Wednesday,7/27/16, Public Square



by | July 27, 2016 · 8:57 am

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  1. What a difference between the Republican convention last week and the Democratic convention this week!

    One thing that didn’t change is Hillary is THE star of this week’s convention, just like she was the star last week.

    It is truly refreshing to hear from the democrats. And what a concert! Loving the music, the talent, the entertainment! đŸ™‚

  2. indypendent

    Did you hear the latest about Trump asking Russia to do more hacking and to find those missing Hillary emails?

    Now the GOP trolls are trying to cover his ass by saying he was just joking.

    Excuse me, but asking a foreign country to hack the former Secretary of State’s emails is not a damn joke.

    But then again – as Trump said last week – these Evangelical Kristians are the ones that have gotten him where he is today.

    OH – that explains a lot.

  3. indypendent


    Found this interesting piece on Paul Manafort – Trump’s Campaign Manager

    Remind me, did I hear Trump state emphatically last week that he would get rid of lobbyists in Washington DC?

    Hmmmmmmm……does The Donald not know about his campaign manager’s entire past working history?

    Isn’t it also interesting that we did not hear Trump say much about his admiration for Russian Communists – but for that one time about Putin – but to invite Russia to hack more emails and the press would mightly reward you – that takes it to a new level – doesn’t it?

    Oh – and let’s not forget – Trump’s recent comment in the days before the DNC hacking story when Trump said that under his presidency, America may not help fellow NATO countries if they are attacked – unless The Donald has checked to see if they have paid their dues.

    What kind of man is this?

    • My questions are, ‘and how does PolitiFact, itself, rank?’ Then, ‘why only 50 statements.’ Finally, ‘which 50?’ \
      “Hope” you are all enjoying the Democratic Party Convention as much as I am. Remember “Hope?” President Obama did!

      • indypendent

        The difference between the GOP convention last week and the Democratic convention this week is like night and day.

        Trump is the Night and Hillary is the Day.

        And the New Day is coming…….

  4. indypendent

    I just saw the perfect nickname for Donald Trump on another blog:

    Moscow Mole

    That says it all..