Saturday, 7/2/16, Public Square

Kansas closed


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  1. Here is a really good article —

    INSIGHT KANSAS: A special session that should not have been

  2. (from the link): “The failure of conservatives to attend to the world as it actually exists, the world in its suffering and hardship, drove me from their ranks. And awareness of how suffering and hardship are so often unchosen and undeserved by those who endure it—and prolonged and deepened by a political system that assumes they are due to failures of “personal responsibility”—moved me to the left. But even more, all this convinced me that turning to class remains the most powerful way to understand and respond to these realities.

    “It is difficult to imagine another way to explain how, in the same year marriage equality came to all fifty states—a mark of at least one kind of progress—you could read studies showing that death rates for working-class whites were rising, driven by suicide and addiction to painkillers and alcoholism. Or how, almost a decade after the financial crash of 2008, those responsible for the economic devastation are thriving, bailed out with taxpayer money, all while working-class Americans, saddled with debt, try to make do with stagnating wages. Or why, casting a glance at those who depend on government assistance, our politicians blame the morals of the poor for their plight, even as those with power ask our forgiveness for their indiscretions and corruption. Our trade policies, our political priorities, our passion for sending soldiers into the deserts of the Middle East, are best grasped by turning to class: they all serve the interests of those not dependent on wages, or hemmed in by want.”

    Leaving Conservatism Behind

  3. Bill Maher for “President!”

    • indypendent

      Bill Maher is a four-letter word in the GOP Fantasy Land where the only God is their Christian God.

      Let’s not forget – Bill Maher had the audacity to exercise his freedom of speech and freedom of religion to make that movie ‘Religiosity’ (sp?)..

  4. indypendent

    Happy July 4th !!!

    Hope everyone managed to keep dry through all this rain. We had water in our basement this time. But there was a lot of rain at one time – it had to go somewhere…

    But we are safe and dry – and that’s the main thing.

    • Glad to hear that, Indy! Your part of town was one of the hardest hit. We’re fine here. We drove around a bit today seeing how high the river and Big Ditch and Cowskin are. They are HIGH! Must have really been something yesterday or Saturday when all that rain was coming down so fast!

      • indypendent

        We drove over to the west side to buy a new Wet Vac – our other one was about 15 yrs old and hubby worked it so hard the motor just burned out – literally sparks and flames were coming out.

        We also noticed how high the water was on the Big Ditch. We were close to your neck of the woods – I thought about you. 🙂

  5. America explained to non Americans — giggles and grins