Sunday, 6/26/16, Public Square

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by | June 26, 2016 · 3:25 pm

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    • indypendent

      Radical Kristians have this hang up that Eve is to blame for all the sin in the world. After all – Eve tempted Adam to eat the damn apple.

      So – bottom line – what these Kristians are really saying is that Adam had no mind of his own and no backbone – and he’s perfectly willing to put all the blame on to Eve.

      Wow – what a guy. Who wouldn’t want that macho man to be your hero?

      Yeah – duly noted.

  1. indypendent


    Did 52% of England voters just cut off their nose to spite their face?

    Time will tell…

  2. indypendent


    Supreme Court strikes down Texas…….how many more tax-free millions will this provide to the Pro Life Movement?

    And isn’t that really the only thing these folks truly care about – the money.

    If these folks cared about preventing abortions, they would address the real issues and not grandstanding for all those tax-free donations.

    Take a good look at the Pro Life Movement leaders – middle aged white males…….why?

    • indypendent

      I remember getting a huge political flyer in my mailbox. This flyer had pictures of aborted fetus in every corner and the premise was that the majority of black babies were being aborted while Americans sat back and watched.

      First of all – I am not convinced that any of the Pro LIfe Groups – led by white males – are all that concerned about black babies not being born.

      That’s the same way I feel when I heard the Republicans talk about how saddened they were at the Orlando mass shooting at the gay bar.

      Nobody in the white majority Republican Party will ever convince me they care about 49 dead and 53 wounded LGBT folks.

      Not when I know how these White Republicans truly feel – about blacks and LGBT. These White have passed laws to discriminate against both of these populations.

      So – go peddle your wares somewhere else GOPPERS – you have no credibility with me.

  3. More precisely (correct), “some” men. While not an excuse, certainly a reason is that ‘all living things’ are created to reproduce. Having worked with domestic animals, or merely observing wildlife, it is easy to recognize the facts of reproduction; or let’s call it “sexual response.” Are humans the only aspect of nature that must, or has, formed “rules” regarding mature? No, I am not arguing in behalf of rape, or even rules, I merely make the point of nature which humans won’t change. Yet – !

    • indypendent

      Perhaps humans are the only creatures that have the ability to create a cover up for when they know they have done wrong.

      Come on – when a man rapes a woman, I have a hard time believing that any man would think he has the right to do that.

      Rape is not about a sexual response – rape is about power and control.