?

    Perhaps Mr. Rudi should tell his good friend Mr. Trump that they both need to go back and listen to Hillary’s acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention.

    Hillary was spot on in her assessment of Trump. BTW – Hillary also made the comment that Trump is easily baited on Twitter.

    And that appears to be true. Trump does seem to love to go on Twitter to throw out his insults – but then again, it’s safe behind his keyboard – huh?

    • Republicans are melting down. When Kansas is polled and Hillary is only five points behind Trump — KANSAS for goodness sake — maybe they begin to see the truth. Too late! I can’t think of a better ending for the republicans than this total melt down, they earned this!

      • indypendent

        I agree – these Republicans did it to themselves – with the help to start the downfall from Ronald Reagan.

        There is not a more deserving bunch – IMHO

  6. We ‘all’ are affected. All of us are subjected all day, every day to media. Media is propaganda. And we are al subject to it, and its long-term affect. Can we, all of us, recognize a difference any more, between propaganda and truth? Is our universal and collective state-of-mind that which is called “being brainwashed?”

    • indypendent

      That’s a good question. When our media – whether news, movies, t.v., radio talk/political shows is nothing but NEGATIVE – that is like a cancer that spreads throughout. And cancer has but one goal – to kill everything in its reach.

      I’ve noticed how our society has become numb to violence. It takes a lot more now to shock us – to even make us look up and notice.

      I saw that on President Obama’s face the last time he was on television talking about the latest mass shooting – a senseless taking of lives.

      Our President Obama is a man, a father and fellow human being that truly hurts when he sees such senseless violence happen.

      And what do the Republicans respond to Obama’s call for a change in our society – they ridicule him. They demonize him. And somehow, they always bring it back to his being black and/or a Muslim.

      it seems Obama is preaching to the choir when he tears up about these people being killed for no good reason. And nothing changes because the Second Amendment folks already have way too much political power – IMHO

      • indypendent

        One more thing –

        The NRA supporters use the argument that if they give up even an inch on their Second Amendment rights, then they are at risk to lose all their rights. Which is why these folks got Republicans to vote to continue to allow people on the No Fly List to legally buy all the guns they want and all the ammo they can afford.

        Okay – let’s go with that logic.

        Then LGBT Americans should fight to keep their recently-given right to same sex marriage and to expect the same Constitutional right to not be legally discriminated against.

        After all – if the LGBT give an inch – then they’re at risk to lose all their rights.

        The same could be said about women. Why should women give an inch when it comes to having birth control pills and health care through Planned Parenthood be taken away?

        But I don’t believe the NRA has any sympathy for anyone else – and their fight to keep their rights.

        It’s all about them……like so many teenage girl drama queens – IMHO

  7. indypendent



    Well look what popped up at Trump’s rally ….Mark Foley.

    We all remember him – don’t we?

  8. Congratulate me, if you have not seen on Facebook I am a Hillary mole! Plus a moron, a stupid liberal, a commie and some ago I was called a Jew? Ok then, I know now what I am, been wondering about that !

    • indypendent


      A commie? But Trump brags that he admires The Communist Leader Putin and Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort has a long history of working FOR the Russians.

      So – if you’re an evil commie – then how come Trump and his campaign manager be so great?

      • indypendent

        Oh – and let’s not forget the lovely current Trump Wife – #3 – and the fact she is from that Communist part of the world.

        What is her role in all this???