Sunday,7/31/16, Public Square



by | July 30, 2016 · 8:19 pm

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  1. indypendent

    Now – to be fair to Ryan, McConnell and Walker – that is a very big word.

  2. The illustration of just “one” know republican who exercises a conscience is more or less correct. However, the suggest that only “three” well known republicans exercise no conscience at all is not-at-all-correct. A huge, vast majority do not! Do you even know one who does, personally?

    • indypendent

      Mike Pence is a big problem – IMHO.

      Here is a self-professed Evangelical Christian that bragged about how he was not going to do any negative campaigning because it was not morally right thing to do.

      So what the hell is Pence doing teamed up with Trump?

      Last week during HIllary’s acceptance speech – did anyone else notice that when Hillary was talking about our military – she specifally talked about Tim Kaine’s son and Mike Pence’s son.

      NOW that is how a president should be talking – Hillary included her political opponent’s son in her speech as a soldier we should be proud of and respect.

      And then Trump goes and opens his big mouth against the Muslim couple that lost their son on the battlefield?

      Talk about lack of human compassion, empathy and just basic human decency.

      Yes, I do blame Pence more for standing by and allowing himself to be yoked with Trump. Pence claims to be so Christian – let him prove it,.

  3. indypendent

    Did everyone watch Eric Trump defend his father on the CBS Morning Shows today?

    The apple did not fall from the tree.

  4. indypendent


    I watched this interview this morning. This guy puts it as plainly as possible. I love the way Mr. Bratton said several times – I don’t get it.

    That’s what I say most days about Trump – I don’t get it.

  5. indypendent

    As we all probably already know – Tim Huelskamp was defeated by Roger Marshall .

    But what was the reason for Huelskamp kicking out the media from his watch party last night – soon after votes were coming and the handwriting was on the wall?

    I’ve not seen or heard any news about the reason Huelskamp kicked the media out.

    I assume Huelskamp is doing what a Tea Party person does – throws a major hissy fit and then pouts??

    I wonder if Timmy is on Twitter – like the much-beloved GOP nominee Donald Trump?

    Now there’s an idea – maybe Trump would have a job for Timmy?

    • It was “blame the media” night. Obviously, his internal polling told him he was very likely going to lose, and once the early numbers seemed to confirm, out with the media to avoid all those pesky questions.

      What were the media supposed to have done to have sinned so grievously? By not attacking Marshall, as nearly as I can tell, about the “outside money” ($3 million) supporting Dr. Marshall; and exposing the lies being promoted by the ads, both Marshall’s and the PACs’. Of course, the outside money provided Huelskamp, via the RCC funds, and various Koch buddies, were not mentioned , even though the media didn’t cover this, either. Then there were the misleading allegations in the Huelskamp ads, or those of at least one PAC.

      My thoughts are: STFU already, you lost. Enjoy the subsidy checks. Even though Marshall appears to be a nut job, he seems to be aware of the need to play well with others, which Huelskamp never did. Finally, the First District shouldn’t be adversely affected by the change.

      • indypendent

        Republicans for the past 8 years have been blaming the media – haven’t they?

        Listen to Trump for 5 minutes (if your blood pressure can take it) – and Trump will blame the media for EVERYTHING.

      • indypendent

        As for Marshall – I listened to his speech with his supporters at the watch party.

        He was going on and on about how the Kansas farmers depend on those federal programs (which they do, I am not arguing that) but then Marshall goes on to say that his supporters need to give him a president he can work with.

        So….I guess Hillary’s plans to keep those federal programs that help other Americans are just plain evil?

        What makes the Kansas Farmers any more special to get those federal programs than Americans needing health care, food , etc?

        Just asking..

      • Might be time to remind the farmers that SNAP is funded through the Department of Agriculture, and helps increase the market for their commodities.

        My thoughts.

      • indypendent

        We can remind them – but will they listen and understand?

        It seems a lot of folks don’t know the basics of how the government works. These are people who want what they want and to hell with anybody else. These Evangelical Kristians even justify their demands by twisting their faith into something Jesus would not even recognize.

        What else could explain Trump being the GOP presidential candidate?