Thursday, 6/16/16, Public Square



by | June 16, 2016 · 12:27 pm

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  1. Huh! Strange how wisdom surfaces at appropriate times.

  2. Thunderchild

    That’s appropriate. But the Donald is dishonest with EVERYTHING including his name which was original Drumf or a variation on that. This is a German name and by my read, “Trump” is only a third or fourth generation born American. I’ll better vet my research and get back.

    To quote President Obama. “You didn’t build that”

    I look forward with interest to better knowing how Trump is gonna make America great again when his OWN family got here….well, after America was already, well, BUILT.
    I can trace lineage of my own family to BEFORE the Mayflower and much more of it before America was even a country. I can prove that I am qualified to be a member of the Sons of the American Revolution. MY ancestors were pioneers into Tennessee, North Carolina,Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska.
    Oh and Mr “Trump”? Some of my family, particularly those in earliest history of America had LOTS of money. Look up the historical landmark called Bacons Castle. My I don’t know how many times great grandfather BUILT IT. You know, along with a great deal of the rest of the country YOUR family got to come to and exploit?
    It seems your family did better in its short run here than mine has in considerably longer. And I do not wonder why this is so, I KNOW. MY family was about building America. They did it. They made, and lost fortunes. YOU inherit their efforts that I did not. And you do this because you and your family have never been about anything but YOURSELVES.

  3. indypendent


    This is the sad commentary on our country – I don’t care which side of the aisle you’re on – something has got to change ASAP.

    I remember my granddaughter coming home and telling me about their ‘intruder drill’ that day. I asked what that meant and she said – matter of fact – that is when a bad man with a gun tries to shoot school kids.


    That was also the day she told me that several little girls in her room told her not worry that she would go to Heaven with them because my granddaughter was wearing her cross necklace that day.

    You see – that cross was a black enameled Celtic cross with a pretty pink stone in the middle – and we bought it for her because she liked it.

    Had nothing to do with it being a ticket to Heaven…

    While the sentiment might have been sweet – my granddaughter was more upset about being told she had to wear a cross necklace in order to get to Heaven.

    You see – her Daddy, Mommy, Brother , Grandpa or Grandma doesn’t wear a cross necklace 24/7. So this little girl was worried about her family being sent to Hell because we didn’t have a cross around our necks.

    This is also the public school that routinely sent home papers from a certain Baptist church in that little town in their weekly packets.

    Why the hell is the Baptist Church sending home pamphlets in every public school child’s packet????

    I didn’t know if I was more mad at the ‘intruder drill’ having to be done or the fact we are sending my little granddaughter to a school where obviously the topic of conversation is who is going to Heaven wtith their cross necklace on and who is going to Hell.

    But then again – the reason for the need to train our school kids to hide from armed intruders might be due to this insane obsession by some folks who seem to want that Holy War to happen???

    • indypendent

      It’s a good thing we don’t have any Muslim kids in that school – all Holy Hell would break loose.