Monday, 7/18/16, Public Square

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by | July 18, 2016 · 9:51 am

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  1. Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station says:

    “Monday of Contrasts

    Backwards: The Republican National Convention kicks off today. A giant room full of jingoistic warmongers, angry bigots, science deniers, and religious fanatics mad that America isn’t made up solely of straight white protestants is about to dejectedly nominate yet another candidate most of them can’t stand while receding hairline has-been B-listers attempt to rally the crowd with halfhearted comedy skits involving empty chairs and the punchline “Benghazi” delivered deadpan and with archly canted brows.

    Forwards: SpaceX this morning put another payload into orbit and then landed their Falcon 9 booster neat as you please on a pad at the Kennedy Space Center. The sonic boom of the returning ship rattled windows across Florida and announced that those 1950’s science fiction dreams we were all once promised are now in fact a reality.

    The question you want to ask yourself and each other is this: Which world do you want to live in?

    The one that takes us backward into war and hate and bigotry?
    Or the one that takes us to the stars?”

    • indypendent

      But…but ….I just heard one of those B-lister speakers at the GOP Convention about how America was the first country to put a man on the moon —-and now America cannot do anything right. (I’m paraphrasing here).

      I remember when Newt Gingrich was spewing about his desire to colonize the Moon – and then he went into this Hate-driven spew as to how Obama was abandoning NASA.

      Abandoning NASA? If that is true, then how the hell did the people at NASA successfully got their Jupiter probe into the right position – because IIRC – the trip alone took 5 years and that arrival date was sometime last week.

      Hmmmm….so Newt is upset that NASA stopped going to the Moon and decided to go further into Space?

      BTW – does Newt realize the Moon is not the most hospitable place for people to live …..and which Republicans are wiling to pay any taxes for any type of Moon Project?

  2. indypendent


    While listening to this speech given by Melania Trump – I kept thinking that I’ve heard this before. I guess I was correct…

    • indypendent

      After forcing myself to sit through the GOP convention coverage (at least I was on the PBS channel – which I think is less chaos), I happened to catch Hillary Clinton doing an interview with Charlie Rose.

      Hillary Clinton is a classy lady. She has been through a lot and she is still standing strong.

      The Republican’s theme last night was to make America Safe Again. From what I’ve seen and heard from The Donald – his mouth in high gear with no filter is NOT the safest route for our country.

      Hillary can run rings around The Donald and still be 1000 times better than The Donald can only dream about..

      • I’ve read lots of comments about Melania Trump plagiarizing the speech Michelle Obama gave eight years ago. The two I chuckled at were:

        Fox News report: Michelle Obama stole speech from Melania Trump.


        Trump warned us those immigrants would steal!

    • Melania said she wrote her speech herself. Whether she did or it was shoddy work from an incompetent campaign staff, her speech also included these words:

      “I have been with Donald for 18 years and I have been aware of his love for this country since we first met.” No mention of the divorce from Maria 17 years ago. And, wife number three’s speech told us Trump was loyal and would never let you down.

      • indypendent

        I watch PBS news coverage and they are partnering with NPR for this GOP convention.

        David Brooks and Mark Shields are both political analysts (?) who have been covering politics and conventions for decades. These two men are funny to watch – they just cannot believe what they are hearing and seeing at this convention.

        David Brooks said that the convention is usually so choreographed and scheduled to make the most emphasis on the prime time coverage for the average Americans watching in their homes. David Brooks put forth the idea that the Trump campaign has not let the RNC people in on their plans – if that was because the Trump campaign people are not practiced (experienced) or what.

        But this convention seems to be not hitting their mark and is most noticeable by the MISSING prominent Republicans – rather than the speakers who are there.

        David Brooks also said that if the GOP nominee cannot even run is own convention – then that calls into question how can he run the country?

        Good question…

      • indypendent

        But…But…..fnord – Trump is only practicing those infamous traditional marriage and Family Values..

        You know – marriage is between one man and one woman – at a time…

        You betcha wink-Wink

  3. indypendent

    fnord – can you make this link pop?

    Tamron Hall is one tough interviewer and she does her homework. Notice how Scott Baio – aka Chachi from Happy Days pulls the GOP trick of ‘it was just joke’ when Tamron nails him on his hypocrisy.

    • I don’t know how to ‘pop’ any video other than YouTube. I’m sure there’s a way…

      I watched the link. So many misogynistic assholes in the Republican Party. Why would a woman capable of thinking vote republican??